The Candle Lighter Award

By Jueseppi B.



Nothing is more gratifying than to be recognized for doing something you enjoy. I enjoy spreading truth & facts when it comes to politics, mixed in with some of my favorite recipes, a few book reviews and a touch of movie opinion. I have found my retirement niche in blogging.

Ms. DanLrene from the blog “Work The Dream” has nominated me for The Candle Light Award. Since I can’t improve on Ms. DanLrene’s words, I shall borrow them to describe what exactly The Candle Lighter Award is all about. I admire Ms. DanLrene for her support and kind words since we first met, she inspires me and I love her blog style.


In the words of Ms. DanLrene: This award was created by Kate Kresse , who also has a great blog. You can read the story about the creation of The Candle Light Award by clicking this link. Ms. Kresse says: ” I call my award The Candle Lighter Award. It is for blogs and bloggers that light a candle in the darkness with their blog.”

To be nominated by Ms. DanLrene is an honor. There is nothing else to do for this award except award it to other bloggers, no questions to answer, no revelations about myself, just choose those who light a candle in the darkness of the bloggersphere.


So, I have picked the following blogs to receive this award:


Ms. Kelly at On My Muse


Southern, Ametia & Rikyrah at 3CHICSPOLITICO




Ms. Karmen at Peace for Every Living Thing


Ms. Tina & Ms. Jennifer at Project 365 Veterans


Ms. Kimberly at Silently Heard Once


Ms. Tracey at The Ramblings of an Intellectual Sistah


Mr. Nelvin Ray Love at Poetic Trends


Ok I am done….I hope you will go and look at all these blogs above for they are really great and click follow on each one. And I hope those that I nominated will carry on handing out this award to help encourage us all to keep writing.



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  1. Congratulations Jueseppi, you deserve this award! You are actively making a difference for good. (Also, you won’t put up with “stupid!”) It has been marvelous to read your Black History posts and the recipes you post are wonderful! I love your straight-talking, no nonsense, “I’ll call you out for saying something stupid” attitude.

    Lastly, Jueseppi, Thank you for your nomination! I was at an academic conference all weekend and got WAY behind in my blog reading and just made it to this post, Three Days After your nomination! I really do appreciate your encouragement. I don’t have as much time to devote to blogging as I would like, but feel that sharing with each other in this way strengthens all of us simply by making us feel just a bit more connected.


    • I understand well how real life can become the focus. Remember that real always comes first. I was not concerned that you would be gone long Karmen, I figured you were taking care of business. This blogging family I have been blessed enough to discover, is amazing. You deserve this award too…and you are missed when you are off living real life! I thank you for your kind words of support. I love the feeling of family too.


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