Thoughts On The Hannity/Zimmerman Interview

By Jueseppi B.










I didn’t watch the interview between model citizen George Zimmerman and media darling of fair & balanced journalism Sean Hannity. I will never add to Faux Spews viewer ratings. I did watch it on you tube. I was angered and disgusted at what news reporting has become.


I watched Zimmerman’s family and friends go on TV shows from low life Piers Morgan to ratings whores like Faux spews, NBC, CBS & ABC. I didn’t watch those journalistic integrity free interviews either. I am amazed at the number of sickening interviews and social media sites these defenders of  murderer George Zimmerman can use to plead there case in the court of public opinion.


I was thinking this thought: How would it effect all of killer George Zimmerman’s many racist supporters if their son or daughter, niece or nephew, grandfather or grandmother, mom or dad, cousin or aunt and uncle, even a friend, were gunned down by someone, in cold blood, then that murderer went on national TV to talk about it as if it were a ballgame they had attended?


How would you, all of you who support George Zimmerman’s right to take the life of an unarmed Black youth, how would you feel to hear the person who pulled the trigger that took your loved one’s life say on national TV that the killing in cold blood was “Gods Will”?


How would you racist Americans who love you some George Zimmerman just because he walked up to an unarmed Black young man, confronted him against police advice, then pulled his hand gun when he was getting his ass handed to him by that 17 year old youth & shot him dead, how would you feel if George Zimmerman was a Black man and Trayvon Martin was a caucasian youth?


How would you handle the idea of the Black George Zimmerman being allowed to walk free until trial after lying under oath about bail finances and the ability to make bail? How would you feel when the Black killer George Zimmerman of  caucasian Trayvon Martin, went on a nationally televised racist talk show to brag and boast about his self defense claim against that unarmed defenseless caucasian youth?


In other words, if I am typing to quick for you to follow, how would you folks feel if George Zimmerman was BLACK, and Trayvon Martin was CAUCASIAN?


Think you’d have the same emotions if that were the case?


I am disgusted that any human would go on national TV spewing stupidity such as the killing of another human being, an unarmed human being, in cold blood, is something ordained as God‘s will. Knowing full well the parents of his murder victim will see, hear and know his words of disrespect for their son.


This trail will be bigger than any murder trial in history, the most watched & reported trial in our modern times. Will justice be served? I have no idea, but so far justice has not been served.


For me, justice will never be served, even if Zimmerman the murderer is convicted of 2nd degree murder, justice won’t be fully served until George Zimmerman is wearing the same thing Trayvon Martin is wearing.


A coffin.


Justice 4 Trayvon.


More on this fiasco of justice:


Barbara Walters Rejects George Zimmerman’s Interview Demands


I wonder when all is said and done, will the Zimmerman defense team plead that their client is insane?


Barbara Walters revealed on Thursday that she had rejected demands made byTrayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman in exchange for an interview.


The New York Post reported on Thursday  that Walters had traveled down to Florida with the intention of interviewing Zimmerman, but walked away after he requested that ABC get him a hotel room for a month.


Walters was not competing for the first interview with Zimmerman, as he had already granted that privilege to Fox News’ Sean Hannity. Hannity’s interview aired on Wednesday night.


Walters confirmed much of the Post’s story on Thursday’s “View.” She explained that Zimmerman’s lawyer, whom she referred to as “effective,” confirmed Tuesday night that Zimmerman would do an interview. Walters said that Zimmerman was going to tape an interview with Hannity before sitting down with her. Walters said Hannity “had been very supportive to [Zimmerman] in the past and George Zimmerman told me that he was very grateful, and I appreciated his loyalty to Hannity.”


Walters agreed that her interview would tape and air after Zimmerman sat down with Hannity. She said that she had then flown down to Florida for the interview.


When Walters and her team arrived in Florida, she said that Zimmerman came in dressed in a t-shirt, rather than a suit. “That should have been my first clue,” she said.


According to Walters, Zimmerman said that the plans had changed, and he was refusing to do the interview unless ABC granted him one request. Walters refused to confirm that he had requested a month-long stay in a hotel. “It was a condition that, being a member of ABC News, I was unable to grant,” she said.


Walters described Zimmerman as “desperate for money” and “very worried about his family.” She also said he was “polite, soft-spoken, stubborn.” She said that his lawyers “wanted him to do the interview.”


The drama took a bizarre twist when Walters announced that Zimmerman wanted to call into the show to speak to Walters. “He wouldn’t do the interview, but now he has something to say,” she said, later adding, “This has been an interesting day, to say the least.”


She then pointedly refused to put him on air. “Mr. Zimmerman, if you could not do the interview yesterday, I don’t think we should do a quick one today,” she said. “In the future if you feel differently, we will consider it.”


Though she did not acknowledge that there had been any monetary request made of the network, Walters has asserted in the past that ABC News does not pay for interviews.


In July 2011, ABC News chief Ben Sherwood announced that the network would stop licensing photos, since questions about payment would inevitably follow after ABC News nabbed a major interview.



This article proves that George Zimmerman is insincere and a lying piece of feces, he wants media attention and he wants supporters to see these interviews and send him cash. The judge should gag his lying ass with a gag order to protect the integrity of the judicial process.


Justice 4 Trayvon. Zimmerman in a box.




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  1. I don’t go anywhere near Fox News. Did Hannity confront Zimmerman about lying to the judge about his financial situation when bail was originally set? I doubt it.

    Zimmerman and his family ooze sleaze and deceit. Trayvon’s parents are showing remarkable restraint and grace, as I would’ve strangled the life out of Zimmerman day one if he had hunted and gunned down my son.


    • Hannity was to busy on his knees sucking Zimmerman’s slimy cock to ask questions, he just let Zimmerman speak while he sucked & swallowed.


  2. Great Post. as usual your words cut to the quick. I am going to repost this for my readers with your permission of course. I will also publish my comment below as an article. i do this often as time writing a well thought out comment should not be wasted. The first thoughts are often the best and trying to completely rewrite is similar to reinventing the wheel. it’s never quite as good as the first one.
    So now to the matter at hand:

    “How would it effect all of killer George Zimmerman’s many racist supporters if their son or daughter, niece or nephew, grandfather or grandmother, mom or dad, cousin or aunt and uncle, even a friend, were gunned down by someone, in cold blood,
    ***** then that murderer went on national TV to talk about it as if it were a ballgame they had attended?”*****

    This is the best analogy I have heard in connection with this farce.

    I watched the interview on Youtube and I was struck by how similar George Zimmermans demeanor and attitude about this killing were; to that of some Nazi war criminals I have seen interviewed about their crimes.

    No shame; no remorse; no humanity.

    He smiled; he laughed.

    I was almost in tears. Ok so I had to wipe away one or two. (and if you’ve seen my picture you will know that ain’t a pretty sight)

    When this story first broke; I wrote an article that was; at the time; a bit premature I must admit.
    But I was so angry at the actions of this killer that i took what I knew and made my best analysis of the crime.
    I said that George Zimmerman was a cold blooded killer. That he was waiting for the opportunity to kill someone and Trayvon just happened to be the right race in the wrong place.
    I also said that If George got off on this murder; he was sure to kill again.

    Since then I have had some small reason to think I judged too quickly. Perhaps and this was just a case of a racist wannabe.

    After watching the interview today; I am now convinced that my initial assesment was correct afterall. George Zimmerman is a cold blooded psychopath.

    He is no doubt racist but then all serial killers have a certain type of victim they prefer.

    Just because he is racist does not preclude his being a serial killer or one in the making at least.

    I don’t know if George Zimmerman has killed before and although I believe he will; I don’t know that he will kill again.

    What I do know though is that he has surely killed this time.

    He killed Trayvon Martin.
    He killed his dreams.
    He killed the hearts of Tayvon’s parents; friends; and family.
    He killed the hearts of millions of Americans who believe in equality; brotherhood and freedom for all Americans; for all people everywhere.
    And perhaps worse than all that in a way; George Zimmerman has hurt us.
    He has hurt us deeply; with a hurt that isn’t likely to pass as long as I live.
    I will always see the face of Trayvon as he was alive in his photos and I will always see the face of George Zimmerman as he smiled and told his story in that interview today.
    I just wanted to vomit.
    I want to now.
    God may forgive George Zimmerman for the horrible acts he has comitted; but I know I never will.


    • Of course you can reblog, we are a force you and I, two different men who are identical as humans. I am honored to have met you Mr. Angry Man. This comment also belongs out here for all to see.


  3. So let me get this straight? He said the killing was “God’s Will”? And he’s been clearly shopping around for a deal on an interview? Indeed, what kind of standards are these? I deplore hate speech, but this guy is f*cking White Trash and makes me proud I don’t like there! No offense to you of course😛


  4. I totally agree with your article. One thing, had Zimmerman been a black man and shot a white teenager, he would have been taken away in a body bag, not walk away, Once the cops realized that a white kid had been shot, they would have shot Zimmerman 42 times and asked questions later. Zimmerman is a sleezebag and an opportunist. I wonder how the racist whites feel now that it has been revealed that he used their monies to pay personal bills. My heart and prayers are with Treyvon’s family everyday and I ask the Lord to give them strength.


    • It’s Real Americans like you who will make this nation great again in the future. I have run out of words about this lying piece of feces and will refrain from more comments on him. He and Hannity makes me sick. Thank you Ms. Pat for your understanding of facts in this case. I too feel the pain of the Martin Family.


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