Dr. Jill Stein On The Issues. ONE Last Time.

JILL STEIN  Green Candidate CANDIDATE WEBSITE Born May 14, 1950 Chicago, IL Education 1968 – 1973 Harvard College, B.A 1975 – 1979 Harvard Medical School, M.D Professional Experience: 2003 – 2010 President, Massachusetts Coalition for Healthy Communities. 1992 – 2006 Associate, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. 1982 – 2006 Staff Internist, Harvard Community Health Plan. 1982 – 2006 Instructor […]


The Blanket Of Love For Gaza Project

A wonderfully gifted woman and a magnificent human being whom i met on Twitter 2 years ago named  DigilanteJane™ @JaneVoter decided she wanted to do something special for the Palestinian victims of genocide, that has been waged against them since the 1940’s by the Zionist of Israel. Ms. Jane did a completely […]