Day: March 15, 2012

The T.M.I. Award

By Jueseppi B.           The TMI Blog Award honors those blogs that discuss everything in detail and do it well. These bloggers aren’t afraid to discuss their most awkward, embarrassing and intimate experiences with honesty, humor and little to no filter.    Well that certainly describes […]

Yeah….what Terry Gresham said….is what I’ve been saying for months. What President wants high gas prices period BUT ESPECIALLY IN A RE-ELECTION YEAR???

The H.U.G. Award

By Jueseppi B.       I woke up this morning to find my good buddy from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia had given me The H.U.G. Award. Now this is a very special award, well all awards given by your fellow bloggers are special, but this one is special […]

I have been experiencing this same trouble in reverse….Wordpress thinks I am nothing but a big old square can of potted meat (Spam), and send all my comments straight to the spam folder of most blogs I comment to/on. If you don’t get comments from me, check your […]

Black History Moment ~ The Negro Baseball League

By Jueseppi B.               The Negro leagues were United States professional baseball leagues comprising teams predominantly made up of African Americans. The term may be used broadly to include professional black teams outside the leagues and it may be used narrowly for the seven relatively successful leagues beginning in 1920 that […]

This is absofuckinlutely a racist attack by an armed man weighing over 200 pounds on a 17 year old unarmed black male who had skittles & a can of iced tea, claiming it was self defense. Think about if Trayvon was YOUR son.

Homeless In Cedar Rapids

By Jueseppi B.             Homeless Definition: a person is considered homeless who “lacks a fixed, regular, and adequate night-time residence; and… has a primary night time residency that is: (A) a supervised publicly or privately operated shelter designed to provide temporary living accommodations… (B) An […]

Originally posted on brainsnorts inc.:
to be “freshly pressed” (FP) is cool.  it means that someone, somewhere, for some reason, thinks that what you wrote is relevant, witty, visually outstanding, poignant, provocative, or any combination, but not limited to, those nice words.  it means your thoughts or product…