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Jun 20, 2012


1. Weak U.S. gun laws are facilitating gun trafficking to Mexico.
From 2007 to 2011, more than 68,000 crime guns have been recovered in Mexico and traced back to the United States (2007 to 2011).



2. Gun traffickers can buy semi-automatic handguns and rifles in bulk in the8,000 gun shops along the border with Mexico.
According to an analysis by President Felipe Calderon of Mexico, that’s nine gun shops for every Wal-Mart found in all of Mexico and the United States combined. The Fast and Furious program involved about 2,000 firearms crossing the border into Mexico, about3% of the guns moving from U.S. gun shops to Mexico in the last four years.



3. While bulk sales of handguns trigger a report to ATF; bulk sales of rifles do not.  The Obama Administration established a rule to allow reporting to ATF of sales of certain rifles in border gun shops to help catch gun traffickers.  Who else buys semi-automatic military weaponry in bulk?


4. House Republicans are actively blocking the Obama Administration’s efforts catch gun traffickers. The House twice has voted to block continued implementation of the Administration’s regulatory requirement that multiple sales of certain semi-automatic rifles in the border states be promptly reported to ATF to give the law enforcers real-time notice of the suspicious gun sales that are feeding the drug cartels.


5. The reporting rule works.  In less than one year, ATF opened more than 120 criminal investigations based solely on the rifle reporting rule, more than 25 of which have been referred to prosecutors.


To see a CNN interview on this topic, with Dennis Henigan, click here.


To learn more about the problem of gun trafficking to Mexico, click here.





The Brady Campaign is the nation’s largest citizens’ lobby to prevent gun violence. We represent the voice of the overwhelming majority of Americans who are tired of living with the constant tragedy of gun violence and are in favor of strong laws and policies that will save lives. We are the light that exposes politicians who are putting the American people at risk, empowering the American people to hold them accountable for decisions and actions that undermine public safety.



We are driven by the focused vision of a nation where all Americans are safe at home, at work, at school, and in our communities.



Dan Gross is the President of the Brady Campaign and the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. A photo and more information about Dan Gross is available here.



For more insight on gun violence prevention, follow The Brady BlogFacebook Pageand Twitter Account.



Gun control is needed NOW. Not tomorrow of next week but yesterday.


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  1. I suppose you plan to just ignore fast and furious and grenade gate then when you blame house republicans for the violence problems in mexico? When was the last time a drug dealer was premeditating a murder of someone else and cared at all about illegal possession of a firearm over the murder charge? If you plan to commit a violent crime getting caught for the murder is going to be much more of a concern than any number of additional stupid additional pieces of firearms legislation. Our system is already so convoluted that it is very easy for regular law abiding citizens to commit a gun crime by either not knowing new laws or when the states decide to pass laws that effect previously legally owned firearms retroactively. If you think additional legislation is going to make any difference at all you are delusional. I also like how you support the New Black Panthers on your site, a hate group as designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center similar to the KKK that likes to scare the public by holding armed protests marching around looking like a bunch of jackbooted thugs. The same group that advocates violence over the due process of law.

    The hypocrisy of the author of this article is absolutely sickening.


    • Who started both Fats & furious & Grenade Gate? WHO??? Yeah, The George Dubbya Bush administration is who. And your point is? One last point of fact…if America had 1/3rd the gun control of Mexico, there would be no Fast & Furious started by Dubbya’s administration. U dumbass.


      • Wow Kudos to you, I did not expect that post would ever be approved. Most liberals I talk to suppress what others have to say when they don’t agree with what I’m saying. The surprising thing is that most people who want to legislate guns…don’t actually know anything about them. Have you ever actually looked at the types of weapons the Mexican government is seizing in these drug busts? Here’s an example:

        There are lots of other photos littering internet just like this one showing sized weapons that are already illegal to own or extremely rare and actually legally own.

        When was the last time you saw an M249 light machine gun, M67 grenade, or a LAW rocket on that table at your local US gun shop? NEVER, grenades and rockets are destructive devices and banned entirely by the ATF. You might be able to buy the M249 on the table there, but the paperwork and approval needed to receive it would be incredible and then there’s the fact that the only ones legal to own had to be made before 1986 which means there are very few legal to own automatics in circulation and owning one would cost at least 50,000-60,000 dollars…Even the short barreled M-16 on the table (can’t say for certain the price without knowing if it were fully automatic or not) would be extremely expensive and require huge amounts of ATF paperwork to own that a drug lord would have no interest in going through.

        Then again… lets think… do you know who else uses those weapons? The Mexican military! Why would you want to go though the time and money, and paperwork to legally buy semi automatic weapons and then smuggle them back into mexico when you can just steal those fully automatic weapons and destructive devices from the military and police that the drug lords have already bought and paid for. The number of guns purchased in the US and smuggled into mexico is trivial when compared to the weapons that the Mexican authorities are literally hemorrhaging into the black market in mexico. Seriously look at how many violent crimes and shootings there are in Mexico. Looking at Mexican gun control as something to admire would be like looking at how well the drug war in America is going when you can get any drug imaginable in prisons of all places.

        The real dumbass is the person would would prefer to legislate away the rights of his neighbors when he can’t even bother take the time to understand the laws that already exist and how ineffective they are and just believes what he’s told without digging any deeper or looking at both sides of the argument.

        I hope you know that it is a widely accepted fact the first gun control laws that ever existed were to keep guns out of the hands of blacks to stop them from revolting against their masters. Saturday night special laws are also highly racist when you look at the motivations that facilitated their creation. If you don’t believe what I am saying I encourage you to do your own research and get back to me rather than sit there and close-mindedly deny what I say because it interferes with your pre-existing world view. The mark of a free man in a free society is his right to defend himself against those who would would seek to control or enslave him.

        Lets do a little test on the honor system shall we?

        -Do you know the status in your home state with regards to concealed weapons permits? Is it shall issue, may issue, or prohibited?

        -Do you know if your state has a waiting period? If so how long? On what types of weapons?

        -Do you know how or if your state legally defines an “assault-weapon”?

        -Do you know if your state has a registration system or database?

        -Do you know the procedure how to legally transport a firearm within your state?

        I could go on an on, but if you can’t be bothered to learn the answers to these questions why do you think you know enough to legislate away my rights? Those NRA members the media likes to bash can more often than not answer every question I just named, and they can probably answer those questions for the states they share a border with too because they actually care about the law and being on the right side of it. That drug dealing ghetto gang member that is most likely to rob you and your loved ones doesn’t know any of that. After they shoot your wife and run off with your wallet, I can guarantee they aren’t concerned about the fact that they are running around without a concealed weapons permit as much as they’re worried about getting caught for armed robbery and murder. If you want to stop violent crime in this country you need to focus your time on keeping the violent repeat offenders from getting parole every two years who commit over 60% of the crimes in our country.

        Many people fall into this trap because on the surface it seems as if gun control is a good idea, but in practice whenever you ban something all it does is create black markets that are run by criminals and only serve to beget additional violence.


      • The fact is 83% of guns seized from Mexican drug cartels comes across the border for America. Facts & truth are what I am about and NO fact or truth backs/supports not having gun control. I said that is 5 zillion words less than you saying absofuckinlutely nothing.


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