I too love anything citrus…including grapefruit. Boiling brings out the sweetness and removes the bitter taste totally. Thank U “CreativeNoshing” for this excellent recipe.

creative noshing

A little while back, I was reading Filing Away Cupcakes’ blog and she had written a post about Broiled Grapefruit. Now, I am a big fan of grapefruit, well, anything citrus and I had never heard of broiling grapefruit so I was pretty intrigued. I couldn’t even imagine what a warm grapefruit tasted like.

The other day at the market, the floral citrus smell permeating from a local organic grapefruit bin beckoned me like the ethereal song of a snake charmer. Feeling the heavy weight and smelling the deep perfume of the outside rind, I bought one knowing it would be the perfect specimen to try this recipe out on.

The recipe called for brown sugar and butter and tad bit of cinnamon. As soon as I put the sugar on, it started to melt into the juiciness of the grapefruit, I told you it was a prime grapefruit. I found that the…

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  1. Never heard of anyone broiling a grapefruit
    It does look good
    I really love the recipes on your blog

    My family would be satified with meat and potatoes everynight
    but i like trying different foods
    And i made those lemon cookies yesterday they turned out great


    • I had a boiled grapefruit years ago, and it removes all the bitterness. It makes it so sweet. Those cookies are delicious…I wish I was your family damn it. 😉


      • Yes you would like to be in my family until it’s time for chores
        I believe my boys would go live with other families when it’s time to clean up..


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