Black History

The New American Civil War ~ 99% vs 1%

By Jueseppi B.





The American Civil War (1861–1865), often referred to simply as The Civil War in the United States, was a civil war fought in the United States of America. In response to the election of Abraham Lincoln as President of the United States, 11 southern slave states declared their secession from the United States and formed the Confederate States of America (“the Confederacy”); the other 25 states supported the federal government (“the Union“). After four years of warfare, mostly within the Southern states, the Confederacy surrendered and slavery was outlawed everywhere in the nation. Issues that led to war were partially resolved in the Reconstruction Era that followed, though others remained unresolved.


Can you see the similarities between 1861-1865 and 2008-2012? The majority of TeaTardedRepubliCANT states begin their “secession” from the “Union” in 2008, because of the election of the first Black American President, Barack Hussein Obama. Those states have enacted laws to oppress immigrants, they have voted into law voter suppression bills to prevent the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama to a second term.


Those same rouge states have declared a War on Women with the attempt to deny Women the right to choose abortion, a right clearly defined as legal in the Supreme Court decision of Roe vs Wade. The rights of a woman to use and obtain health insurance that covers birth control, and the use of birth control are being challenged by the “Confederacy” while the “Union” fights for the rights of all Americans.


Same sex unions and marriage are being challenged in the legal system. Lies and misinformation on everything from the reason why gas prices are so high to the religion and place of birth of the President, are manufactured as legitimate issues for waging war on the “Union” by the “Confederacy”.



In the spring of 1861, decades of simmering tensions between the northern and southern United States over issues including states’ rights versus federal authority, westward expansion and slavery exploded into the American Civil War (1861-65). The election of the anti-slavery Republican Abraham Lincoln as president in 1860 caused seven southern states to secede from the Union to form the Confederate States of America; four more joined them after the first shots of the Civil War were fired.


Four years of brutal conflict were marked by historic battles at Bull Run (Manassas), Antietam, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg and Vicksburg, among others. The War Between the States, as the Civil War was also known, pitted neighbor against neighbor and in some cases, brother against brother. By the time it ended in Confederate surrender in 1865, the Civil War proved to be the costliest war ever fought on American soil, with some 620,000 of 2.4 million soldiers killed, millions more injured and the population and territory of the South devastated.



America is experiencing a division right now that mirrors the dreaded times of 1861-1865. It is 2012, yet we are revisiting issues settled in the middle to late 1960’s. Voting rights are being challenged by caucasian politicians. The voting rights act is being dissected to be re-written or removed altogether. I watched a debate between Ann Coulter & Ed Schultz in which Ann Coulter said that women should not have the right to vote, and she stated that the voting age should be 26.


The TeaTardedRepubliCANTS are attempting to return America to the days of her storied and glorious past. Glorious for all Americans except those with a dark skin color, or those without a penis. I predict a civil war is coming. I predict there will be much bloodshed in the coming years because Americans will not accept being returned to a time when caucasians males were in control of America.


America is never going to return to the plantation or to the times when women were seen and not heard. America is a diverse and multi-racial nation, rich in the efforts and contributions of ALL her citizens and each section of her population. A tiny group of racist, greedy, wealthy caucasian males, who have managed to brainwash a few women to follow them, will never control, manipulate and subject the American people to slavery or oppression again.


Except for a couple of house niggers like Tavis Smiley, Cornell West, Allen West, Herman Cain & some others I don’t know by name, and except for those caucasian folks too dumb and too racist to comprehend that the “Black President” is working his ass off for ALL of America….We The People will not go back. Want to take your “country back?” Get involved in civil war re-enactment events. But America is NOT going back.


This Revolution Will Be Televised.



“America is back. Anyone who tells you otherwise, anyone who tells you America is in decline or that our influence has wained, doesn’t know what they’re talking about.
This nation is great because we built it together. This nation is great because we world as a team. This nation is great because we get each other’s back.
We need to end the notion that the two parties must be locked in a perpetual campaign of mutual destruction.”

~ President Barack Obama. ~
Go Out On “NO”vember Sixth, Twenty Twelve &Vote Democratic.

Vote For Barack Hussein Obama.

Four More For Forty Four.

“BARACK” The Vote.

“Disagree Intelligently, Use Facts, Truth & Common Sense.”™



Some reading material for you to peruse when you have time, showing you the similarities between then & now.



  • Slavery in America

    Slavery in America

    Slavery and its legacy have shaped American history, from the Civil War to Reconstruction in the 1860s and 1870s to the struggle over civil rights a century later.

  • Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln

    The 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln led the Union to victory in the Civil War and emancipated the South’s African-American slaves.

  • Battle of Gettysburg

    Battle of Gettysburg

    In July 1863, Union and Confederate forces clashed at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, in one of the bloodiest battles of the American Civil War.

  • Confederate States of America

    Confederate States of America

    In 1860-61, after years of rising tensions, 11 southern states seceded from the Union to form the Confederate States of America, leading to the American Civil War.

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  1. To Mr. Craig “cunt sperm bucket” MacIntosh

    Absofuckinlutely amazing how many of you dumbfucks actually believe any comment I don’t approve of, or like, or agree with….will make it past the trash receptacle. caucasian racist really are in the lower 15 percentile of intelligence.


  2. No offense bro but its people with your mind set and stubborness that are messing up this country. Both sides know for a fact they are right and wont listen to anyone else who doesnt see things the way they do. What this country needs is open debate and to learn how to compromise for the better of everyone. In my opinion you are a stubborn prideful idiot if you consider youself either an extreme left or an extreme right and refuse to listen to the other side’s opinion.


    • “Bro”, the fact that your ignorant ass is on my muthafuckin blog talikn bout compromise & open mindset yet call me a “prideful idiot” without knowing jack ass shit about me…..well you know where I’m going with this don’t you. male sperm breath? Go suck a cock and stay the fuck off my blog.


      • Actually Don you’re a fuckin idiot. Thinking you know jack shit about people from online interactions shows just how much of a dumbass you are. For instance, if you and I were face to face you’d have already pissed your skinny jeans. No go selfsuck and leave grown folks be unless you want more serious trouble in your life. Enjoy your week but don’t come back here.


  3. Totally stupid. You speak, as though you know people like myself. And you don’t.

    Tea Party supporters like me, aboslutely couldn’t care less about BO’s color, or anyones race.

    And because i want immigration laws enforced, does not mean I am against immigrants.

    Those two things alone, is enough to duscount any other argument you might have, because your foundation is completely flawed.


    • Go fuck yourself, I have absofuckinlutely no respect for any muthafuckin teatarded ass scum fucks such as yourself. Don’t return or you will make me angry.


  4. I want to like this post, but cannot. Cornell West is not what you called him and you crossed the line there. I doubt the others you slurred deserve the vulgarity either.

    You could win more fans if you tempered your name calling. The ‘teatards’ are simply too ignorant and uninformed to know or discover how much they have been misled by the lies they have believed. They know enough that our system is not working for anyone but the upper class, but believe the lies that shift the blame.

    Anyone who identifies as a ‘teatard’ will not even begin to sift through your sketchy thesis that we are headed toward civil war. More assassination attempts ala gabby giffords perhaps but we are too fat and addicted to reality tv to have anything that drastic.


    • First of all, the one thing I never need is people giving me advice on how to put my thoughts on paper, these are my thoughts, ideas and opinions, MINE. Not yours or any “fans” as you call them. Secondly, I know Mr. West personally and he is exactly what I called him, as are Tavis Smiley, Allen West, and Herman Cain. I know the definition of a house nigger, and being who I am, I will call a house nigger a house nigger as I see fit. Thirdly I never want or need the approval of “fans”, of whom I am never attempting to collect, to write the truth and facts. If this post bothered you, simply do not read what I write, because I do NOT write to please you.

      Lastly, I am not in the business of gaining support from a TeaTardedRepubliCANT. Period. I have no interest in converting them, or teaching them or convincing them of anything. Like a drowning man, if they want to latch onto the life preserver I toss out into the sea, that is great, if not, drown. I hope this response clears up for you, my reason and mission for writing. Enjoy your morning.


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