Domestic Battery Caught On Tape

By Jueseppi B.







I will not comment until you view this tape of Domestic Battery that was caught on tape at the request of the male piece of feces, the person recording this is the couples son. Watch as this guy verbally & physically beats up his wife while his son records it all on video.








Ok, now after viewing this tape, tell me one thing, answer this question for me…..should this man be allowed to walk free?

I ask for just 1 hour alone with this coward, 1 hour in a locked room, no weapon, just my bear hands.



Ladies, KNOW who you are with.









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  1. That was painful to watch. I was verbally abused for years. I got smacked around a few times. Once I was driving in traffic and got punched in my head. He threatened to kill me that same night. I went to the police station and they said the only thing I could do was make a report and in the morning go to court and get an order of protection. What was I suppose to do that night? Fortunatly he wasn’t a man of his word or he was afraid of our sons and their friends if he tried to hurt me. I don’t know why I stayed in that relationship for 23 years. I wasn’t a fighter I’m still not. i blamed his behavior on the drugs. I could see the abuse in other woman but not in myself. And I keep it to myself.


  2. Unfortunately, I’ve also been in past abusive relationships and both of the abusers were victims of abuse as children. Violence breeds violence and some abused children grow up doing what they were taught. I don’t know the answer to it all. Yes this man deserves to be locked up, but I think he got a pretty excessive sentence.


    • I would agree with you about the sentence but this video showcases the brutalization of this man’s abuse of his wife and son, on top of that abuse to his wife, he forces his son to video tape the abuse, which to my mind triples the situation of abuse. He is not only physically and mentally abusing his spouse, he is mentally abusing his son, and as you point out, enabling his 13 years old son to become an abuser himself.

      The judge was excessive in his sentence, but maybe, just maybe that sentence caused an abusive person to stop being abusive. I am sorry for your pain from your past relationship.

      I am glad you appear to be happy now. Congratulations that you have survived and found some peace & happiness.


  3. O…M….G!!!!! You just posted a video of my first husband! Well, kind of. Different race and that’s about it. THAT is exactly what I went through for nearly 5 years, although there were a few things different. I would never stand there and listen like she did. After he started in, and if it didn’t stop in 10 minutes (as sometimes it would and he’d go into a drunk stupor), I’d get up and leave the room. Often locking myself in a spare room. It was the times when he would corner me that he would then beat me. He was much stronger than I was, and the one time I tried to fight back, he body-slammed me and re-broke my tailbone. I’ve jumped out of windows, hidden in the dryer, whatever I had to do.

    And, sadly, he would bring his little boy into this just like this man. His son was 6 when we met and 11 when I left, and he would stand there right next to his father and year obscenities at me.

    Why did I stay with him as long as I did? Well, it’s more like why did I stay with him after I saw this side of him for the first time… Honestly, he was going through a horrible divorce. It really was a bad one. And I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. Plus the physical didn’t start until after we were married. So I just kept convincing myself that it was the stress and strain from his divorce and ex-wife.

    Then, finally after a couple years, I realized it wasn’t. I’m a very strong person, never once did I ever believe the shit he gave me. Plus I was good at just tuning him out most of the time. But I stayed because I feared him. The few times I would leave, he would track me down. He called my new job when we relocated to Birmingham and threatened the secretary who answered the phone AND my boss. I didn’t know this until my boss finally fired me one day. I guess he got tired of putting with with my husbands bullshit.

    Then finally one day, my world had already collapsed. Lost yet another job, this time I was making 6 figures as a mortgage banker at a local bank. I had moved up out of brokerages. And he had lost his job as well. Imagine that. We were being evicted. It was just a matter of time before the car loan company would repo the car. So I packed a suitcase and drove away never to turn around and look back. Child services had already shipped his son back to his mother.

    And there you have it. These people do exist.


    • Yes Michelle, they do exist and they need help. The women need to be helped with strong people talking sense and truth to them to get them to wake up and see whats really going on, snap them out of those unrealistic mindsets. The men need a ass whooping by a man, so they realize what it feels like. I’ve known several wife/girlfriend beaters, each one is/was a pussy, afraid to face a real man.

      I am glad you escaped and are past that type of life. Congratulations to you.


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