New Blogger Award Part 4

By Jueseppi B.





I have met some stunningly magnificent people since I took my blog private and decided to run it alone. I have received two awards in my short time as a private blogger. And I can not tell you the joy receiving those two awards brought to my mind. I noticed that awards for us bloggers carry some requirements that might be a bit overwhelming to new bloggers, so I came up with this idea….a New Blogger Award.



In this 4th edition of the New Blogger Award, I will select a number of new bloggers I think deserve to have motivation, acceptance and praise for the work they are doing. I have but three requirement for acceptance of this award…
1).  That your blogging experience be fairly new, or fairly unknown.
2). That you pass this award forward to other new bloggers that you discover who impress you as a fellow blogger.
3).  That you place the New Blogger Award on your blog site….in either of the two versions available.




One version is listed above and the other version is listed below…your choice depending on your blog layout and style.




There are no required number of bloggers you have to pass this award on to…and you don’t have to do much except continue to blog, and award this to those you admire, respect and love as bloggers.


NOW…My nominations for the New Blogger Award:



Adventures for the Faint of Heart……

Writing is an adventure for the faint of heart, at least in the sense of dodging explosions and beating up weird kids. Maybe you don’t have your driver’s license yet. Or your veins don’t bulge with testosterone. But writing’s not for the weak, either — you’ve got to keep learning, keep typing, and keep pushing. Sometimes, that means you need someone to tell you to keep going.

And that’s what I’m here for.



The Dainty Damsel…….

Dainty, dumb, distressed Damsel penning down her daily on-goings in life. She hopes people will find her stupid life interesting. Cracked from head to toe and a bantering fool. She lives each day on one theme – Believe In Yourself And Follow Your Dreams, One Day They Will Come True. Cheers to all who visit her site !

The Dainty Damsel is a personal blog of a 19 year old girl, Safaa Tasneem, hailing from east India. She loves art, music, literature and is a fashion fanatic. She likes penning down her thoughts and experiences and sharing them with people around her. She hopes people to find this blog of her somewhat good in some way, at least.



God’s creation through my eyes…….

3 years ago, I posted one of my pictures and someone commented that I should capture the beauty of God’s creation and show it to the world. So, 3 years later, I’m up for the challenge!

I’ll try my best to take a picture everyday of whatever gets my attention… and publish it on the same day! I’ll be using a simple Canon PowerShot SD that I have for like 5 years and no computer editing! And I’m not a professional photographer, I just like to create memories…

I hope I’ll get it done because everyday we face the beauty of God’s creation but most of the time we don’t see it…




The Poetically Incorrect.……

I like writing poetry, prose and fun tid bits. It is just something that comes naturally to me and I enjoy doing. If its in my destiny, someday I’d like to get published.
Hope you’ll enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

Carpe Diem



Niltsi’s Spirit……..

Welcome to those pages showing what’s around me. I live in a small town in northern Ontario, Canada. I am at this time 64 years old and into graphics, photography, painting and wood carving. I love the great outdoors, but at this time in my life I am quite limited to a few short outings around my place. Some good friends take me out for drives once in a while and give me time to explore some areas and take pictures.

This blog is about the world, my world, my family, my loves, my dear friends, the ones still here and the ones that have crossed over the abyss.
The world is where I spent my whole life trying to learn and understand.


365 Days……..

My name is Marianne Pettersson and my goal is to inspire people to live happier, more fulfilled and successful lives. For 365 days I’ll blog about life and how everyone can find their own inner balance and excel at what they do.

I look forward to your comments!
Marianne Pettersson
Accredited Life Coach since 2005



These bloggers are new, to me at least, and are deserving of this award. Please visit their blogs and give them your support. They are blogs I recommend and follow myself.


Well thats it’s for now. If I discover more new bloggers and their sites, I will be doing this again. The bloggersphere is the new media outlet for the future. We hold the attention of the planet, it is up to us to share truth, facts, insights into our world, and escape to our planet-mates from boredom.


“Keep Blogging!!”



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