Garbage From The Garbage Man: Lyin Mitt Romney

By Jueseppi B.







Romney: I’ve Released All The Tax Returns Voters Need







Mitt Romney defends his Bain departure date


CNN’s Jim Acosta speaks to presidential candidate Mitt Romney about his departure date from Bain Capital.








Romney says Obama owes him an apology


In an interview with CBS News political correspondent Jan Crawford, Mitt Romney said President Obama “absolutely” should apologize for his campaign’s attack on his experience at Bain Capital.


This asshole has more nerve that a brass ass monkey, as my Granny used to say, and I have no clue what that saying from Granny actually meant but it applies to Lyin Mitt. This douchebag lies daily about POTUS Obama and lies daily ON POTUS Obama. When Lyin Mitt apologizes to the President, for over 400 lies, then we’ll talk.







Romney: Poor have safety net


Mitt Romney says he’s worried about middle-income Americans and that the “very poor” in the U.S. have a safety net.

What a selfish, greedy, unconcerned asswipe. Newsflash Lyin Mitt, America is comprised of more poor & middle class citizens who vote than wealthy caucasian greedy bastards like you.







Romney’s Comments On “Poor People” To CNN

I wish Lyin Mitt & his entire family woke up tomorrow to find themselves busted broke poor. Maybe then his attitude might change toward the bottom 98% of America.










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