Tag,……. You’re IT!!!

By Jueseppi B.

There’s a fun game going on. It’s called “Tag You’re It” and the owner of The Narcissist’s Blog, Ms. Jensen, just tagged me. Oh Goody!!!

I love the idea of this game! It does 2 things: gets us all acquainted & lets us have a bit of fun. I apologize now for anyone whom I tag who is not into games, but this one is fun if you have the time to play along, and don’t mind  my questions.

Here are The Rules:
You must post the rules.
Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.
Let them know you’ve tagged them!

The questions asked by Ms. Jensen of The Narcissist’s Blog are:

If the person you were dating asked you how many partners you have had would you answer the question? I would answer that question, and honestly,

           Penises are…Things men use to control women.

    Vaginas are…The best thing created by God.
    What is the weirdest request you have ever gotten from a person you were dating?…. Stop giving her so many flowers. I know right?
    List three qualities a person of the opposite sex have to possess for you to consider a relationship?….. 1).Intelligence. 2). Erotic sexuality. 3). Love of high heels.
    What are your three biggest turn-offs? 1)…. Bad body image of herself. 2). Love of drama. 3). Sexual inhibition.
    What is the single sexiest physical attribute someone can possess?….. The ability to squirt.
    If you could only choose one…Great Sex or Great Oral Sex?…. Great oral sex but only if I were giving that great oral sex.
    What is the worst pick up line you have ever heard?….. Buy me a drink now and I’ll buy the pregnancy test in the morning.
    Have you ever gone home with someone you just met?….Yes I have.
    How do you feel about cat calls?……That depends….what is a cat call?

Top or bottom? (Chose one)……Bottom, nothing like the view from below.

My Questions:

1). You’re on a deserted island in the South Pacific, what 3 things are vital to have with you?
2). In 24 hours you die, what 3 things do you do before you die?
3). A duffle bag containing $6 million is left in your car by a stranger you gave a lift, what is your next move?
4). Would you rather be gorgeous & dumb, or a genius and butt ugly?
5). Name 3 lands to which you must travel and see before you die.
6). Pepsi or Coke? (you must choose on, no matter if you drink this crap or not).
7). Name 2 deal breakers in a sexual relationship?
8). Name the one thing you would do, if nobody could/would ever find out you did?
9). Would you try a sexual relationship with someone of the same gender as you?
10). Would you approve if your children married someone of a different race?
11). Have you ever been unfaithful while in a monogamous relationship?

I am tagging…


Articles Of Absurdity


90 Degrees 2 The Left


Creative Noshing

Silently Heard Once

Streams Of Consciousness

Writing From My Heart

Scribbling Hermit

Motley News



Yes, I realize I tagged 12 instead of 11…so sue me.


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  1. Thanks so much for the tag! It means a lot to me that you enjoy my site enough to list me when there are thousands and thousands of sites out there. I will carry on the honor shortly… many questions are very easy to answer. But I few I am going to have to ponder over for a while, first.

    And congratulations on having earned this award yourself!!! You are most deserving to be recognized in such a positive manner. Keep on blogging and sharing the news and knowledge!!!


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