Newark Mayor Cory Booker Kissing Ass, I Mean Explains On His Support For President Obama

By Jueseppi B.







Sunday on Meet The Press, a bastion of TeaTardedRepubliCANT Pseudo-Freudian Psycho-Sexual Secret-Whore Pro-caucasian Pro-Racist Anti-LGBT Anti-Feminist Reich Wing Party Members. Not the Meet The Press of the Tim Russet days. This was Mr. Booker’s words against POTUS Obama:






This was Mr. Booker’s attempt to have you and I better understand his throwing the President under the Mitt Romney Bain Capital Bus:






Now here is the video that really tells me where Mr. Booker and his support lies….yes lies and not lays……






Two questions: 1). At the end of this Christie/Booker video, why is Mitt Romney supposedly offering the Vic Presidency to Cory Booker, a Democrat?

2). Why would Booker allow himself to be sucked into throwing POTUS Obama under Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital Bus on Meet The Press?


If Mitt Romney uses his Bain Capital years as a basis for his ability to BE President Of The United States….then that Bain Capital times is fair game for the political campaign of his opposition.


Mr. Booker: When you throw the POTUS under the Mitt Romney Bain Capital Bus, you will get run over.





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    • Good evening Ms. Claire. I am honored to have you visit and I hope you will return as often as you can. Thank you for your kind words. 😉


    • You get your facts straight asstroll. Bain took over numerous companies, thats what Bain did moron. They bankrupted 75% of companies acquired for profit scalping and destruction. i know because I worked for a similar company. Now get the fuck off my blog, you are a dumb ass and your stupidity will be deleted to the trash can you fuck.


    • For your uneducated info, I have a double masters from a university you could not get in as an charity case. I know, you thought you were talking to someone as stupid as you. Epic fail asshole.


  1. The bottom line is you and cory booker are both ignorant asstrolls who don’t know how to spell venture capitalism without spell check. You and the cory bookers of the world make me want to vomit.

    POTUS Obama is telling American voters that mitt romney is a lying piece of shit running on lies about how great a businessman he wishes he were.

    How about punk ass fools like you and cory booker stop sucking the nasty cocks of teatardedrepublicants like fat ass chris christie and stand united to re-elect the greatest POTUS America has had since Truman

    Got an answer you weak kneed moron?


  2. Remember I told you he has to do what he has to do for Newark. Booker has gotten such negative press about Newark and it’s failing city for years. He doesn’t want to rock the boat. You are right when you say his own agenda always has been for Booker. He was probably given some type of perk. They did that to NY Congressmen Floyd Flakes some years ago. His congregation built a cathedral yes cathedral in the heart of the ghetto in Queens under the Giuliani Administration. He brought all the surrounding business. He was given a Burger King chain to provide personal revenue for himself and family. His can sway his congregation to vote whatever way he wants them to. He was gaining too much power and they wanted him out off office so all these deals were done quietly. You see they couldn’t shut him down with scandal because everyone knew his dirt, regular black minister with thousands of followers. He fills the cathedral, his original small church which wasn’t small and I understand the Sunday sermon if feed on a screen in his school. You don’t hear anything about Flake today unless it’s about his ministry. They used money and I bet that’s what they are using for Booker. They want to shut him down.


    • He has a role model to follow if he needs one. I was never a Cory Booker fan, but the facts are very clear. I want Barack Obama to go after Mitt Romney record at Bain Capital! The media wont do it! Romney did NOT CREATE JOBS!! He created WEALTH!! He created wealth for the Bain Capital bosses. Mitt talks of his time as CEO of Bain as his qualifications for POTUS. Now If his time at Bain was fraudulent & Mitt is lying, that is fair game. Which is exactly why Booker was a GOP stooge on Meet The Press.

      Nothing Booker has managed to do over the years will matter if Obama is not re-elected because Mitt & his GOP friends will destroy ALL of America, including Newark new Jersey.

      Good to see you.


  3. Booker screwed up that appearance. In my opinion, while companies like Bain can be a contributing component of our economy, the Bush/Romney/Ryan policies of the last 12 years have fostered an imbalance that put too much power and emphasis on Wall Street, thus starving mainstreet investments in manufacturing, tech, education, infrastructure, and the working-class. Obama has been about bringing back the balance and pragmatism of the Clinton era economic success through spending cuts, sound investments, and tax hikes on the rich back to 1990s levels. Romney is about bringing back Bush policies on steroids that provide companies like Bain too much fuel to create financial bubbles and funnel money to offshore accounts.

    As usual, Booker and the Dems don’t have an easy, consistent message like the GOP always seems to have.


    • I agree, the GOPretenders are always on point, even tho they dislike Mitt, they throw their support behind him anyway. Democrats are too busy being concerned with individual agenda’s.


  4. Hello
    Booker isn’t stupid and i don’t believe it was a gaffe
    He knew what he was going to say before he said it
    This isn’t the first time i have given Booker the side-eye


  5. Not sure why your down on Booker. He’s a real rising star and he’s tackling one of the worst cities in the country. He has real accomplishments to his name.


    • I’m down on anyone, including your rising star Booker, who puts his or her own political desires above the Obama Presidency. Booker and nothing else is important to America if POTUS Obama does not win re-election.

      If you don’t comprehend that fact you are stupid.

      Booker’s stupid stunt on Meet The Press Sunday is already being used in campaign ads against POTUS Obama….open your eyes to whats at stake here. Booker is a buffoon.

      That explain it to you why I am “down on Booker”?


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