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      • Stranger? Ha, today has been the most conversation I’ve had with you in a while starting early this morning almost seemed like old times hahaha….we are good …for the most part anyway. just finished the last of my kool-aid…it’s been my comfort drink lately now ….my daughter’s car got totaled we believe but she wasn’t in it when a uhaul moving truck took to it.. was parked fortunately …so that’s a wonderful thing..she text the picture 1st ..told her not to do that again …call 1st silly girl…then text the jacked up photo of the damage …but all ok…what about your mood this evening any better than your earlier downer Peas?


      • There’s a big difference between being down emotionally, which I never do, and being angry and violent toward an event. I was the latter.

        I will be better when Zimmerman is in prison being fucked dry up his anus by another convict, or dead.


      • Yeah I know it..let’s just hope they hurry up and make this one right. God knows what will up rise if they don’t…gonna be some hard crazy wild times if they don’t do this one right…afraid to even imagine the madness…


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