West Virginia Democrats To Skip Democratic National Convention

By Jueseppi B.






West Virginia really doesn’t like President Obama. Democratic primary voters made that clear last month when about 40 percent of them cast ballots for a convicted felon over the president in the state’s primary. In case the relevant popularity of inmate #11593-051 wasn’t enough, now the state’s governor and two other high-profile state Democrats say they’ll sit out this summer’s Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. The trio in question: Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin, Sen. Joe Manchin and Rep. Nick RahallCBS News reports.


Manchin and Tomblin have gone as far as to express doubt that they’ll even vote for Obama this fall, Politico notes. House veteran Rahall, meanwhile, has previously said he’ll support Obama but has nonetheless made it known he’s unhappy with a host of the president’s policies, including his stance on immigration.


The Charleston Gazette reports that Manchin announced his decision in a statement saying that he’ll “spend this fall focused on the people of West Virginia” and “on bringing people together for the next generation, not the next election.” Tomblin, meanwhile, expressed doubts on Monday about both Obama and Mitt Romney, taking issue with policies touted by both candidates.


“I intend to spend this fall focused on the people of West Virginia, whether that’s representing them in my official U.S. Senate duties or here at home, where I can hear about their concerns and ideas to solve the problems of this great nation,” Manchin said in a statement. “I will remain focused on bringing people together for the next generation, not the next election.”


Manchin backed Obama in 2008, but has worked to distance himself this year as he seeks reelection in a state where Obama is unpopular. In April Manchin told National Journal that he had not decided if he would vote for Obama or presumed GOP nominee Mitt Romney. Tomblin has also declined to say if he supports Obama.


All three politicians are up for reelection.


If President of The United States, Barack Hussein Obama, were a caucasian President, nothing he could/would do, would prevent caucasian Democrats from attending the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina on September 4th, 2012.


The reason Sen. Joe Manchin, Rep. Nick Rahall and Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin, will not be part of the state’s convention on September 4th thru the 6th is simple. They are racist.


Nothing, let be be crystal clear about this and repeat, NOTHING Barack Hussein Obama has done in his first term deserves this type of party treason. This is uncalled for and unheard of. It is racial and hate filled based on POTUS Obama’s race. His skin color.


The Democratic Party is a groups of fearful, scared, punk males who are more worried about their own prejudices and self serving agendas than that of the party.


That is precisely why I am an ObamaCrat and NOT a Democrat.


Racism is a disease. Are you infected?

“BARACK” The Vote.



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  1. Those people are self serving they are not in it for the country but for powerful. They are jumping the ship for the very reasons you state political expediency. And if racism from with in or from without their owns are others they will jump or stand as long as it benefits them..


  2. Who cares? It’s WEST VIRGINIA, for God’s sake. Let them switch parties like that wuss did in Alabama, and for the same reason, because they can’t take the heat when their state has gone full blown bagger racist trash, so they need to jump in with the republican trash. Me personally, I’m tired of the fringe element in the R Party and I’m not even republican. They’re fringe for a reason, and they’re becoming more fringe with every month that passes. Let them stew in their hatefulness. If the people in WV are dumb enough to elect people with this mentality, they get what they vote for. They can stay back while the rest of us progress.


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