The Soap Box ~ State Rape: War On Women

By Jueseppi B.

Ok….I can’t turn on the television or boot up my computer without seeing dumb, asinine, completely stupid words coming from the TeaTardedRepubliCANTS, plain old RepubliCANTS, GOPretenders, Conselfishservatives, white supremacist, racist, The Religious Reich, and all those morons who support them. I especially think any woman who supports them is a fool, an idiot, and a lost soul who likes to be controlled and manipulated by men.

Somebody please explain to me what is going on? I see that individual states are passing laws in their specific state houses that limit female control over their bodies. There is this idea that a woman is not intelligent enough to think her decision through about whether to have an abortion or not to have an abortion. She needs the guidance of a caucasian male.

The male dominated law makers of America have come up with several plans to assist the American woman in her thought process on what to do with HER uterus. The caucasian males of America don’t trust you with the decision making process concerning your uterus, birth canal, vagina and reproductive organs. You must have room in your womb for the caucasian male lawmakers.




I am so disgusted by these men who are using Women as a political tool to oust POTUS Barack Hussein Obama from the office of President Of The United States. AND believe me, that is the only reason these decades old issues of abortion, and contraception…WOMEN’S contraception…because not one caucasian male lawmaker is addressing male contraception are they…is a hot topic right now. Abortion & female contraception are topics for political talking points to defeat POTUS Obama.

These caucasian lawmakers could care not, about a woman’s health or civil liberties or civil rights under the U.S. Constitution. They are using women’s abortions rights and female contraception choices to get their base of voters all fired up against a President who supports a woman’s right to choose for herself. This is ALL about P.O.L.I.T.I.C.S. Period.

There is this push for state mandated vaginal insertions, state mandated ultrasounds, mandatory education, and male enforced state manipulation by state sponsored counselling, before an abortion can be performed. The roman catholic church does not want to be mandated to provide contraception for it’s female employees at it’s many businesses where they are responsible for offering those employees health care coverage.

Now lets take a look at the outcry over MEN’S contraception issues……….{crickets}…..{chirping crickets}…….nothing.

Men can buy and use condoms, rubbers, jackets for the package. Men can get vasectomies, and penile erection dysfunction medication, ALL covered by insurance companies without any state mandated laws, or interference from the roman catholic church. I have a question….a woman can not use birth control per the doctrine of the roman catholic church, but is a man held to that same standard when he uses a condom? Or has a vasectomy? Or masturbates into a kleenex? Because male masturbation is killing babies…..right?

Women, the time has come to fight back. Join the National March Against The War On Women. A national rally against this attack on women by Washington and local state government agencies. Click on the national link above and then sign up for your local state organization. Get involved, make your voice heard. The only way to stop this War On Women is to get off the sofa, turn off the computer, and take to the streets, old school protest style!!

Show the caucasian male dominated legislative governments that you, Women Of America, are not weak, uninformed, and uninterested in what they are attempting to do with your private choices on birth control, female contraceptives, and abortion rights.

April Twenty-Eighth Twenty Twelve. Rally. March. Protest. Tell male lawmakers all over America that YOUR vagina/uterus belongs to YOU and YOU alone. Say NO 2 Nosy Males.

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