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From Pat in response to Thoughts On The Hannity/Zimmerman Interview

Pat responds:


I totally agree with your article. One thing, had Zimmerman been a black man and shot a white teenager, he would have been taken away in a body bag, not walk away, Once the cops realized that a white kid had been shot, they would have shot Zimmerman 42 times and asked questions later. Zimmerman is a sleezebag and an opportunist. I wonder how the racist whites feel now that it has been revealed that he used their monies to pay personal bills. My heart and prayers are with Treyvon’s family everyday and I ask the Lord to give them strength.




From Michelle in response to The Angry Man Speaks

Michelle says:


I was listening to progressive talk radio on the way home, Randi Rhodes show, and she played a few portions of Zimmerman’s interview with Hannity. At one point, Zimmerman was asked that in looking back now, if he would have done anything differently. Zimmerman replied he would not because he believes it was “God’s will” and left it at that.

First of all, that’s a cop-out. But secondly…. is not one of God’s Ten Commandments, “Thou shalt not kill”? I may be an atheist, but this seems awful contradictory to me, and also as though Zimmerman places himself above his God….

In a nutshell, though, I had hoped that Zimmerman had some sort of regret or remorse. From the sound of the portions I listened to, he does not. And he deserves everything he gets when he eventually goes to prison. And I hope they put him in Gen Pop… he’ll never be able to sit down again.





From angrymanspeaks on the post Thoughts On The Hannity/Zimmerman Interview

angrymanspeaks says:


Great Post. as usual your words cut to the quick. I am going to repost this for my readers with your permission of course. I will also publish my comment below as an article. i do this often as time writing a well thought out comment should not be wasted. The first thoughts are often the best and trying to completely rewrite is similar to reinventing the wheel. it’s never quite as good as the first one.

So now to the matter at hand:

“How would it effect all of killer George Zimmerman’s many racist supporters if their son or daughter, niece or nephew, grandfather or grandmother, mom or dad, cousin or aunt and uncle, even a friend, were gunned down by someone, in cold blood,
***** then that murderer went on national TV to talk about it as if it were a ballgame they had attended?”*****


This is the best analogy I have heard in connection with this farce.


I watched the interview on Youtube and I was struck by how similar George Zimmermans demeanor and attitude about this killing were; to that of some Nazi war criminals I have seen interviewed about their crimes.


No shame; no remorse; no humanity.


He smiled; he laughed.


I was almost in tears. Ok so I had to wipe away one or two. (and if you’ve seen my picture you will know that ain’t a pretty sight)


When this story first broke; I wrote an article that was; at the time; a bit premature I must admit.
But I was so angry at the actions of this killer that i took what I knew and made my best analysis of the crime.
I said that George Zimmerman was a cold blooded killer. That he was waiting for the opportunity to kill someone and Trayvon just happened to be the right race in the wrong place.
I also said that If George got off on this murder; he was sure to kill again.


Since then I have had some small reason to think I judged too quickly. Perhaps and this was just a case of a racist wannabe.


After watching the interview today; I am now convinced that my initial assesment was correct afterall. George Zimmerman is a cold blooded psychopath.


He is no doubt racist but then all serial killers have a certain type of victim they prefer.


Just because he is racist does not preclude his being a serial killer or one in the making at least.


I don’t know if George Zimmerman has killed before and although I believe he will; I don’t know that he will kill again.


What I do know though is that he has surely killed this time.


He killed Trayvon Martin.
He killed his dreams.
He killed the hearts of Tayvon’s parents; friends; and family.
He killed the hearts of millions of Americans who believe in equality; brotherhood and freedom for all Americans; for all people everywhere.
And perhaps worse than all that in a way; George Zimmerman has hurt us.
He has hurt us deeply; with a hurt that isn’t likely to pass as long as I live.
I will always see the face of Trayvon as he was alive in his photos and I will always see the face of George Zimmerman as he smiled and told his story in that interview today.
I just wanted to vomit.
I want to now.
God may forgive George Zimmerman for the horrible acts he has comitted; but I know I never will.




angrymanspeaks responds to Morgan Freeman Puts His Cash Where His Mouth Is: Into POTUS Obama’s Campaign

angrymanspeaks says:


It seems Morgan Freeman is destined to lend his talents and support to one Dark Knight or another.
This time he chose the right one for sure. He chose our Dark Knight.
I really like that.
Everybody’s waiting for the Great White Hope; but we gave up on him a long time ago.
We chose a Dark Knight for our hero and man did we do good or what?



Our Dark Knight……that is brilliant.


There just may be hope for America yet, with Real Americans like these.




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  1. R M,….

    Your dumb cracka ass didn’t vote for Barack Hussein Obama and he still won… don’t that just make you a double dumbass? Appears Americans more intelligent than you voted for him. So go suck a shotgun barrel.


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