Racist Response To Trayvon Martin’s Murder

By Jueseppi B.




This is a response posted to my blog comments section concerning the murder of Trayvon Martin. I knew such a mindset would come out from under a rock, I am surprised it took this long to crawl out into the open. This was left by a Mr. “John Doe“….another characteristic of the racist caucasian male. They are too afraid and cowardly to express what they believe in like a man, but hide behind  anonymity.



The comment left by the anonymous Mr. John Doe:  John Doe Mar 20, 8:48 am

If this blog is supposed to be about ending racism(or at least that’s what a lot of the links are aimed towards) then why does the author just seem to promote blacks? As for Trayvon Martin, he wasn’t a child, he was 17, had tattoos and had a facebook page with numerous pictures of him acting “thug”(which his mother took down). An eyewitness said they saw Martin on TOP of Zimmerman punching him in the face…this sounds like self-defense to me. If Trayvon was so innocent, then why did he run? You black people want equality but at the same time rely on affirmative action to get what you want. Last month the Smithsonian Institution started construction on a Black History Museum…..why do we not have a White History Museum or a Latino History Museum?? Why do blacks want to be treated fairly but expect more? Why is there a Black Entertainment Television Network(BET) but we can’t have a White Entertainment Television Network????? Blacks seem to whine and cry all the time about how they’re not getting treated fairly, but yet they get stuff handed to them with no effort on their part. Blacks are always saying “well my people were slaves”….who cares?? The Jewish people were slaves over 3000 years ago, then during World War 2 they were facing genocide at the hands of Adolph Hitler and they suffered more atrocities than the black slaves ever endured. Sure the black slaves got treated bad, but they were fed and had a place to sleep, but the Jews in WW2 were burned alive, had horrible medical experiments done to them and were starved to death. But yet the Jewish community does NOT expect any sort of payback like the blacks do. The black community needs to take a lesson from the Jewish community and grow up and quit playing the race card whenever they don’t get their way.


I’ll take these idiotic points one by one……


Trayvon was 170 pounds, a 17 year old child, who is not legally grown until the age of 18, to continue, Zimmerman is around 230 so they report, if Zimmerman was gettin his racist ass handed to him by a 17 year old…..fuckin good, Zimmerman was armed, and the aggressor. remember he stalked Trayvon after being instructed NOT to follow Mr. Martin.


Run in the rain….your dumb racist caucasian ass ever run in the rain? It was raining…so now if a Black man wearing a hoodie runs in the rain, he should be shot dead.


Facebook pictures?? So if I have a photo of a thug appearance of myself up on my facebook account that means I should be murdered by a caucasian hispanic gunman? I have photos of animals on my Facebook account, as well as photos of cars, women, and other photos showing me doing any number of things. Does having facebook photos of women make me a woman? Does having Facebook photos of automobiles on my Facebook account make me a car? It just gets stupider folks……


BET (Black Entertainment Television) are projects started with private funds, BET was started by a Black American Entrepreneur who spent his money to build a business focusing on Black entertainment….much like CBS, NBC, WGN, TBS, TNN, MSNBC, CNN, should I continue or do you get the picture?


The Black History Museum being proposed by The  Smithsonian Institution was funded by donations from all over the globe, and lets see….how many caucasian museums are around the world specific to white themes? I understand you have limited comprehension about any museum not involving a motorcycle or a beer exhibit but go Google museums and see how many are focused on caucasians things, then come back to me and we’ll discuss this subject further.


The Jewish people lost around 7 million people in and during World War Two. 20 million African slaves perished on the voyage from the African Continent in the hold (that means bottom, Mr Doe) of the slave ships used to transport them to the shores of America. That 20 million does not take into count the millions killed at the hands of slavers and slave owners and the millions dead from living conditions as slaves. Who cares about the dead slaves? I do.


The Black community needs no lessons at all from anyone, especially a racist caucasian asshole who can not do a simple thing like read, fact check and comprehend history. Your ignorance of history is  as evident as your ignorance of the facts of this Trayvon Martin case.


I will close by saying this Mr. John Doe… day, I hope, sincerely hope, your family member or loved one, gets gunned down, while running in the rain, wearing a hooded sweatshirt, and carrying a bag of skittles and a can of iced tea.


I hope that for 3 days your loved one or family member spends 3 days laying on a slab in the morgue while the police department devises a cover up of that murder of your loved one or family member.


I hope you, Mr. Chickenshit John Doe, experiences exactly what the parents of Trayvon Martin felt for the last 20 days, only 100 times worse.


Light a candle for Trayvon Martin.






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  2. so are we surppose to say it was a mistake or it was a fair fight? Mr asshole, While the killing of our BLACK NATION continues for too long we stood aside and kept our mouths shut while you mr Racist robbed us n killed us untill u got tired n lied to us with your so called ”justice”.

    We lost a brother n we demand equal justice becouse if it a was a black brother who shot not dead but shot one of your Race member our BLACK brother would have been judged n sentenced faster than de word ‘fast’
    Shut de **k-up when it come’s to slavery bcos our people didn’t ask to live in your land but they were FORCED TO DO SO.


  3. Actually according to most reporting on this case Trayvon was about 140lbs while George Zimmerman weighs at least 220lbs+…. anyone claiming that Zimmerman was “in legitimate fear for his life” armed with a gun and a near 100lb weight advantage is impossibly dumb and completely out of touch with reality.

    But you knew that already. The racists in our world aren’t relying on *facts* to inform their vitriol.


    • Mr. Mark, racist are incapable of fact or truth comprehension, because facts & truth go against their mental level of understanding.

      I usually ignore racist unless acknowledging/using their racist ignorance to my advantage in exposing their mindset.

      This will not end well at all for Mr. George Zimmerman.

      Thank you for reading me.


  4. Race should only be a factor in this as it relates to motive. Your response to the John Doe comment is every bit as “racist”. A young man was tragically killed by an apparently overzealous bigot. Nobody, white or black, should feel anything but sorrow for this tragic event. I had hoped in 2008 we had gotten past such bigotry.


    • I don’t give a fuck what your opinion to my response to John Doe is. Period. It id=s only that Ed….your opinion, nothing more. Now enjoy your day….and get off your ass and make a difference instead of attempting to school a grown man on how to respond to a racist.

      Enjoy your Wednesday Ed.


      • Ed is a nutjob. I am exceptionally hard on people who tell me I am being racist, hell yeah I am, I firmly believe in fighting fire with hotter fire. I am so hot against racism I make heat melt.

        If Ed can’t stand the heat, stay off my blog.

        Good morning Ms. Ametia. Blessings to you and the 3CHICS.


  5. I hope Mr. John Doe see’s this. You see, Trayvon was murdered. Juseseppi, is not the only one who has stated this. The man who shot him is not a very smart man to begin with. Just listen to the 911 tapes. It is so very obvious he was nothing but a wannabe hero. He was stalking Trevon. George Zimmerman was looking for trouble even if he had to create it. He is an attention seeker. He was told to stay in his SUV, but the ignoramus chose to do his own thing. Trayvon had such a brilliant future ahead of him. Look at his photo’s. He was a happy kid. John Doe, if you can not reveal yourself, your opinions don’t count. There are over 500,000 signatures calling for the justice in the killing of Trayvon. See! John Doe’s opinion doesn’t count.


    • Carol….I allowed his comments to be posted in the comment section so those who follow me and read this blog, could see first hand the mind of a racist fool. Your response is exactly why i didn’t delete John Doe’s comments….so HE could see the response of loving, warm and understanding caucasians. I admire you Carol, because you are not a racist, but an American second, but a human first.


  6. KAPOW! I hope that samckdown leaves a lasting mark, Jueseppi.

    And if I hear one more white person say they wish for a color blind society, I’m gonna smack’em! or “I DON’T SEE COLOR.”

    Never liked that term. WTF do you mean, I don’t see color? For me, it’s like trying to erase my BLACKNESS. What I hear is: I can deal with you, as long as I don’t see your BLACKNESS.

    How the fuck you gonna deny my BLACKNESS. Folks don’t want to own all that comes with being BLACK, so they don’t want to see my BLACKNESS. OWN YOUR SHIT, PEOPLE!

    Rant over>>>>>


    • You are preaching the gospel. Color blind is an affliction, an illness, not something to be proud of.

      Not seeing color is as stupid as not seeing an oncoming car because you choose to ignore your dumb ass is in the middle of the street.

      This shit gotta change.
      Trayvon was on the phone with a friend, who stated that he became alarmed because a man was watching and following him.

      “He said this man was watching him, so he put his hoodie on. He said he lost the man,” Martin’s friend said. “I asked Trayvon to run, and he said he was going to walk fast. I told him to run but he said he was not going to run.”

      “Trayvon said, ‘What, are you following me for,’ and the man said, ‘What are you doing here.’ Next thing I hear is somebody pushing, and somebody pushed Trayvon because the head set just fell. I called him again and he didn’t answer the phone.”

      This shit GOTTA change Ametia


  7. BRAVO BRAVO MR JUESEPPI BAKER!! My hats off to your reply, you could not have expressed it better! And to this John Doe you only got a mild and brief version of what you could have gotten. But frankly because you don’t even have the balls even while safely behind a computer to reveal your name…you don’t deserve the time of day let alone for someone to take time and school you on what you thought you had down to a T. Your ignorance is a blaring result of your locked enclosed bitterness and refusal to accept that all wrongs have not been made right and racism in America has not been Overcome and or rectified. And No we are not satisfied and Yes we will continue to fight for what WE feel is RIGHT, FAIR, EQUAL AND ENOUGH!! YOU MR JOHN DOE, won’t shut us up nor decide when WE FEEL WE HAVE OVERCOME!! Now you need to STAND DOWN and grow a pair!!!


    • Shelley,
      Since I was writing a blog post, I watched my response and tried to keep it PG-13. Thank you for your words, I do so miss you being around. I’ll be glad when this march/rally is finished.


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