Americans Are Just Stupid….

By Jueseppi B.

I may stop being so popular after all my millions of fans read this rant…..But…..

Americans Are Just Stupid…….
I wrote an article on college hazing, and how hazing is getting out of hand, and how our college campuses are quickly becoming unsafe for your young population. With the current crop of college cover ups, and how much we are now learning about the lengths a college program will go when protecting it’s faculty, I don’t think my opinion that a college campus is a very dangerous place to be these days is inaccurate at all. I had numerous people arguing my article were wrong, a college campus is not unsafe and hazing is not “that bad”.  Besides a college student dying from hazing, and many women being assaulted on campus and the stories of sexual abuse and sodomy, here are a few more examples of our safe campuses:

Arrest made in Rochester college student‘s fatal shooting

College student falls victim to scam

Missing Ark. college student found dead in pond – Yahoo! News

SWOCC student sues college, says school failed to protect her from rape

Mass. man not guilty in Conn. student killing

This could go on for hours, but I’m sure you get my drift. Maybe I am not clear as to what “safe” actually means?

Americans Are Just Stupid…….
I have written many articles on racism,,,,,








Just to name a few, and wouldn’t you know it…Americans will argue, defend, and get down right upset that I write such things about their beloved racist nation? America is racist, through and thru. People will argue to the death that they don’t live in such a country. I provide tons of factual proof but still….I am wrong or mistaken or a liar for saying the Facts & Truth. Let’s be very clear about this, Facts & Truth don’t change because we don’t like those Facts & Truth. America is racist. Through & thru.

Americans Are Just Stupid…….
We have a President Of The United States, Barack Hussein Obama, who has worked for the American people from the minute he moved his family into the White House. POTUS Obama has signed into law numerous bills that help the average American do everyday duties like…. eat, pay bills, buy medication, provide for our families, go out to a movie every now and then, have health care coverage, continue to receive unemployment insurance, catch a break on student loan repayment, continue to receive Social Security benefits, have Medicare/Medicaid coverage, and if you are in the military, get a pay check.
You’d think all that (not even 1/50th of POTUS Obama’s accomplishments) would mean The POTUS is well loved, or at least well liked, by Americans. Think again. POTUS Obama is hated and disrespected on every front. So I ask myself, and Americans, why? If this President has passed legislation to help so many, why is he not loved by so many? His tan. His skin color. His name. He strikes fear in the soul of caucasians, and so does his wife. We have not one, but two Black Americans who are educated, intelligent, smart ( all three are different, and mean different things), diplomatic, savvy, charming, classy, critical thinkers who use common sense and logic. THAT scares the shit out of “them”. Not many POTUS have had such a powerful wife as Michelle Obama….a true power couple, hell the MOST powerful couple on this planet, and they happen to be Black Americans. Scary.

Americans Are Just Stupid…….
Our upcoming elections. This is a great example of stupidity. Look no further than the current group of RepubliCANT  nominees for President Of The United States Of America. Fools, buffoons, circus clowns and insane polarizing idiots. Except Jon Huntsman Jr. Americans were handed this bunch of morons as the choice for that party’s best and brightest hope for the White House. AND American RepubliCANTS are accepting of a serial adulterer & scam artist, a lying Congresswoman, a sexual predator, a white supremacist, a racist sexist, homophobic former Governor, and two candidates nobody even notice ARE breathing.
Lastly….if American voters were intelligent enough to cast their vote in “NO”vember of 2010, for the RIGHT political party, there would be no obstruction, gridlock, roadblock of government right now. There would be no financial crisis every three months, government would actually work as it was designed to work. Americans have a vote, probably the single most powerful thing on the planet, the voice of the people, and have not a clue how to use that powerful voice.

Yep….Americans Are Just Stupid.

“Disagree Intelligently, Use Facts & Truth”.

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  1. No dumbass, I don’t think government assistance is “pretty sorry”. Not in a country where skin color, class and the land an American comes to America from, is the basis of equality. Take your ignorant ass to Google and Google whats written on the Statue Of Liberty.

    Then don’t ever return to this blog again.

    Have a nice holiday season. 🙂


    • I’m not posting this spam bull shit because this is a blog, not an avenue for your business ventures. Please do you and me a favor, don’t assume I’m stupid enough to miss the thinly veiled business spam covered in a very weak attempt at a business solution yo a rea; problem. Have a very nice holiday season. 😉


    • Mike,
      There never was any argument between you and I. You think the way you think, and I do the same. The different views or solutions for a particular issue don’t make for an argument. You commented several times on your views to fix a problem as did I. What prompts your rather strange comment this time?


  2. The typical voting population is uninformed and easily misguided – which is why equal- & universal-suffraged democracy is inefficient and unreliable, and needs to be done away with as do most forms of centralized government.


      • Some form of ordered anarchy, which precludes centralized government. Anarcho-capitalism appeals to me most and makes more sense than the system we’ve tried for the past couple centuries.


      • Mike,
        That is an interesting take on today’s problems. My solution to a particular issue is we, Americans, don’t pay a politicians salary if they don’t complete a specific task. A get paid per deim thing. Don’t get bills voted on and passed on time, no pay.


      • That’s, more or less, simply treating the politicians as a middleman for my ideal scheme of things. And do you honestly think that their alloted salaries is the only source of politicians’ livelihoods?


      • Mike,
        Oh I have a plan for that as well….NO elected politician, in any elected position would be allowed to accept ANY salary payment or compensation of any type, other than the elected salary associated with his/her elected office. That means NO outside on the side compensation while holding an elected office. If found to have broken this law, they join ex Chicago Gov. Blagojevich in federal prison.


      • How do you plan on enforcing this law? And, who will enforce it? (To say nothing of the fact that this law already exists and is flouted by many; Blago was just stupid enough to get caught.)


      • Mike,
        The same way any law is enforced, it is not rocket science, those that violate the law prohibiting them accepting money other than a salary provided from their elected office salary, would face arrest and prosecution. When they file taxes, they would have to submit all records of cash taken into their hands. And no loopholes that would allow transfer of funds to a relative or second party.


      • Let me try this again. It got deleted last time:
        I agree that it’s not rocket science. Which is why I don’t understand why you’re looking to complicate the system with more laws. It seems you’re only building a bigger machine with the same propensity for failure.


      • I have no reply to this simply because you have your solutions and I have mine. Debate simply for the sake of debate is not my game. And nothing got deleted, it was never approved because I never saw the comment posted.
        Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Hanukkah AND Happy Kwanzaa!!


  3. I agree with several points here. Almost all of them. I love the President, he has made it easier to be a student, to not be rich and to go to school, and for someone like me with a disease to get health insurance. He is the best president in decades, to me, and I will always feel this way. The only reason he hasn’t done MORE to help his people are those that want to stop him so badly–to make him a one term president. He will get another term, he will get us through this recession, and the other side will hopefully open their eyes to this blind racism they’re being fed.

    I swear, sometimes, I think if he said “I love ponies” that his opposers would start to want to slaughter all the ponies ever.


  4. Unfortunately true a lot of Americans are or for some reason act like they are completely stupid and unable to think for themselves. Or unable to just read slowly even and comprehend.

    Don’t get mad and defensive if you feel this applies to you …Get Busy Changing It! Self-help is everywhere and free…smart people are everywhere willing to assist, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

    …And for those who get offended and you feel this IS Not you..then I suggest you don’t act stupid and go off on a rant about how intelligent you are. JM2c..
    ^^^^“If It Don’t Apply Let It Fly” Paul Mooney^^^^


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