American Racism: There Will Be A Race War

By Jueseppi B.







Let me start this opinion piece with these crystal clear words for those who are stupid and can’t comprehend my words to follow: I do NOT advocate a race war as a way to handle Racism In America. It is my opinion however that an American Race War is inevitable. It will take people in control of laws and statutes, American politicians, who write, vote and sign such laws as “Stand Your Ground”, and Arizona’s “Papers Please” law,  to sit down with Americans impacted by such racist laws, and TALK about real racial change in writing laws when it comes to race.


Now, do you see these mostly caucasian males sitting down to discuss a subject they don’t admit exists?

Me either.


Do you see officials in places like Sanford, Florida changing racist laws that target specific sections of the population?

Me either.


Do you see the same response from the media, and America, used against the Neo-Nazi group led by Jeff Schoep, and his Detroit-based National Socialist Movement, when they announced they would be patrolling the streets of Sanford, Florida to “protect the  white people” as you saw when the NEW Black Panther Party‘s racist group offer their “bounty” on the “capture” of George Zimmerman?

Me either.


Mr. Schoep’s own words: “We are not advocating any type of violence or attacks on anybody,” Schoep insists, “but we are prepared for it,. We are not the type of white people who are going to be walked all over.”


Did you notice “white people” being walked all over in Sanford, Florida?

Me either.


The only people I noticed that were “walked all over” is a dead 17 year old Black male, and his relatives.


An American Race War is coming and my words for Mr. Schoep mirror his own: We are prepared for it… We are not the type of Black Nation who are going to be walked all over by caucasian racist again. The days of white supremacy are past, and not one Black person in America is going to stand idle while your group, and racist groups like yours, patrols the streets of America “to protect white people”.


Ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun.


Race war is a term referring to developing hostilities between ethnic groups divided on the basis of racial group or skin color. The term may refer to specific violent acts or to general overt or covert hostilities between ethnic groups; compare ethnic conflict.




The murders perpetrated by Charles Manson and his “Family” were inspired in part by Manson’s prediction of Helter Skelter, an apocalyptic race war.


Fictional scenarios


The Turner Diaries is a novel written in 1978 by William Luther Pierce (former leader of the white Nationalist organization National Alliance) under the pseudonym “Andrew Macdonald”. The Turner Diaries depicts a violent revolution in the United States which leads to the overthrow of the United States federal government, nuclear war, and, ultimately, to a race war leading to the extermination of all Jews and non-whites. The book was called “explicitly racist and anti-Semitic” by The New York Times and has been labeled the “bible of the racist right” by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


African American actor LeVar Burton published in 1997 a science fiction novel called Aftermath about a future civil war in the United States which began about 2020 and evolved into a race war. The novel takes place in about the year 2025 and is about the aftermath of this war.


From Carl T. Rowand

How do you tell when a great civilization is in decline? When a great nation is on the rocks spiritually, morally, racially, and economically?

I look closely at my country, and everywhere I see signs of decadence, decay, and self-destruction.

Respect for law and order has declined drastically, except in the phony speeches of politicians.


Local police departments reek with corruption, including condoned lawlessness by some policemen. Our prisons bulge with record numbers of young Americans, mostly the fruit flies of the drug trade, while the big bumblebees of the crime and drug syndicates peddle their wares with impunity.


Every day our newscasts begin with stories of grisly murders, sexual assaults, grotesque abuses of children, mass killings on job sites, and worse.


America is sinking in greed. Our workers fear tomorrow and their bosses grab what they can today. A corporate fatcat can get a $10 million reward for “downsizing” his firm–that is, putting thousands of employees out of work.


Public morality has probably never been lower.


Racism has not been as virulent throughout America since the Civil War, with short fuses burning on a thousand powder kegs. We have seen racist hate groups allowed to flourish, whose leaders preach that the descendants of northern Europeans are “God’s chosen people,” and that African Americans and other people of color are by nature dumb and immoral.


Local law enforcers, such as the Sanford P.D. and even the FBI are afraid to tangle with white supremacist groups, wary since their disastrous confrontations with the David Koresh cult in Waco, Texas, and the Randy Weaver group at Ruby Ridge in Idaho.


Officials open coddling of these groups pretty much ensures that the race war these white supremacists predict will really come.


Yes, these harsh judgments about America and not what most Americans want to hear. In the wake of the fall of the “Evil Empire” that was the old Soviet Union, with the still-limited development of China and the Third World, and the starkly limited hegemony of European and other “first world” nations, Americans prefer to boast that the United States is the last of the great powers. As proof we cite our nuclear arsenals and the fact that we have the only quick-strike forces capable of moving into Bosnia, Africa, and the Middle East, to wage war or peace, within hours of a White House go-ahead to strike.


We like to boast of our economic might, even though we’ve seen a frightful decline in good, high-paying jobs. We like to think that we are the world’s cultural giant because our movies and music, our top television shows, are coveted the world over, this much to the dismay of foreign leaders who think the cultural fare that we export carries the seeds of national destruction.


Let’s boast that America is the most racist non 3rd world nation on the planet while we are boasting.


So much of what Americans boast about nowadays is superficial, even delusionary. Look below the surface. I have done so and concluded that this country, for which I have fought in war and peace, is in precipitous decline. The leaders of Rome, Greece, the Third Reich, the British Empire, never saw the onset of decadence and internal rot in time; we can, and we must, if the United States is not to succumb to its internal hatreds and moral excesses, to be consumed by its own self-destruction.


What we have to recognize is that we are a society stumbling into a vast darkness, because we do not really seek answers to the issues, issues that are of concern to all of us. Instead we look for scapegoats.


The result: in just the last decade we have seen some gruesome manifestations of racial and ethnic hatred in America–literally, murder in the streets, blood spilling everywhere. We have seen political fights in Congress over who should get the most of America’s goodies–fights that have caused shutdowns of the federal government and mind-boggling gridlock in Washington. One senses that our nation is split irrevocably and that there is no one to bring us together again.


If decent Americans of all races become afraid to stand up to the threats and violence of the white supremacists, things will become worse very fast. The conflict that I foresee will be as crazily complex as it will be violent, cruel, and heinous.


During the heat of the Presidential primaries, the TeaTardedRepubliCANT candidates for the nomination of the GOPretender Presidential candidate, who will represent their party in November, pushed their racist agenda with the exclusion of people of color and women, not to mention the elderly, the disabled, and the members of the LGBT community, from the political conversation.


They bring the race war closer, but either don’t know it or don’t care.


Un-sophisticated hatemongers are in their heyday in the American media. The Rush Limbaughs, Howard Sterns, Pat Buchanans, Dr. Laura’s, Glenn Beck’s, Bill O’Reilly’s and other socially and morally blind electronic pamphleteers write the nation’s bestselling books because they moderate and dominate the nation’s most-listened-to or most-watched radio and television shows for racist.


Limbaugh and others of his ilk have manipulated public opinion in dangerous ways.


The idea is to make Limbaugh look great while making poor people look like bums, environmentalists appear to be “wackos,” and decent-minded people look like enemies of democracy.


The politicians who love Limbaugh have virtually destroyed the social safety net in America, but they still rant about “reverse discrimination” and the so-called “special privileges” given to minorities. White male paranoia has become epidemic. This despite the fact that the median net worth of Black households in this country is $4,604, or just one tenth the median net worth of white families–$44,408. The comparable figure for Hispanics is $5,345.


A Race War is coming.


Black judges and generals, cabinet officers and columnists, and talk-show hosts and television anchors are prominent symbols of the racial progress that has taken place in this society over the last two generations. But these symbols create a veneer that hides the truth that for the overwhelming mass of Black people, Hispanics, and other nonwhites, precious little has changed during the fifty years that gave us the so-called civil rights revolution.


Jim Crow is maintained as much by bankers and mortgage companies as by hood-wearing white hoodlums. In city after city investigative reporters and others have established the fact that even a Black person of exceptional prestige and large financial resources has a more difficult time getting a housing loan than a white applicant with lesser qualifications. The difficulty is magnified if the Black applicant is trying to integrate public housing projects in formerly white neighborhoods.


The result is that there is no sense of community that reaches across racial lines. So walls of fear, suspicion, and hatred are maintained. And that makes the unthinkable, a race war in America, possible.


The long-heralded 1954 Supreme Court decision Brown v. Board of Education has failed in many important respects to wipe out Jim Crow in public education and to give Black Americans the most basic opportunities they were guaranteed forty years ago. The University of Alabama, which once was violently opposed to the admission of any Black citizen, can now field a predominantly black football team, or even an all-Black basketball team. Cheering fans may think for a moment that racism has vanished. But a visitor to the public schools of Birmingham, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., or Summerton, South Carolina, sees only token integration.


Now, the most pernicious discrimination in public schooling takes place in the North–in the cities such as Boston, Chicago, Detroit. White flight to suburbs, gerrymandering of school district lines, unfair distributions of everything from books, computers, and discretionary funds for teachers have poisoned such relationships as exist between black and white children.


Black Americans gained dignity from the Public Accommodations Act and political power from the Voting Rights Act. But the whole truth is that there can be only limited dignity and self-respect for those who live in poverty, and there is only limited political power for Americans who have no money and can afford no lobbyists or political action committees.


The curse of racism was never more evident than in the fact that while some Black Americans found dignity and political clout and economic opportunity over the last thirty years, the great mass of Black Americans have not. And that fact lies at the heart of the breakdown of so many American families, the rise in rage and violent criminal behavior, and the worries about personal safety that we all feel.


No law has provided for Black Americans and other minorities what ought to be the most basic of civil rights: the opportunity to work and earn a decent living. I have lived through all the promises of urban renewal, the War on Poverty, Community Action programs, Community Development corporations, Model Cities, Community Development block grants, Urban Development action grants, Enterprise Zones, and now “Empowerment Zones.” But no life-changing money went into urban ghettos or the pockets of rural poverty, because slicksters already eating at the federal gravy train found ways to siphon off, or just plain steal, the monies intended to revitalize the most depressed neighborhoods.


We are sliding headlong into terrible racial conflict that will dwarf the Los Angeles riots precisely because the baby boomers have not grown up devoted to racial equality the way we thought or hoped they would. In fact, white youngsters–the children of the baby boomers–have swallowed more of the stereotypes that engender fear and hatred in recent years than at any time I have known. Thus, when they see that white girls are fornicating promiscuously, with larger and larger percentages getting pregnant out of wedlock, a “social scientist,” Charles Murray, and his mouthpieces can alarm the nation with warnings that white girls have begun to act like black girls.


It is not a color problem, it is a moral problem. To equate that statistic with racial overtones is exactly what will bring a Race War to America. Again.


White denial makes good steps difficult to achieve. There are only a few white people–the skinheads, assorted Klansmen–who will openly say they are racists. But corporate boardrooms, local governments, education districts, are full of powerful men and women who are virulent bigots but will be come stridently indignant and threaten to sue if someone calls them a racist. So racism thrives, safe behind a curtain of politically correct language.


What constructive things have we actually given to the millions of underclass youth that they can say yes to? Not even books. Most readers of this book will have seen on TV numerous times the wretched public schools for blacks in which there are no encyclopedias, only a few termite-ridden books, not even a magnifying glass, let alone a modern piece of scientific equipment.


We are at the brink of tragic racial strife because young black men have, in shameful numbers, been given prison cells to bolster the pretense that the bureaucrats are making progress in “the war against drugs.” Bureaucrats fired the first salvos in the race war when they let the white kingpins of the drug trade, corrupt cops and sheriffs, and rich drug-buying actors, publishers, athletes, lawyers, and stockbrokers skate free.


For a generation we have seen a law enforcement version of genocide: our failed drug war has incarcerated, or destroyed the reputations of, a fourth of the young black men in this country.


There is a limit to how much oppression black Americans will take. If white supremacist and white America think Black Americans are a weak nation within America, consider this:

* In every war, in every crisis, no group of Americans has been more loyal than African Americans. But the African American potential for destruction is incalculable should even a thousand desperately angry blacks become allies of the foreign terrorists who wish to do great harm to this country. The gates to the new concentration camps will swing shut much too late to stop those who think it is time for rebellion.* There are now five million or more Muslims living in the United States, a million in deeply troubled California alone, and close to a million in New York. Some 42 percent of the Muslim residents are United States-born African Americans. We would be fools to assume that they will listen only to moderate black pacifists. Louis Farrakhan was surely referring to them when he said in Iran that “God will give the Muslims the honor of destroying America.”


Let me reiterate that black involvement in a race war will largely be reactive–a response to deliberate provocations by the soul brothers of William Pierce and the other white supremacists, but also to those “law and order” Americans whose abuses of the criminal justice system drive blacks to say, “We’ve had enough!”


It will be for the most part a black-versus-white war, because the rapidly growing Latin American population has not yet quite learned that the paranoiacs who spew forth rhetoric about killing to save the white race have no more respect for brown people than they do for black people. But Hispanics are sure to learn a lot faster than most Americans think. That is why from the White House to Capitol Hill to the largest and smallest city halls in America, there should be no priority greater than making the moves of justice that will prevent a race war.


You are saying, perhaps, that there can’t possibly be provocations that are serious enough to provoke a race war. Then you have no idea of what goes on in America every day.


Wake Up.


It’s time we faced the fact that some people–white, black, brown, or whatever–have violent, authoritarian personalities. The only places where they can legally get a gun, bayonet, or baton and occasionally use them to maim or kill is in a law enforcement agency or the military. We know about the crisis they have brought to the policing of America’s cities. We are learning, much too late, of the frightening problems these authoritarians, especially those driven by hate, are bringing to our legitimate military–and to the “militias” that are springing up.


Black America deals with racial profiling by law enforcement on a daily basis. Read or watch any news program to see this is the truth. The American military just experienced a violent death march by one single American soldier against the Afghan people. racism is rampant from American citizens.


Ain’t no fun when the Rabbit got the gun.


What does that sentence mean?


Black America is the Rabbit. White racist America is the hunter, chasing the small, defenseless Rabbit.


Ain’t no fun when the muthafuckin Rabbit got the gun.


An American Race War is coming.




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  1. Your living off the welfare system and white tax payers. So what are you gonna do when you run out of that? You going to kill us all? You going to fight Russia and take their civilization over? Then what? Your people and your leader will never reach the stars. Your all a slave race and the Jews own you.


    • Go fuck yourself. Then come back and we’ll talk about hateful. It’s a blog you stupid dumbfuck, not a page. When i require advice from a scum sucking asshole such as yourself, I’ll put an ad in scum sucker daily.😉


  2. I like your prediction ‘race war’…it’s between blacks and whites, right?
    Good.I am a proud Navajo, we call ourselves ‘Dine’- ‘The People’. That’s who we are,the people of this land,before the white man and the black white man came.You want to stay here,we want you to all go back where you came from. That would be fair.
    You want people to ignore skin color; I say “How can I tell who my enemies are if I cannot look at their color?Should I smell them?Talk to them and ask if they are my friend?”We did that too many times and got lies.When the black man takes power from the white, they will lie to us like the white man did.Race neutrality is white man fantasy.
    Your race war is a good thing.Blacks in America are 13%,whites 77%.I am not good at math but I know which side to be on. Your rabbits have guns,but the whites have numbers.
    After the blacks are gone, the whites will be weak from all the killing, and guilty for all the black blood they soaked the land in.We will wait for them to drink,drug and abort themselves stupid,then fall on them and rub them out.
    I hope you get your race war, I will lift many scalps.


    • Being Pawnee, I feel that if you Navajo pieces of shit had the balls to fight the caucasian man, we might have held our land, The next time your coward Navajo ass even thinks about coming onto this blog with that weak ass shit talk, you better wake your foolish ass up from that dream and apologize to me….you woman.


    • Ask your Black dick sucking cum swallowing mother, sister, aunts and nieces…how many Proud Black children they have born.

      Don’t be mad your tiny caucasian penis is not adequate.

      Thats why caucasian women love the BBC, fool.


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  7. You beat me to it. Been thinking / planning a post on these lines, already posted about “Walking while black” _


    • It is coming, and Black America better be prepared. Die on your feet fighting for your rights & safety of your family rather than on your knees begging for your life.


  8. Just today, A white man went into a black neighbood and killed 3 blacks, injured 2. Whites want a race war so they can disrupt the election. I’m tired of these people and their self-entitlements


  9. hay big man you have done your home work that was very inlighting but im said to say right on track wake people lets not go back to the dark ages but at the same time lets keep on makeing our voice continue to be heard we are the trayvon martin today and tommorw love u sharon cookie lewis pratt


    • I love you Ms. Cookie…are you guys doing something special for Easter? I want to come for dinner, but Shelley won’t invite me. 😉


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