Stand Your Ground Strikes Again In Miami Club Murder

By Jueseppi B.




updated 2 hours 56 minutes ago

The family of a man shot dead by a club security guard earlier this month are demanding answers and pressing authorities to make an arrest in the fatal shooting.


Kijuan Byrd was shot and killed in a parking lot outside Club Lexx in Northwest Miami-Dade, according to authorities. Another unarmed man, Michael Smathers, was also shot and remains in the hospital, officials said.


The security guard who opened fire and allegedly shot Byrd six times is claiming a “stand your ground” defense, according to attorney Benjamin Crump, who is representing Byrd’s family.


The seven-year-old law allows a person to meet force with force if they reasonably believe they are in danger of being killed or seriously harmed.


Crump will be holding a press conference Friday at the Range Funeral Home to seek answers in the case.


The family of a man shot and killed by a security guard at a Miami strip club last week wants to know why the shooter has not been arrested.


Kijuan Byrd and Michael Smathers were in a pickup truck outside Club Lexx last Friday night when a security guard working at the club shot them, Miami-Dade police said. The families said both men were unarmed, but they were shot multiple times.


Byrd was pronounced dead at the scene. Smathers, 30, remains at Jackson Memorial Hospital. His sister said he is fighting for his life, and if he lives, he may be paralyzed.


Byrd was a football star at Norland High School, worked as an electrician and has a 3-year-old daughter and a 1-year-old son.


His family wants to know why the security guard hasn’t been arrested, comparing his case to that of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. George Zimmerman, 28, was arrested on a second-degree murder charge after initially avoiding arrest because he claimed self-defense in Martin’s shooting.


“He was my baby. He was my youngest son,” said Byrd’s father, Donald Byrd. “He was shot twice in the back.”


“He’s gone. My baby is dead, and it’s senseless. I don’t understand why, and I don’t know what I’m going to tell my grandbabies,” said his mother, Arlene Byrd.


“Again we are here with another stand your ground claim and another unarmed black man shot and killed and nobody arrested,” said attorney Benjamin Crump.


Crump is the same attorney who has represented Martin’s parents.


Byrd’s family is preparing funeral arrangements and asking for answers.


A representative of the Miami-Dade Police Department said the department does not have a comment because the case is still open and police are still investigating.


Gun Control? Not yet.



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  1. Shut the fuck up you ignorant fuck. Learn hand to hand combat you pussy. I could take your gun from you and insert it up your rectum in 5 seconds.


    • Yes, that is the most important question ….how many have to die….before we outlaw guns in America? No guns = no stand your ground.


      • No guns will never happen in in the US. Confession: I have guns. They were left to me by my father. I learned how to shoot when I was a tiny girl and I’m really good at it. I’ve never shot a creature with them, though, just targets. Now they sit in a cabinet. I can’t part with them.


      • I have guns, so what? Guns are responsible for death. Someone steals your guns & kills a child in the commission of a crime. NO Guns.


      • People who own guns have a responsibility to secure them. If they are used in commission of a crime, the owner bears part of the blame.


      • Guns, especially hand guns, are not necessary in America. Period. On this we disagree. I own more guns than you can imagine, some left me by my great grandfather and grandfather, most I brought home from the military. I give them up the second they are illegal to own. NO Guns in America.


      • Many of my family members are self-sufficient hunters and farmers. They have been for hundreds of years. I don’t think its fair that the NRA’s success at putting guns into the hands of every idiot that wants one might result in the end of their livelihood. Handguns and assault rifles are unnecessary, I agree. Freaking NRA and ALEC are against EVERY single common-sense approach to keeping weapons out of the hands of fools and criminals, that’s why so many people die every day due to gun violence and accidents.


      • In cases of hunting arms I say let them be kept by qualified American citizens. Qualified being the operative word. U can not operate a car without a license but you can own a gun without a gun safety class/operator’s licence. Insanity. I don’t care who is affected by gun banning laws, no American needs handguns or assault arms. To be honest, in 2012 if you need a weapon to eat, I’d rather see you starve from lack of meat than more innocent people die in the streets.

        It’s a choice between common sense to erase a problem or holding onto an antiquated 2nd amendment.

        No offense to you Ms. Amaya but there is no defense of guns to my mind, so I am done with this back & forth.


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