The Kreativ Blogger Award

By Jueseppi B.

This evening, I discovered an award for me from my favorite trio of “ladies who blog”, 3CHICSPOLITICO. I always feel unworthy of getting awards for blogging, but I am always equally honored to receive them, especially when given to me by bloggers I admire & respect. 3CHICS happen to be 3 of the coolest and most intelligent ladies in the bloggersphere and I thank them for this award.

Thank you to 3CHICSPOLITICO for The Kreativ Blogger Award. Ms. Ametia, Ms. Southern and Ms. Rikyrah are women whom I look to as role models in the blogging world.

I am supposed to reveal 10 things about myself that nobody knows, this will be hard. Trying to be revealing but not tell too much, since I am very private.

1).   I am a clean freak, I clean something in my house everyday.
2).   I am a troublemaker on Facebook, on purpose.
3).   I am a night owl, and sometimes I am up for 3 days at a time.
4).   I am a stubborn diabetic, that means I don’t do what I should do all the time.
5).   I like living alone, but I miss the scent of a woman.
6).   I absolutely hate stupidity, which is common among the “educated”.
7).   I am an incurable flirt.
8).   I was homeless for 120 days last year.
9).   I play the saxophone.
10). My favorite TV show is Justified.
11).  The Hollywood celebrity I’d most desire to spend a weekend with….Scarlet Johansson.

OK, now on to the 6 award nominations. Each nominee is someone whom I stop off and read everyday.

UPDATE!!!!   I seriously thought this person already had a Kreativ Bloggers Award in her sidebar….MY number Zero nominee for the Kreativ Bloggers Award is Ms. Michelle at Motley News. Michelle is a true artist with words.

First:………Ms. Marilena at 90 Degrees 2 The Left. She has fire, passion and tons of information in her articles.

Second:….. Ms. Kimberly at Silently Heard Once. She is new to blogging, but her poems always touch me in some way.

Third:……..Ms. Angelia at The Blue States. Powerful political blog, and she is a survivor to the tenth power.

Fourth:……A group of 13 writers that make up The OkieProgressive. Intelligent, truthful and hard hitting political blogging.

Fifth:………Mrs. Mystery Lady at Creative Noshing. Her recipes make me want to pick up professional cooking once again,

Sixth:……..Ms. Lori at Bless Your Hippie Heart. No shoes required says it all. She is a free spirit and her recipes are to die for.

Seventh:…..Yes, I can count….so sue me….I had to add this gentleman Mr. Coery Jordan Booth at ClownRhymes. A poet.

Eight……….Yes I said Eight…I’m old….humor me…..Ms. Teri Jensen at The Narcissist’s Blog. You HAVE to visit Teri.

OK, there you have it, my nominees for The Kreativ Blogger Award. Pass it forward bloggers!!!

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  1. Congratulations on your award nominations J.B. and thank you! So kind of you to include me in your list of nominees. I am truly humbled and so appreciate your support.

    All my best to you! Lori


  2. Okay, now I understand your comment from earlier. Thank you! And YOU and YOUR BLOG are most deserving of the Kreativ Blogger Award! Keep on blogging, sharing and educating all of us out here in the cyber world.


  3. Well deserved! Congrats! Hey, I’m with you on numbers 5, 6, 8, and 9. Although I miss the scent of a man, was homeless for just over 60 days last year, and play violin and guitar.🙂

    Good job, JB!


    • Rose, I am still to this day surprised by the number of Americans who have experienced some form of homelessness in their lifetime. I have written about my adventure, and when I di write about it, I get people tell me they too were homeless for a time.
      Thank you for your kind words, and I am grateful I met you thru blogging. You are a talented woman.


    • Twin,
      I take great pride in my trouble-making abilities. I cause trouble simply by being, and that I am most proud of. I am not doing anything vital for those 3 days, just not sleepy.


    • Mari,
      You deserve the award as well….you write amazingly and you have been doing it awhile. Glad you are back to writing, BUT you are missed on the island.


  4. Proud Proud Proud of you Mr Hack. All is well deserved! Because You always “Do You” and Nobody can “Do You” better!
    And to think you doubted me when I told the impact you make just doing you! (do I get a cookie now)


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