The Catholic Church Part II

By Jueseppi B.

I recently put together a piece on the catholic church and it’s concern over women’s contraception issues. That piece, based in facts, was very controversial in that many catholics didn’t like the facts and truth shining such a nasty negative light on their religious organization. I was pointing out that instead of being concerned over a woman’s contraception choices the catholic church should maybe be more concerned with the rampant blatant pedophilia inside catholic church leadership.

Instead of getting knee deep into politics and the health care law of this current administration, the catholic church should instead be knee deep into purging it’s religion of child molesters and sexual predators. The many excuses and responses ranged from “it is being handled in house” to “that is an old issue, abuse has stopped”. Yeah. Right.

Taken from the

Former New York Cardinal Edward Egan, who was at the center of the priest abuse scandal in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport when he was bishop here, has drawn criticism from a national victims’ group and a local law firm that represented victims over an interview he recently gave.

In the recent edition of Connecticut Magazine, Egan said that while bishop here, he did nothing wrong regarding abuse allegations against priests in the diocese and in fact never had a case of alleged abuse while he was bishop.

In the interview, Egan also said he believes there is no legal requirement to report abuse cases in Connecticut and expressed regret for the apology he made regarding the priest scandal here.

“First of all, I should have never said that,” Egan told the magazine regarding his 2002 statement of regret. “I did say if we did anything wrong, I’m sorry, but I don’t think we did anything wrong.”

Egan succeeded Bishop Walter Curtis, who had overseen the diocese from 1961 to 1988.

“Egan is obviously unrepentant, self-absorbed and painfully dismissive of the abject suffering of tens of thousands of deeply wounded men, women and children who have been sexually violated by priests, nuns, bishops, brothers, seminarians and other Catholic officials,” said David Clohessy, director of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. “We can’t help but believe that many other prelates feel exactly as he does, but are shrewd enough to avoid saying so outside of clerical circles.”

Just so there is no misunderstanding about this Cardinal Egan’s statements….In the interview with Connecticut Magazine, Egan said “I don’t think we did anything wrong” in handling abuse cases. He said he was not obligated to report abuse claims and maintained he inherited the cases from his predecessor and did not have any cases on his watch, according to the magazine.

Clergy in Connecticut have been required to report abuse claims to authorities since the early 1970s, according to attorneys who represented numerous abuse victims. “Egan never did so and his failure to do so constitutes a violation of the law,” said the attorneys, Jason Tremont, Cindy Robinson and Douglas Mahoney.

Egan, who reached the mandatory retirement age of 75 in 2007, was Bridgeport bishop from 1988 to 2000. The Bridgeport diocese has paid out nearly $38 million to settle abuse claims over the years involving allegations by more than 60 people who said they had been molested by priests.

In court documents unsealed in 2009, Egan expressed skepticism over sexual abuse allegations and said he found it “marvelous” that so few priests had been accused over the years.

In the recent interview, Egan was asked about a letter he wrote to parishioners in 2002 saying “if in hindsight we discover that mistakes may have been made as regards prompt removal of priests and assistance to victims, I am deeply sorry.”

“First of all I should never have said that,” Egan responded, according to the magazine. “I did say if we did anything wrong, I’m sorry, but I don’t think we did anything wrong.”

Egan said in the interview that he sent accused priests to treatment.

“And as a result, not one of them did a thing out of line. Those whom I could prove, I got rid of; those whom I couldn’t prove, I didn’t. But I had them under control.”

Egan also said he was not surprised that “the scandal was going to be fun in the news, not fun but the easiest thing to write about.”

As for reporting claims to authorities, he said, “I don’t think even now you’re obligated to report them in Connecticut.”

“I sound very defensive and I don’t want to because I’m very proud of how this thing was handled,” Egan said.

At another point, Egan said, “I believe the sex abuse thing was incredibly good.” Asked if he meant because it resulted in positive changes, he responded, “Good that … the record, I think, is an excellent record.”

Egan’s statements describing the scandal as “fun” for the news or “incredibly good” shows he’s out of touch, the attorneys said.

“For the cardinal to ‘take back’ his apology is just another slap in the face of every victim who has endured the physical and emotional upheaval and betrayal of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of a priest,” the attorneys said.

The attorneys said their clients included victims who were abused by priests while Egan was Bridgeport bishop. In 1989 and 1993, abuse victims complained to the diocese but no action was taken, they said.

Egan also welcomed a priest back into the diocese in 1990 who had been accused of biting a young male’s penis decades earlier, according to the attorneys.

Egan transferred priests subject to complaints and allowed priests with complaints against them to continue to practice, the attorneys said.

Yes…the catholic church should be knee deep in attempting to set policy for this administrations health care mandate that covers women’s contraception. And they should also lose their tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Make the catholic church pay taxes on the billions of dollars in it’s bank accounts throughout the United States….if they want to become a political organization…and set government policy.

“Disagree Intelligently, Use Facts, Truth & Common Sense.”

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    • Stayingalivemoma…..I’ve been right here….waiting on you to finally notice me. I am thrilled to see you finally saw me over here. How are you?


  1. Its not about being allowed to form policy any more than anyone else with a voice can form policy. The outrage from the church is based just as much on the fact that provisions are made for other religions as being conscientious objectors.

    And yes, the church should be knee-deep in stringing up the child molesters but that doesn’t mean that the church should take this sitting down. Its not like they can only focus on one thing. I do believe a worldwide organisation such as the Catholic Church is capable of multitasking.


    • Sick Boy,
      Then give up your catholic right to be a tax free religious organization if you think you have a right, as a church, to set political policy. Because the roman catholic church is not allowed by law to set political policy and remain tax free.

      As for multi-tasking…you got to be fuckin kidding me…where is the evidence the roman catholic church has multi-tasked a damn thing? They have not multi-tasked shit when it comes to removing the threat of pedophilia in the roman catholic church….or did I miss that?


      • I worked for the catholic church for 20 yrs as a teacher and I could write a book about what I witnessed there. I am a former catholic and my child is no longer being brought up catholic. I wiped my hands of them, goodbye and good riddance. More and more people are turning on them, and they only have themselves to blame.


  2. You are truly stupid Ms. Sarah Kathleen….use your own lame advice and think about whom you might be telling anything about sexual abuse to….you ass. Now go the fuck away until you grow some brain cells.


  3. I think the Catholic Church being in arms at the moment is more a cross-section of what the “average Catholic” is thinking at the moment. While I agree that issues like abuse need to be addressed, I think the Church is also within its rights to defend its rights religious freedoms–and more to the point, the average Catholic is deeply offended right now by what she/he views as violations of religious rights. I’d also like to point out that the actions of one Bishop (namely, this Bishop Egan) hardly give an accurate example of the entirety.

    Then again, I say this as an “average Catholic” myself. The issue of abuse is being addressed–I’ve seen differences in how officials behave around children from when I was a child versus how they behave now and stricter rules regarding such interactions, as an example. Regardless of what opponents like to think, standards have and are changing.

    And, not to be blunt, but you don’t have to be Catholic to think that these mandates are really toeing the line regarding intrusion of religious freedoms. As the member of a family with roughly a dozen veterans in the family tree, I personally am keeping a close eye on proceedings. I sort of like the Bill of Rights. =D


    • Ms. Sarah Kathleen,
      Let me educate you on a few issues regarding your catholic church….Addressing this “abuse” issue, as you call it, is unacceptable. Were it your son/daughter, would the “addressing” the catholic church is giving this pedophilia issue, would that be enough for you and your children? Secondly, it ain’t this one bishop. Wake up and remove your head from your ass. I’m gonna attempt to refrain from losing my temper with your ignorance but it is very hard to do so. This shit is RAMPANT in the catholic church. END OF STORY. We know about thousands of sexual predatory cases, how many thousands are there we DON’T know about? That said….the catholic church has employees who are covered under the employment rules and laws of EVERY employer in America. The catholic church does NOT get special dispensation to avoid coverage of insurance options and issues based on a false sense of religious beliefs. Go look it up under the employment act, you catholics do NOT get to set your own employment policies.

      I do hope I was crystal clear. You catholics don’t like the employment rules, forfeit the federal funding you receive and then go do what the hell your catholic church desires. If you wish to set political policy, forfeit your tax exempt status and start paying taxes just as all political action committees do, which is exactly what your catholic church has been doing under the table for centuries. I kinda like the U.S. Constitution and the Workers Employment Act. Are we done?🙂


      • Ms. Sarah Kathleen,
        I did not realize being stupid was an effective way of excusing defending/pedophilia behavior. Be careful in removing your head from your ass….don’t squash the few brain cells you have remaining. Now do you really want to do this?😉


    • Kathleen, you are NOT the average catholic, I know that for a fact. I worked for that church for 20 years and MOST of the people I worked with were very progressive, ALL used birth control and absolutely thought the churches teachings were silly and man made. Over the years I worked there, I saw many people turn away from the church (many schools closed down and they continue to do so). It was during my years there that I witnessed the rape of a 13 yr old boy that they tried to cover up. I saw that the nuns lived in an outdated convent, did their own cooking, cleaning, etc.. but those priests lived in an updated rectory with a cook/maid. The pastor also had a 10k membership to an exclusive country club. Am I an authority on the church? Absolutely. They have ZERO respect for women and their teachings are outdated. The church has NO right to speak up about this. They encouraged my grandmother to have more children than she could afford and they all lived in poverty, because of what the church said she should do. A priest also told her she should be standing over the casket of her dead child for missing mass one weekend. The nuns brutalized my mother in the 50s in catholic school. Do you really want me to go on? I never used their LAME health care plan because I would be denied birth control (even if my teenaged daughter needed it for period problems) and I would only have been able to use their catholic hospitals. WRONG WRONG WRONG. I was fortunate my husband has a great health plan. In the long run, they did not want to pay their empoyees a livable wage and pushed out the majority of their 45 and older employers two years ago. I was the highest paid teacher, LOL, making 45k a year after 20 years and a MASTERS degree. I live on Long Island, the median income is close 89k to 100 k a year. My 45k a year was NOT a high salary for the years and education I have. They used to have the money, but now they are paying off all of the families. If the church wants to get involved in government, they need to pay taxes and shut the hell up already. I repeat my story over and over and some are listening. You do not speak for all catholics either. The fact that they endorse GOP candidates is wrong too. My diocese posted on their website they are anti planned parenthood, well, then they are anti poor. I have a lot more where this came from as well.


      • Ms. Suze Q,
        If you can be this honest and upfront about the roman catholic church, why can’t others? What makes good people turn a blind eye to truth and facts to follow madmen?


  4. Sad but true, a lot of cover ups and controversies cover the church and our government. This isn’t a new topic, this is something that has bothered our country way back since the beginning.


    • No Ms. Clinton, It is not a new topic, but it is a topic we will never allow to fade into the background where the catholic church wants it to be.


    • To Ms. Constance V. Walden,
      I don’t allow blatant racism or ignorance to be posted on this blog or in this blogs comments section. Your being Black and full of racial hatred toward this President, is nothing new to other Black Americans. We’ve always had house niggers who sold out their own people. There were Black slavers who chased down the free Africans in Africa, because the white slavers were not fast enough to catch them. You are nothing more than a house nigger of the 22nd century. You worry about your freedoms and the violation of the U.S. Constitution by Barack Obama….where was your pseudo worry under George Dubbya Bush/Dick The Trick Cheney? Your dumb Black ass lost more freedoms and had your Constitutional rights usurped under that regime more than ever before in American history, and because the folks stealing your rights were caucasian, you never noticed. Continue to serve your white supremacist masters….good luck with that but remember as Gil Scott Heron said….The Revolution Will NOT Be Televised.


  5. Agreed entirely, and I commend your willingness to delve so deeply into the facts of such a stomach-turning situation.

    It’s amazing how both the Catholic church and the Rethuglicans want to pass legislation that controls the bodies of women and minorities; yet when someone tires to even the score it’s suddenly a religious issue. Ditto when the issue is women/minorities taking back control of their own bodies.

    Or perhaps it’s not at all amazing, depending on how cynical one is feeling at any given moment.


    • Oleandertea,
      Why can’t people see this issue for what it really is? Why has the population of the planet decided to turn a blind eye to the pedophilia of the roman catholic church, but kill an old man (Joe Paterno) because they think he didn’t do enough concerning pedophilia by one of his coaches? Joe Pa died because of this bull shit he was accused of in the Sandusky Sex Scandal….
      If it’s of such importance when it comes to Penn State officials, why not the same standard for the roman catholic church?


      • Jueseppi, that’s easy — money, power, and souls. The Catholic church has a boatload of money, on a scale that just boggles my mind. They have the minds of an awful lot of people who truly believe that their soul is in jeopardy if they go against the powers in the Church. And they have a lot of politicians on their side.

        It’s a corrupt organization that I’d like to see roundly prosecuted in the US for violations of RICO or something similar. Where is Jack McCoy when we need him?


      • Any and all religion is about the people, not about the organization. The size of a religion has nothing to do with the core beliefs and principals.


  6. Excellent!! …Details with clarity… points of facts woven tightly and simply draws a picture that rings loudly. The holes and excuses stand out like vibrant colors on white canvass. Enough so it should make even a blind man see a thousand bursts of lights through all the holes in this tightly cloaked “publicly/government/religious/political/policy-setter lean green money machine!!
    America are we slacking and acting like Suckers on this one?!

    Mr. Hack, you should keep singing your tune until pigs fly on this one…you never know when it may strike an uprising…some things crack better with a Hack than a refined tool of trade. My 5cents!


  7. Following its successes in pre-WWII Germany, Rwanda, and other nations where it has allied itself with dictatorial, abusive governments and participated in mass murder of dissidents and minorities, the Catholic church in America is increasingly binding itself to the ALEC political movement founded in the principles of the Third Reich (with which the actual biological ancestors of ALEC leaders were allied), and their running dogs, evangelical extremists and their mega-churches.


  8. The cover-ups resembles, or may even be worse, than what would be read about a cult. I can’t recall ever there not being a time when these cases surfaced in the media, after so many years of abuse. It’s as if child molestation is a part of their religious practice since they are so apathetic in regards to the people who are affected. It’s like, nobody cares enough to break this monopoly of people hiding behind the cloth who hurt children. There is definitely a cult-like mentality that keeps parents trusting that the right things will happen when leaving their children in the care of people they should be able to trust.

    Unfortunately, I don’t see an end to this.


  9. Funny how the priests and GOP who spoke out against the mandate never mentioned this.

    The fact is this is an all-white-male run institution and they have historically gone out of their way to demean and marginalize women. In some ways I wonder if these people think they are gods. Catholicism is one of the most corrupt religions.


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