Idaho Billboard Compares President Obama To Colorado Theater Killer James Holmes

By Jueseppi B.



CALDWELL, Idaho (KBOI) – A Caldwell billboard, On Franklin Blvd in Caldwell, is raising questions in the Treasure Valley as it compares President Obama to accused Colorado killer,James Holmes.




George Dubbya Bush & Dick “The Trick” Cheney killed thousands of American troops with two, count ’em, two illegal wars. There were also 123 mass shooting between 2/25/2005 and 9/1/2008, all during George Dubbya Bush’s Presidency. Not ONE muthafuckin billboard was erected comparing Dubbya to any of those 123 mass murderers.




Not ONE billboard.



Can you say racist caucasians?



CALDWELL, Idaho (KBOI) – A Caldwell billboard is raising questions in the Treasure Valley as it compares President Obama to accused Colorado killer,James Holmes.



The billboard on Franklin Road equates the actions of the president’s foreign policies to the acts of Holmes, who’s suspected of killing 12 people in the theater shooting.



The group that owns the board, The Ralph Smeed Foundation, says it wants to draw attention to military men and women dying overseas.


Local Democratic leaders expressed frustration Friday with a billboard in Caldwell that shows President Obama next to Colorado mass-shooting suspect James Holmes.



The billboard, operated by a foundation from the estate of the late Caldwell libertarian firebrand Ralph Smeed, says of Holmes “Kills 12 in movie theater with assault rifle, everyone freaks out” and of Obama “Kills thousands with his foreign policy, wins Nobel Peace Prize.”



Smeed Foundation contact Maurice Clements could not be reached for comment Friday.



“(It’s) way over the line, and I am not an Obama supporter,” Lynn Davis Hathaway, said on the KBOI 2News Facebook page.



A spokesman for the group says everyone has the right to their own opinion.



Additional photos of the billboard



Ashley Helton, who also wrote on Facebook, agrees with the group.



“It’s a free country, this group has a right to voice their opinion no matter what anyone thinks about it,” Helton said.



President Obama recently visited the Pacific Northwest – making stops in Portland and Seattle.



“I think even Ralph Smeed would object to it,” Canyon County Democratic Party communications director Judy Ferro said. “There’s no factual basis to it at all … it’s just offensive.”



Smeed’s billboard at Franklin Road and North 21st Avenue just off Interstate 84 has long stirred controversy with its anti “statism” and libertarian messages. Smeed died in 2010, but a trust was established to keep the billboard in operation.



The billboard’s message drew more than 70 comments, most of them critical, on the Idaho Press-Tribune’s Facebook page Friday.





By NBC News staff


“Offensive.” “Abhorrent.” “Pathetic.” Words like that are being used to describe a billboard in Caldwell, Idaho, that compares President Barack Obama — unfavorably — to James Eagan Holmes, the suspect in the shooting deaths of 12 people in a Colorado movie theater last week.


The sign features photos of Holmes and Obama side by side. Of Holmes, it says: “Kills 12 in a movie theater with assault rifle, everyone freaks out.” Of Obama, it says: “Kills thousands with foreign policy, wins Nobel Peace Prize.”


The electronic billboard often blares anti-Obama messages, but this one struck people as especially insensitive. It’s the work of supporters of the late Ralph Smeed, for many years a lightning-rod activist for libertarian causes in Idaho, The Idaho Statesman of Boise reported.


“This billboard is offensive to all those lives lost and affected by the shooting,” wrote a commenter on the Facebook page of KBOI-TV of Boise, which first reported the story. “Just pathetic, even if this is their expression of the 1st amendment.”



I am sick and tired of the treasonous behavior directed toward a dully elected President Of The United States based on his race, by UnAmerican backwoods cousin fuckin morons. These assholes with 3rd grade educations are not even capable of getting the facts correct when spewing dumb shit against this President.



Thats all I have to say about that.



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    • Racist lie, steal, cheat and misinform on a daily basis Beautiful, just so they can look in a mirror & feel good about their diseased selves.


  1. This is the kind of proaganda that just makes me crazy! There has been no respect for our president since day one. These fools are so afraid of the black man in the white house, they have collectively lost their freakin minds! Does anybody remember this crap directed at Bush? I don’t. Maybe because Bush was such a total idiot they didn’t bother. I just got off another blog with an article about Obama that was so totally wrong, I couldn’t stand it and wrote a very long rebuttal to it. Can’t wait to see the reply’s I get from that. They are and have been trying to paint him as Romney, little rich guy with no responsibility, having a pampered life…having daddy buy his way out of trouble, romney should be in jail for his crimes! But then again, money talks…..I dont care what it takes, we all have to make sure we get to keep the best president we ever had, at least during my lifetime and I am no spring chicken!


    • Ms. Beth, you and I must be twins because I say that very same thing all the time. POTUS Obama is the best President in MY lifetime and I am 53 years old. Don’t worry, Mitt Is UnFitt. Obama Brings The Drama!!




  3. They sure know how to push buttons and this royally pisses me off and only reinforces my determination to make sure President Obama is re-elected and we give him the best inaugural gift any president has received. Wall to wall democrat and liberal independents like Bernie Sanders must grace be put in place of the Cantors, Bachmans, West, and Mitch McConnell as well as Rand Paul and his dad. Then and only then, will we see progress in this nation.


  4. Now I did hear people say such things, but to my knowledge, there was not a single mass media campaign. So really, this is a perfect example of big money funding big hypocrisy. I would say that this is an example of (there’s a term for this) leftists who are so critical of Obama that they sound exactly like the bawling folks on the extreme-right. But really, this isn’t a leftist thing at all, it’s a right-wing campaign parading around as one, which just deepens the joke of “Tea Partiers” and “grass-roots movements” opposed to Obama in the post-Bush era.


  5. The disgrace accrues to the people who put this billboard up, not to this outstanding CIC. As notable backwoods humorist Ron White has observed: You can’t fix stupid.

    Maybe these fools should put up a billboard with the simple words: “Bring em on.” That, people, is the statement of a man who has never been within sniffing distance of combat, yet eagerly sent young Americans into harm’s way on a corporate fool’s errand.


  6. im surprised they didnt try and find some black wacko mass killer…oh wait….are there any in our history that go on a wacki killing spree? maybe they cant find any pics because there seems to be none….but we got plenty of church loving, gun totting white folks to pick up the slack.


  7. It is just sickening the way the Racists slime are trying to tear the President down! They will tell any lie they can concoct. No President has ever been treated this way. There is only one reason for their crap! They just can’t stomach an African American family living in the White-House. We need Obama for 4 more years.


    • We need him for longer, the 22nd amendment should be waived for him to stay 3 terms….but thats a dream of mine. I hope the next POTUS is a women, a mother.


  8. Reblogged this on jazfagan and commented:
    I live in the town where this idiot has this billboard and I am ashamed to even think we have such ass backwards people living in our community, of course I guess they are every where not just Caldwell, freakin, Idaho!


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