Spousal/Companion Relationship Abuse: Domestic Abuse

By Jueseppi B.







This is to the people in an abusive relationship right this second. Especially to the women being bullied, controlled, mistreated & abused by their men. Get Out Now. It WON’T stop. He WILL do it again. He does NOT love you. He is not JUST stressed. Him having a bad day is NOT your fault or responsibility.



Excuses are like opinions and assholes, when it comes as to why he hit you, or pushed you, or called you fat, lazy, ugly, or that old stand by “Nobody will love you like I love you” (lets hope nobody will ever love you like he has loved you), everybody has one. Some have several. Don’t listen. He hits you once, shame on him. He is allowed to hit you the second time, shame on you. You have no one to blame but yourself. Get Out Now.







Age does not prevent you from being physically or verbally or mentally abused. Abuse is age and gender non specific. Men are abused as well as woman, yes that is a fact. Love is not painful. Love is not being screamed at or called derogatory names. Love is not about having your self esteem so low you start to believe the negative things he/she says to you, about you.


Ask yourself this one question….just this one question….if you are such a worthless, no good, unattractive mate/spouse/companion, why does he/she want you for themselves?


When you answer that one simple question, then go pack.


Ladies, Gentlemen, plan your escape. Think about your options and what is available for you to assist you in getting away from him/her. You do NOT have to stay in that abusive home or relationship situation. Money should not keep you there. Your job should not keep you there. Your children should not keep you there, especially your children. And him/her should not keep you there.







It WILL happen again. And again. And again. I know it will. He/she knows it will. You know it will.


Don’t allow it to happen again.



National Coalition Against Domestic Violence……..



National Domestic ViolenceHotline……..



Help For Abused & battered Women………



Waypoint Services…….



Domestic Violence Awareness Handbook……………..



Suicide Hotline…………………




National Suicide PreventionHotline…………………………http://www.suicidepreventionlife



You deserve a happy life. You deserve real love. You deserve peace of mind and stability.



Get Out Now. Don’t spend another night in fear.




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  1. The best advise one could follow, Get Out!
    Not only does he or she not love you, he or she can’t love because they have yet to love themselves. And no one can give you what they don’t posses themselves. Real Love is is not suppose to hurt you.

    Well done Mr Hack. Once again you’ve reached across the miles and someones somewhere will be touch and changed by you sir.
    I love the way U do “U”!


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