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William & Hillary Clinton And 5th Grader Elijah

By Jueseppi B.






Secretary Clinton Delivers Remarks at the Clinton Global Initiative



Published on Sep 24, 2012 by 

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton delivers remarks at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York, New York on September 24, 2012. A text transcript can be found at








Bill Clinton Interview Face the Nation – 9/23/12



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5th Grader Elijah Answers Mitt Romney‘s Question, Why Airplane Windows Don’t Roll Down



Published on Sep 24, 2012 by 

Sorry I completely lost it while attempting to ask my son the question. I was LITERALLY crying I was laughing so hard!! Note, my son is ONLY IN 5th grade and Romney is running for president…. The funniest thing is that he actually thought he was dumb for not remembering who Romney was, like oh DUH off tape.






Sorry, you won’t fly straight out of the window, it’s not outer space. However, it will be cold, and there won’t be much oxygen. You could breathe for a bit, but not long. Also, oxygen masks will deploy. The pilot will descend to a reasonable cruising altitude. And yes, Romney is a twit, and STILL Very UnFitt to be President,…for the record.




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If we ever needed to vote & vote DEMOCRATIC, we sure do need to vote DEMOCRATIC now. For us (Black America) the right to vote is not just a Constitutional matter but a right borne out of struggle, out of sacrifice and in some cases out of death. Think for a moment where we are in time and you will understand why: ”If we never ever needed to vote DEMOCRATIC, we sure do need to vote DEMOCRATIC NOW!!”


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Lyin Paul Ryan & Lyin UnFitt Mitt

Just Say NO To Lies In “NO”vember!



Just “BARACK” The Vote



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  1. See, Mitt’s trying to kill his wife. What can we expect him to try to do to us? He’s the male version of that Palin woman. I hope she understands he’s her mirror and keep herself well hidden come the 2016 election. Although I enjoy comedy, it ain’t nowhere near funny when these type folk come into positions to make heavy decisions. It just ain’t funny.


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