Black History

The New Method Of Lynching: Handguns ~ Trayvon Martin ~ Born February 5, 1995 – Murdered February 26, 2012

By Jueseppi B.






It’s very clear to anyone who has skin color that is NOT caucasian, a select section of the American and global population, that the lynching rope has been replaced with a handgun….just ask the parents of Trayvon Martin. In America today, you don’t need a posse of hooded caucasians wearing white sheets to lynch a nigger. You apply for a handgun permit, then you go nigger hunting.


The father of the neighborhood watchman who shot and killed a teenager, (Trayvon Martin), last month, has written a letter to a local newspaper saying his son is not a racist and has had to leave his home after receiving death threats. At least George Zimmerman is able to leave his home of his own free will under his own power. Trayvon Martin was carted from his home to a local morgue on a gurney.


Trayvon Martin should be getting ready this weekend to plop down in front of the television with his dad, Tracy, and enjoy tons of basketball games during March Madness.


Instead, Tracy and Trayvon’s mom, Sybrina, are left bewildered, trying to understand how their fun-loving and squeaky-clean 17-year-old son was shot dead last month by a man who was supposed to be about protecting their Sanford, Fla., gated community from outsiders.


Justice?? There is no justice. There is only Just”US”.


According to published reports, on Feb. 26, Zimmerman, serving as a neighborhood watch captain, called 911 to report “a suspicious person” in the neighborhood. He was instructed not to get out of his SUV and to approach the person he reported. But he ignored that suggestion and followed Trayvon Martin. Moments later, neighbors responded that they heard gunfire.


When police arrived a couple of minutes later, Zimmerman was standing over Martin with a 9 mm handgun, and he told police that he fired the fatal shots.


Surely, common sense should have come into play for the police officers on the scene. How in the world could an unarmed kid holding nothing but a bag of Skittles and an iced tea be a danger to the neighborhood, especially one in which his father lived with his fiancee?


And had Zimmerman never gotten out of his SUV, an altercation between him and Martin never would have taken place.


This is NOT just going to be allowed to go away. This is not going to vanish from people’s mind. I will see that it does not.


Incredibly, the man who admitted to killing Trayvon, 28-year-old George Zimmerman, has remained free since the shooting took place because he told Sanford police that the shooting was in self-defense. After questioning him, police bought his explanation and allowed him to return home.


But the details we know thus far make that absolutely stunning and are making the Sanford Police Department look as if it is filled with ineptitude.




Austin McLendon, 13, stands at the spot where he was the night of Feb. 26, when about 20 yards away, George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin, in a grassy patch behind the townhouse where McLendon lives with his family. McLendon said he cannot shake the memory of screams and gunfire he heard that night.



Austin McLendon hasn’t been the same since that night three Sundays ago when Trayvon Martin was killed.


His mother says he’s been arguing with his siblings more than usual. His 8th grade teachers have called home saying that he’s become angry and lax in his schoolwork. He seems stressed out, distracted and consumed, they say.


Austin was standing less than 20 yards away from Martin when he was shot on the night of February 26. He didn’t see much that night, but says he can’t shake the screams for help that he heard or the thunderclap of gunfire that nearly shook him from his shoes.


The screams rattle around in his daydreams, so loud at night that sleep hasn’t come easily. And he can’t stop asking himself a thousand what-ifs: What if he could have stopped it? What if he had looked “suspicious” that night, and not Martin?


“I picture myself back over where I saw it, and it sticks in the back of my mind,” McLendon told HuffPost Black Voices on Saturday afternoon at his family’s home. “Sometimes I’ll, like, not be listening to the teacher, and I’ll daydream or just think off about it. I’ve been feeling bad for him and his family.”


According to police, George Zimmerman, 28, the self-appointed captain of the Retreat at Twin Lakes neighborhood watch, has admitted that he shot and killed Martin, 17, who Zimmerman described as “suspicious” in a 911 call made shortly before the shooting. He told the police that he shot the teen, who had come up from Miami a week or so earlier to visit his father, in self-defense. The police said he was licensed to carry the 9mm pistol he was carrying the night of the shooting. Zimmerman has not been arrested or charged in the killing.


“They still haven’t arrested him yet,” Austin said, his chin tucked low. “That’s pretty much the main thing that’s upsetting me.”


No, this ain’t going away, not until George Zimmerman is behind bars. Hopefully in open population in a prison system, where a huge number of Black Americans are housed for having a couple of joints in their possession, with a natural born hatred against caucasians who hunt niggers, and the ability to talk to George Zimmerman about the events of February 26th, 2012. In great detail.


Light a candle for Trayvon, and keep it lit until George Zimmerman is convicted for the hunting of niggers…..murder in the 1st degree.








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  1. Black on Black crime is far more devastating to the black community than some Peruvian shooting a 17 year old. Rally over that. Morons.


    • How about I rally over your son or daughter being killed? That would bring me more pleasure you pussy.

      If you think you have upset me or insulted me you spineless cunt, you have not, I live for you racist wanna be gangstas…now what, you scared tiny penis having closet homosexual?


  2. Although that image of the hunting permit is fitting for this post and incident – it makes me sick to my stomach. But not as much as Zimmerman still free. Had this been the other way around – and I mean EXACTLY the other way, just switch skin color – the results would have been much different.

    I thought our country was becoming more accepting of the differences among us. I am so wrong. White christian male rules, and again, I’m sick to my stomach. Sick. I’m so ashamed, I just want to go live in a cave in the Northern Territories far away from society – but with high speed internet, of course…

    Thanks for posting.


    • Michelle….Stockholm, lets move to a cave with an ISP in Stockholm. That way we would be surrounded by beautiful friendly people, and I could convert the culture with some hip hop, some southern cooking and some soul/swag. You could share your heart and spirit….your love of life, and that smile. We’d become Swedish royalty.


      • Hmmm… not a bad idea. That’s right, a chef. True southern BBQ? Smoke it until the meat falls off the bone? A nice white sauce to go with the smoked turkey? Okay, born and raised in Indiana. Moved to Alabama for 2 years – HATED the racism, LOVED the food), then NM. There was a joke I heard while in ‘Bama which I finally understood after I moved there…

        “You know you’re a Yankee when BBQ is a verb.”


  3. I just have to share this comment from a caucasian facebook group member, who is in a group with me…..

    Michael Yeager 18 March 22:33
    Really? I agree that this man should have been arrested immediately and I know far more about it than the bits and pieces you’ve heard on the national news and collected online as I live somewhat local. As far as your accusation of “nigger hunting”, I think once again you are racing off to blame whitey when in fact you had better look at the facts a bit closer… It’s people like you that will soon start to riot over this and cry foul when the police come in and break up your violence. The Sanford police department dropped the ball here as well as the local sheriffs department. Hopefully the FDLE will correct this issue shortly and people will once again be aware that legally carrying a gun does not make you the law. Your two favorite agitators are on their way here this week, Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson. Now, those two aren’t coming here to protest for justice, they are coming to make sure they are still relevant in the community. If you were from around here, you’d know that many in the black community in Sanford do not want them here as they believe it will take the focus away from Trayvon’s murder. As you can see, I called it a murder. I really want to call it an execution but I have no facts to support that.

    Now My response to his idiocy……

    I live in Florida asshole Yeager, and i am right now in Venice Florida, and for your uneducated caucasian information, Sharpton AND Jackson were invited to Sanford by Trayvon Martin’s parents as was Tyler Perry for the express reason to bring attention on a national level to this hunting of Black people by this caucasian wanna be George Zimmerman. It’s ignorant caucasians like you Yeager, closet racist, who give good, honest, non racist people a very soiled name. You don’t know what the fuck the Black community wants or does not want. Why? Cause you ain’t in the Black community. You are a lying, misinformation spewing caucasian fool.

    Good thing I don’t personally know you.

    This garbage is the type of mind that drives me to wish for the days of the Original Black Panther Party. The old days of Malcolm X before he saw the light of common sense. See, in some cases, logic and common sense just do not work, whereas a good old fashioned ass whooping works wonders.


  4. This thread is about the modern day lyching of Trayvon Martin. I commend you Jueseppi on supplying a space for him and his family.

    I do find it amazing how folks come to these types of blogs ad make it all about them.

    Prayers toTrayvon Martin’s family. His parents hearts need healing. Their son was unjustly MURDERED. You know it, and I know it.


    • Ametia, We have to unite to see that this is solved the correct way. A white woman was called a slut a few weeks ago and there was an outrage and outcry even though the low life white man who called her a slut had spent his years on radio belittling Black people including the President of the United States. Nobody got upset before then. A Black kid gets shot to death and his murderer remains free but you can hear crickets – SILENCE FROM THE MAINSTREAM!!! They want everyone to fight for them but stay silent when it’s time to fight for everyone else. Where were they when he’s been belittling Blacks? Where are they now?

      The media is not giving this slaughter the same coverage it gave Sandra Fluke or Lush Rimbaugh, why? Skin color is why. We have to keep this in the front of people’s minds.


      • The media is RACIALLY BIASED. That fat slob Limbaugh gets air time for slurring women as sluts and prostitutes.

        But an INNOCENT black boy gets MURDERED, meager air time, because white women, dogs, and fat racist white men’s lives are valued more in America than an innocent BLACK 17 year old boy, named TRAYVON MARTIN!

        It’s DESPICABLE, CRIMINAL, really….


      • As I said, Michael Vick did prison time for killing dogs, of which I am not even sure he actually did the killing himself, but a caucasian man guns down an unarmed HUMAN, who is Black, and there are no caucasian people screaming for the same justice they screamed for in the case of Vick.

        I had an asshole defend that whole fiasco of sending Vick to prison while this caucasian remains free for killing Trayvon Martin. When I was done with his stupid ass it made even me feel a bit sorry for the condition I left him in. Racism makes me violent.


  5. There are a lot of Caucasians who are equally as disturbed by all this; I’m one of them. I was raised in an environment by my grandmother who taught me we are all of one race… the Human Race. I’m so upset with what is happening and even more upset by comments which have been directed towards me due to the color of my skin (no, those comments have not come from you, my dear friend).

    There have been many times recently where I have wanted to remove my skin and parade around with only my muscles and bones showing, because lately, I’m embarrassed to be white… and I hate the way I’m being judged by my skin color.

    Native Americans where I live assume I have no understanding of the culture, nor reverence for the land and spirituality (which I practice, as it permeates ever cell of my Being) which predominates the area in which I was born and raised. Hispanics assume I do not identify with their culture and struggles, although I am equally oppressed as a female, and also practice aspects of various Mexican and Hispanic spiritual customs. Blacks eye me suspiciously as one who is rich and elite when the truth is, I am poor and until recently awarded disability, lived below poverty level; I still fight an unjust system as a mortgage company attempts to charge me $20,000 in fees which they have yet to explain, two months after repossessing and selling my home.

    Though I was blessed with growing up and living within culturally rich and diverse areas, I was cursed with light skin and female parts, mixed with an intense curiosity and intelligent mind… and a life journey filled with lessons.

    Yes, racism still exists and it offends my sensibilities as a spiritual being living a human life. But I do hope others traveling this journey through life can understand, that though some have light skin, we identify with the injustices and struggles all encounter, and shed tears of pain because of this.

    I’m not sure why our country has turned back the clock so many decades, J.B. But I can say many are just as angry as you, and rightfully so. Many of my friends recently wondered allowed what kind of insanity has grasped the minds of the likes of the GOP, the deep south, and other areas of our country, and though it seems like a sudden madness has befallen everyone, it is clear the insanity has been spreading for quite some time.

    We have no answers. Maybe together, we can come up with some idea, and find a solution.

    My love to you, Jueseppi!


    • Rose,
      That is something that needs to be shared. I intend to share your words because many need to know what you feel, because I believe many feel as you feel. I love your strength, your courage and your womanhood. I am one Black, Sicilian, Corsican & Pawnee Indian who is proud to know you Ms. Rose.


    • I agree with Jueseppi. I think we all are subject to scrutiny by people of different races and cultures. It is sad that we can’t come together and understand we are all human. We all bleed red, make babies and we all will die. We’ve come so far and have so far to go.


  6. A white woman was called a slut a few weeks ago and there was an outrage and outcry even though the low life white man who called her a slut had spent his years on radio belittling Black people including the President of the United States. Nobody got upset before then. A Black kid gets shot to death and his murderer remains free but you can hear crickets – SILENCE FROM THE MAINSTREAM!!! They want everyone to fight for them but stay silent when it’s time to fight for everyone else. I will no longer support any organization that asks me to donate to removing Rush Limbaugh. Where were they when he’s been belittling Blacks? Where are they now? RIP Treyvon!!!


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