Ozzie Guillen Suspended Five Games By Marlins For Castro Remarks. Why?

By Jueseppi B.







The outspoken Miami manager received the club penalty Tuesday before speaking to reporters about his comments on Cuba‘s Fidel Castro.



I am no fan of dictators, I am no fan of Fidel Castro. But so what if Ozzie Guillen is? This is the United States Of America, and in this country a man should NOT be suspended from his place of work for saying he admires Fidel Castro.


When you allow Lush Rimbaugh to call a young woman a slut & a prostitute for her beliefs on women’s contraception, and he remain employed, but you suspend a Venezuelan for his remarks on Fidel Castro….you tell me if that is just. Or right. Or racist.


Guillen told Time magazine he loves Castro and respects the retired Cuban leader for staying in power so long. At least two local officials said Guillen should lose his job.


Ozzie gave this interview to Time Magazine, he was NOT wearing a Miami Marlins uniform, he was NOT representing The Miami Marlins. So what right do the Miami Marlins have to suspend Ozzie for 5 games, over his right to love Fidel Castro? Somebody please explain to me what a man’s opinions over politics has to do with his job as a baseball manager?


And then to my surprise, Ozzie apologies for his remarks.


The suspension by the team takes effect immediately. It was announced shortly before Guillen was to hold a news conference to explain his remarks, which caused a public backlash.


“The Marlins acknowledge the seriousness of the comments attributed to Guillen,” read a statement from the team. “The pain and suffering caused by Fidel Castro cannot be minimized, especially in a community filled with victims of the dictatorship.”


Could this be about money? Could the Marlins be more worried about this backlash from the Cuban Americans in the Miami community rather than Ozzie’s right to have and voice his opinions?


Outside the entrance to the ballpark, demonstrators shouted as the news conference began. Guillen began by speaking in Spanish.


The gathering at the ballpark drew a large turnout, including two dozen TV cameras lined up along the back. Among those in attendance were Marlins President David Samson and president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest.


The political firestorm came shortly after the Marlins opened their ballpark last week in the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami. The team is trying to rebuild its fan base with the help of South Florida‘s large Cuban American population.


Yeah. Money.


Francis Suarez, chairman of the Miami city commission, said Guillen should be fired. Joe Martinez, chairman of the Miami-Dade County board of commissioners, said Guillen should resign.



Guillen apologized over the weekend after the story broke, but some Cuban-Americans remained upset. One group planned a demonstration Tuesday before Guillen said he would fly to Miami.


Yeah….what a baseball manager thinks about Fidel Castro is important enough to suspend him for 5 games. The real reason Ozzie was suspended is about money, not about his comments, but about who in Miami likes his comments and who does not.


What Mr. Oswaldo José “Ozzie” Guillén Barrios thinks of Fidel Castro has jack shit to do with being the manager of the Miami Marlins.



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  1. I think you misread my comment…you forfeit your right to a “PRIVATE” opinion. We all know that as a celebrity, professional athlete, or a major political figure, you lose your right to be able to keep your opinion to yourself. Im sure somewhere in his contract, Ozzie addressed the problem of being suspended for his notorious outburst. Why do you think he accepts this suspension though? Oh, maybe because he deserved it and he knows it.


  2. “The political firestorm came shortly after the Marlins opened their ballpark last week in the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami. The team is trying to rebuild its fan base with the help of South Florida‘s large Cuban American population.”

    Yup. That’s it right there. There’s no room for free thought, let alone free expression of thoughts, when it comes to Cuban politics in South Florida. And the Marlins know which side their bread is buttered on so they won’t allow anyone in their organization to piss off this particular demographic. Money talks, but people can’t, apparently.


    • Cuban Americans do NOT spend their money on sporting events. They love baseball with a passion but they watch n TV, they do not go to ballparks and spend money. That is for the majority of Cuban Americans. some do go, as no stat covers everybody in a demographic but it has been documented that Cuban Americans don’t file into ball parks in numbers. Including Florida.

      I think the Marlins will not be successful in any regard. People have too much to do in Florida, especially Miami, to follow a team that is not a great team.

      Ozzie should never have been suspended for HIS political opinions….the Marlins acted exactly as Castro would have reacted. That is irony.


      • The problem isn’t so much with getting the Cuban population into the ballpark. The problem is that local politicians who answer to that population feel the need to express some public outrage and put pressure on the Marlins, or else risk their support from the voters there. Because they may not go to games, but they sure as hell do vote. So to even step on the toes of this community is verboten for the Marlins organization, or else they’ll get a lot of shit and a possibly contentious relationship going forward with the people who they’re working with to do what they want to do, development wise, in that area. I agree, nobody wants to go see baseball around here regardless of any of this politcal stuff. I sure as hell don’t.


      • Yeah…I live in Florida, Politics has nothing to do with baseball. MLB caters to pussy shit on a daily basis. Ozzie is a pussy for apologizing. You can not censor a man for saying he loves a man who censors. You then become Castro.


      • No way should Ozzie have been disciplined, and no way should he have apologized. I agree 100%. But the whole connection between politics and baseball is for real in Miami. Without the Marlins greasing the wheels of the local government, that new stadium would never have been built. And they still have parking and inspection and tax issues to resolve with these guys. They sold this stadium to taxpayers based on the idea of a partnership with the surrounding neighborhood, and if the locals hate the Marlins, it’s going to be tougher for the organization to work this the way they want to work it from a PR and promotional perspective. They’re also looking for a way to get the county to pick up the tab for a lot of stuff. I’m thinking that the Marlins realize the last thing local politicians need is to have to hear their Cuban constituents bitching about how the Marlins are “pro-Castro”, so they feel like they need to come down on Ozzie for that reason. It’s bullshit, but that’s their angle.


  3. Dont you feel Ozzie should be held accountable for his remarks considering he is manager of the club who undoubtley has the most Cuban attendance.


    • No I do not. Ozzie was voicing HIS opinion to Time magazine. He was not representing a baseball team. He was representing Ozzie and Ozzie’s opinions on Fidel Castro, as is his right as a free American.

      Do you want your employer telling you what you can say in an interview, about what politicians you love?


      • When taking the role to be the Manager, didnt Ozzie forfiet his right to a “private” opinion? Whatever he says, or does, reflect the Miami Marlins organization. Do you feel this suspension overstepped the boundries of his freedom of speech, since he was punished for what he said?


      • Do you forfeit your right to have an opinion based on having a job? That is the dumbest thing I have read today, but the day is yet young. I hate people who can’t separate work from after work. U are not an employee 24/7/365. Everyone has off the clock time. U can surely figure this out.


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