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By Jueseppi B.









From time to time I come across comments from average everyday people, just like you and me, who have some really remarkable opinions, thoughts & ideas, but have no way to express what they feel so others can hear their voices.


I will post their voices here in this blog. If you have some idea, opinion, thought or solution to a problem, just send it to me here on this blog in the comments section or e-mail me at Warning, stupidity, ignorance and idiocy will be promptly discarded to the garbage where such feces belongs.


You do NOT have to agree with the thinking of this blog nor do you have to agree with me politically, but if your ideas, thoughts & opinions make good common logical sense the world needs to read those and decide for themselves if you are a genius or a moron.


Following are some examples of what i am speaking about, these are the opinions, thoughts & ideas of those who express their beliefs in an intelligent and communicative spirit. All opinions, thoughts, ideas & rants are copied & pasted exactly as the authors wrote them, there is no alteration, editing or correction of spelling or grammar by this blog.



Mr Larry Pratt writes:

Romney Seems to think The Grass is Greener on the other side……So Who’s the American?


1.  His money is spread out in other countries – as if our country is not good enough or not smart enough. He’d rather they profit than America.


2.  He’d rather send jobs to other countries for profits rather than see our fellow American’s support their families.


3.  He wants to stop Obamacare and leave millions without medical care because it helps his 1% and Healthcare he can pay for his self

4.  He wants to eliminate Public Schooling  or increase the size of classrooms, like everyone can afford charter Schools.


5.  Tax Returns are his but if you’re running for the Office of President  it seems as thought you would be transparent in how you beat the system, to help others with the loop holes in the tax system… And how much did you really beat us out of.


I would go on and on but if you think the grass is greener on the other side?… I mean how much more do you think we should be forgiving of?
You think we should allow you to be the next Baby’s Daddy (POTUS) so you can leave us (USA) high and dry without any Child Support!   So Who’s the American?



This is in response to a post of this blog entitled: Welfare Recipients….Which Race Gets More Benefits?

The response is from a person named Seeking Knowledge


Thank you for this article. I’m embarrassed that as a 33 year old black professional female, I really did not know this. I never thought about how many non-black Americans utilize govt. assistance until one of my friends broke it down to me. Well now I need some facts. Can you direct me to some solid resources so that I can expand my own knowledge?
I attended a republican congressional debate recently (just to hear both sides–I am somewhere in between a democrat & independent). And I was apalled. Even though I am not well versed in politics, I walked right up to one of the candidates after the forum challenged some of the nonsense that came out of his mouth. He was shocked. I was angry for the rest of the evening! Please give me suggestions on how to better educate myself.



A Response to Mitt Romney‘s history:

From cadesertvoice


Take a company, run it into bankruptcy, take away pensions of workers, fire workers, sell off company assets (to your buddies), sell off the company and gain a profit, hire overseas workers at low wages and no benefits and…wa-laaaa…this is how Romney “earns” his millions.

He then takes those millions and spreads them around the world in bank accounts so he doesn’t have to pay US taxes.

What would you call a guy like this? I’d call him the most evil type of criminal who has learned to use the laws for his greed and corruption at the expense of human lives and the country.

And he wants to be President.




In response to this post: All Of Mitt Romneys Lies….From Day ONE. ALL Of Them.

J. Andrew Smith writes:


I’d love your reaction to this: I think one major difference between liberals and conservatives is that liberals say what’s true, but conservatives says what feels good to say. And a major problem with the American electorate is that the majority of them can’t or won’t do a little fact-checking, a problem made worse by such media outlets as those Rupert Murdoch owns (e.g., Fox Noise / Faux News) or the Drudge Report, founded by a guy who admits he does no research.


If there’s any complaint I have about Obama, it’s that he doesn’t speak enough — that’s his gift! — about what he’s done and continues to do, and he acknowledged that a bit last week. He doesn’t fully understand an old saying, “The campaign never stops”, so the Republicans have had more than their share of opportunity over these three-plus years to get onto the media and lie, lie, and lie some more. That’s what they have to do, because the truth would make them look bad — even though despite that they’ve admitted to their basic strategy: say no to Obama and everything he says and does.


For example, Obama should come out on the offensive against the Tea Party by proving pretty much everything they say or do stupid, wrong or bad, which is the case. FYI I like to call them the party of Stupidi-Tea, Insani-Tea, Infantili-Tea, Duplici-Tea and Voraci-Tea. After all, their acronym means Taxed Enough Already — but they support lowering taxes on the rich?? What hypocrisy!


Anyway, thanks very, VERY much for posting this list. PLEASE keep it updated — I know how busy that must make you! And believe me, only candidates with D’s next to their name get my vote…




In response to this post: Illinois City Begs Mitt Romney To Stop Bain From Outsourcing 170 Local Jobs To China

From Karen Myers:


“I think it is a distraction from the Obama campaign to distract from the huge issues, like the economy and jobs,” Jan Brewer told The Huffington Post.


If Romney were Hispanic, Brewer would demand to see his papers… ALL of them!


It IS about the economy and jobs, and how the “Job Creator” (in this economy) sent American jobs out of the country… Do you get it now, Jan!?! Well there you have it. Millions of jobs shipped overseas for the profit of a few, and now she’s upset because Mitt has been caught and gets a few tough questions…It’s a distraction. Gee Jan, I’m sorry our future prosperity that was gambled away and flushed has upset you against us, and thank you for standing up for us.


Distraction she says…Well isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black. Hey Jan, one word, “Birtherism”… Wanting to refuse to allow the current POTUS on the ticket in Arizona because his long form birth certificate from Hawaii doesn’t meet Brewer’s standards is so much more important than knowing whether a candidate was in charge of a company that outsourced tens of thousands of jobs and destroyed American companies. Right!?! Oh, the irony of it all…thinking this is a distraction but the Birther stuff isn’t! If it smells fishy, it may be a fish. Let’s show Romney some real respect. Does that entail shaking your finger in his face too?


So, let me get this straight. Asking for facts or proof is a distraction. Pretending the President is from another country and continually demanding that he present a birth certificate, despite him having done so, based on racism and an effort to try to delegitimize him is what, prudent and time worthy!?! It must be fun in their heads.
They have blatantly disrespected the President for four years now, and now they want him to call off his dogs. It’s called Karma! These very same people have fanned the flames about President Obama’s place of birth since he took office and to this day are still demanding to see his birth certificate. I guess openness only applies to President Obama.


Romney: “I will not show you my tax returns.”


Voters: “We will not show you the inside of the White House.”


From a personal perspective, Romney should stand accountable for perhaps his huge misdeeds like anyone else. The distraction is that he is not releasing the returns. Romney can end that distraction but in doing so he would pretty much eliminate his chances of ever becoming president. Those returns will be a treasure trove of what is wrong with the tax system. His tax returns will prove to America why we can no longer give these enormous tax breaks to the rich…because they’re NOT “Job Creators” and they’ve been getting away with this lie for over ten years now! What if there is a year or two where he made tens of millions and paid little or no taxes!?!


What the heck has the GOP been doing for over two years now anyway? They’ve been distracted from creating JOBS and helping the ECONOMY, yet they’ve found the time for 32 attempts to repeal health care (not to mention the $50 million they’ve spent in these attempts); numerous attempts to stall or block the raising of the debt ceiling; hundreds of attempts at blocking women’s health care…with ridiculous bills on Abortions, Contraception and Trans-vaginal Ultrasounds in their “War on Women”; and non-relenting attempts to install Voter ID laws to insure that LESS people will vote so the GOP can ensure they stay in power to name just a few!!!


Republicans have not done one thing, NOT A DAMN THING, to help return the millions and millions of jobs the Bush policies cost the American people…Even though they ran on Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!!! When President Obama took office in January, ’09, we were losing 800,000 jobs a month! They promised their constituents prior to the 2010 midterm elections, that they were setting their sights on JOBS yet they’ve done NOTHING to even create a single bill or job…because that would HELP President Obama and help this country which they want NO PART OF!!!


Romney’s record as Governor of Massachusetts shows he was 47th in job growth out of 50 states. How is that for a good recommendation to get the economy back on track? He has NOTHING OF SUBSTANCE to run on! He can’t run on his record as Governor of Massachusetts because of his poor performance and Bain Capital is all he has left to run on. It’s obvious that he is hiding something rather secretive that he does not want us to discover; otherwise, he’d be releasing his tax returns tout suite to take all the pressure off of him.


He and his handlers have decided that whatever it is he is hiding, far outweighs what he would have to try and talk his way out of… They’ll probably reveal that he’s been controlling Bain a lot longer than he’s willing to admit to. He’s gamed the tax system and refuses to even consider being responsible for his decisions. So therefore, he’s willing to continue to ride out the storm regardless of repeated requests from both sides to present his tax returns! He will give the rich more tax breaks (as if they need it) and end social welfare programs to pay for it. The GOP’s “trickle down” economics plan failed since Reagan and it will again.


A distraction!?! A man who is running for President of the United States of America avoids paying taxes and that is a distraction!?! Wow!!! Integrity matters. Period! Mitt has total control over this “distraction”. All he has to do is release his tax records, all of them…And explain why he has so many offshore accounts.


When you lose control of the narrative your only defense is to call your opponent’s narrative distracting, and hope it sticks. And hope that no one noticed you never addressed the question.


This is not a distraction. If the shoe were on the other foot, Romney’s team would be running this into the ground and be just as relentless in their pursuit to dig up as much dirt on Obama as they could. Look at how he talked so much about Obama’s citizenship and birth certificate when it came to the forefront. He wouldn’t let up. Now the tables have turned and the attack is on him and he can’t handle it. As the saying goes “Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it”!


Romney and his handlers brought this upon themselves. Right now, fortunately, President Obama has the momentum. However, I will be interested in next week’s polls and thereafter, to see what effect it really has on voters.




Response to this post: Welfare Recipients….Which Race Gets More Benefits?

From Mr. Timothy Walters:



I found your blog doing research after one of my students wrote a essay on black stereotypes. I needed to verify her references. I was reading over this page and just read a few comments. Im an African Amercan man, I have a masters in mathematics, and have been a high school teacher in Maryland for 23 years last week. The comments people are leaving on this blog are completely racist! Not from just the readers! The student that used this page was thirteen. Our country’s young people are the foundation were laying to some day run this country. Just because I’m black doesn’t mean I cant take criticism. And just because a different race disagrees with what I may believe doesn’t make them racist. Stay strong and keep writing about what you believe!!




Thats all for now, but I will post more of Real Americans Speak each time I receive comments from you readers.






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15 replies »

  1. I want to read “Welfare Recipients….Which Race Gets More Benefits?” because that is a hot issue for me. I hear so much bigotry on the part of the white people who live near me on this subject. (I’m white too) I am curious what the statistics are….maybe I could set a few people straight!

    When people who make several times my disability income are denied for benefits, they just about always say resentfully, “I’m the wrong color, that’s all it is” and it makes me burn inside. I have been on public assistance most of my life due to a severe disability, and I know how those offices work. Color-blindness is built into the system. If there are more people getting benefits from any particular sector of the society, then it is because they are disproportionately represented among the very poor.

    It seems to me that now, at least around here, it is not politically correct to overtly thwart Blacks in their pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness (who knows what is regularly done covertly, though!) but it is open season on anyone Hispanic. I hear all about how this one or that one is illegal, or must be illegal, or is dirty, or has too many children and is probably on assistance, or… It goes on and on. I even know someone who won’t go to WalMart, because “Those Mexicans don’t watch their children in the store.” I tried to trouble-shoot that opinion with her, but I hit a brick wall.

    I am so out of touch with the hate and resentment that I run into around me. I just keep wanting everyone to get along. My father always told me, “They put their pants on one leg at a time, the same as you.” He said that of everyone from farm laborers to heads of state, and of people from every race imaginable. It helped me understand that we are all human beings, and that our differences do not need to be a source of strife. I want to learn Spanish, so that I can talk to more of the people I meet around the neighborhood. Everyone has such an interesting story to tell.

    But, I get accused of seeing the world through rose-colored glasses, and of being naive. It’s hard to be naive when you have been grindingly poor your entire adult life, and have been places and done things that even your closest family members don’t want to imagine. it’s easier for them to agree with each other that I am “anti-middle class” when I try to open their eyes to life on the other side of the socioeconomic ladder. So much racism is caught up in the socioeconomic struggles of our day. You live a different life when you go weeks without being able to put a dollar to your name.

    So, maybe that is part of why I identify with a lot of the people of color who sit in the welfare waiting rooms with me, sometimes for hours just to pick up some paperwork. The people who walk, or ride inconvenient busses that take all day, in the heat, to apply for benefits so small that they would seem laughable to anyone with a solvent budget. I would really like to read that blog. I am hoping it has sociological information that I can whip out the next time someone mourns that they are the wrong color to be approved for benefits, or that all of the welfare money is going to illegal aliens.

    I tried to click on your link to the blog, but I do not have a WordPress account. Where could I simply read it? I am sorry I got so long winded; but, like I said, this is a hot issue for me. There is so much more I could write. But, I’ll bite my tongue and wait until after I read the article. Thanks for writing about the issue. It needs to be addressed.


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