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For The MSNBC “Expert Pundits”: POTUS Obama & “Luther”

By Jueseppi B.







This is not the first time I’ve found the MSNBC “experts/pundits” to be fools and bad at their craft:

I’ll use Mr. Tea Party Slayer‘s comments since they mirror exactly what I feel about the debates….as I stated in this post, 50 people watched this and got 50 different outcomes…..Mr. Slayer said: “I am in absolute shock. I had a deadline to meet for a client, so I was working on that this evening. Therefore, I was unable to watch the debate live. I turn on MSNBC about 11:30 pm to see the pundits indicating the debate was a disaster.

I just finished watching the debate in its entirety expecting to see a frozen, lifeless, incoherent President Obama based on the horrible MSNBC reviews. Instead I witness an excellent performance by Obama, clearly confronting and defining the differences between himself and Romney on the allocation of taxes, role of government, education, healthcare, etc. I could name so many excellent points and references he made. For example, when he mentioned a teacher with 42 kids in her class sitting on the floor with ancient textbooks, and associated that real life lack of funding situation with giving more tax breaks to the Romney millionaire club. He did an excellent job on calling out Romney on his lack of detail. He did an awesome job of merging his own policies to the Clinton era, and Romney’s to the Bush era. He literally hit almost every substantive point I hoped for. It was a command performance if you like detail, contrast, and conviction. Yes, he stammers and pauses a bit, but we already knew that!

I don’t like to focus on race or conspiracy theories. But my theory is Obama is a black guy who is everything white guys claim to be – cool, calm, collected, a thinker, disciplined, unemotional, pragmatic. And when he doesn’t bite his lip and look into the camera with fake emotion, or pound his fist, or shed a fake tear, then he loses the debate. It’s like the reverse E.F. Hutton commercials – when Obama talks, white people don’t listen. Even the ones supposedly on his side don’t hear what he’s saying when he’s clearly said it. I heard Chris Mathews lament why didn’t Obama use any personal anecdotes from the road? Well, he did!!!! I just fucking heard it!!!

Look, everyone knows I want Obama to win, so I am biased. But there’s no way in hell this was some kind of lopsided victory. Romney didn’t make any horrible mistakes. However, Obama did a great job in laying out the choices and the lack of detail from the other side.

I have no idea what debate MSNBC watching!”

I think the “pundits” wanted a street brawl and instead got an adult versus a child. Remember, ratings are what drives all TV/Cable shows.

Key & Peele: Obama’s Anger Translator – The Last Four Years


Uploaded by  on Feb 21, 2012

Luther the Anger Translator wants everyone to know we killed America‘s biggest enemy.






Key & Peele: Where’s My Mayo?


Uploaded by  on Jan 19, 2012

Obama’s anger translator, Luther does not take the President’s lack of mayonnaise lightly. New episodes of Key & Peele start this Fall 2012.

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This especially goes out to the “expert pundits at MSNBC:


Key & Peele: Radio and TV Congressional Correspondents’ Dinner Special Remarks


Published on Jun 8, 2012 by 

President Obama and his anger translator Luther address radio and television correspondents.





I watched a totally different debate tonight, than the “expert pundits” from MSNBC….kinda like watching a 15 round heavyweight title bout and wondering out loud after the bout….”what damn fight did that commentator just call?”



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  1. Throughout the day, I’ve heard nothing but criticism from folks regarding Obama’s performance. Even Obama supporters who realized Romney was lying and that Obama was strong on substance believe he was weak on performance and style. I’ve accepted that more rational criticism. Though I think the criticism was overboard and I can find many positive moments in the debate to highlight. Looking back once again at the debate, I think it’s correct to say he should be more effective at calling Romney out on his lies in the moment.

    One thing I’ll say is what has the media focused on post debate?

    1) Romney dominates; 2) why didn’t the lifeless Obama confront the slick Romney lies?

    One friend of mine today who’s in public relations speculated that Obama the lawyer’s style is to sit back and let the opponent drown in their own lies snd positions, and then counter with a 4th quarter closing argument. While it may be wishful thinking that Obama’s performance was a tactic to better highlight Romney’s lies, there’s no doubt that Obama is more patient than most of us.


  2. Obama’s smile was tight last night. I read this to mean he was disgusted with the lies and showing restraint. Hats off to you, Mr. President!! I will be driving in my vote to the County Elections Office tomorrow, which is a 6 hour trip for me. I don’t dare drop my precious vote for POTUS in the mail and chance something happens to it. Good post!


    • I don’t blame you, I voted in person and it was a magnificent feeling. POTUS Obama has a real “dislike” for Lyin UnFitt Mitt, and it shows.


  3. Looks like I placed myself in bad company. I read this morning on CNN that “Romney Dominates Debate.” That’s nonsense. What I saw was the president appearing to be off his game in terms of his delivery. He seemed tired and not as sharp as he was in the primary and general debates of 2008.

    On the flipside, Romney relied on bullshit, as usual. On at least two occasions he flat out lied. In one of the president’s more characteristic riffs, he looked into the camera and said, “If you are 54 or 55, you might want to pay attention.” BAM! That’s vintage Obama. Was he fully on his game? Not in my opinion. I did not rely on pundits to tell me that. I’ve watched and supported this guy since he threw his hat in the ring in 2008. How that translates to him being “dominated” I would not know, because his arguments were sound. It was more like watching an under trained Ali slap Chuck Wepner around. Not his best by any means, but plenty good enough. I watched the debate twice, and reached the same conclusion. I suspect it is easier to get oneself up for a collision with Clinton or Edwards than it was for a cupcake like Romney.

    Still… I was expecting a coup de grace last night. I suspect that is what lot’s of people expected, and may be why so many folk are running around with their hair on fire.


  4. I was also waiting to key in this morning to read your response to the debate. Glad to see that I have some company in my thoughts. I was taken aback by Rachel and crew’s gloom and doom even though I’m aware that they need some show drama. My impression of President Obama was that he was himself and was consistent in his statements of concern and fairness for ALL Americans. He showed class as usual in extending a hand afterwards before Romney ever got his shuffle going. I’ll admit I’d like to see more fire from the President because many will vote on impression over content. When they interviewed David Plouffe as to why Pres. Obama didn’t mention the infamous 47% Romney comment, was because “everyone already heard it,” didn’t make much sense to me because it’s such a damaging statement to use. I’m sure this will surface in the following debates. Interesting….I also believe that Rev. Al and Lawrence O are really smart about reading between the lines and presenting how it really is. My daughter is a teacher and keeps informed but not as involved as I am. She’ll walk by the TV when Rev. Al is on and will say, “you know that he’s the best one on there don’t you?” President Obama will rule the next two debates. He will hit the Romney hot button and have him sputtering.


    • Ms. Murphy, you can always depend on Lawrence and Rev. Al to be spot on when it comes to POTUS Obama. Rev Al had this look on his face of utter amazement at the BS he was hearing all around him. Clearly Rev. Al & Lawrence didn’t get the “trash Obama” memo everybody else received.

      “BARACK” The Vote


  5. I totally agree with you. President Obama was full of substance, Romney was just full of it. I noticed that he borrowed lines from Biden like the middleclass being buried and of course used it out of context. Mitt hung himself with his own words and with those that he took from Obama, adding his own twist to it that we know he will never fullfill.Mitt was rude, he bullied the moderater, and he was short on details. I really like how the one figure that he kept throwing out there concerning over 7 billion that would supposedly be taken from medicare is the same figure Ryan used in his own budget for medicare. The figure that as Clinton said, “It takes some brass to charge someone for something you did.” Chris need to calm down and watch how Romney’s words will be used against him once again. The president acconmplished much in a dignified manner. I guess some people just don’t know about integrity. Mitt behaved like a rabid dog.


  6. I couldn’t wait to wake up this morning to read what you had to write about the debate last night Juesseppi. I was very unimpressed by MSNBC hosts and commentators that I switched off the TV. They wanted thuggish behavior from the President and because he didn’t behave in a thuggish manner, (he left that thuggish and childish behavior to Romney). they threw a tantrum. I’m sick of some of these hosts especially known spitter Chris Matthews. They have no loyalty to this President. Their nonsensical comments were a reason that Democrats lost in 2010. i believe they talked so negatively about the President in 2010 that Democrats didn’t go out to vote. I believe the President did a fine job. He looked and acted Presidential, he explained his stance very well whilst Romney was all over the place and lied. Romney was the angry white guy who feels entitled to the Presidency and he won’t be getting anywhere near that Oval office. I’m ready for this election to be over and for this President to be re-elected. Chris Matthews last night reminded me of why I stopped watching MSNBC after the 2010 elections and I will boycott that channel again (except Rel Al and Lawrence). Democrats just seem to be very disloyal. There was no defeat of the President last night. He did a fantastic job.


    • You know Debbie, common sense and factual truth are character traits not everybody are born with. I watched the debates 3 times since last evening and I can not see what debates the MSNBC “expert pundits” watched. Their coverage was deplorably bad. I watched the debates on C-SPAN because I didn’t want “expert pundit” commentary. After watching the debates 3 times, I switched over to MSNBC to find these idiots talking as if they watched a totally different debate.

      I can only speculate that media outlets want/need/crave a closer race than we currently have based on ratings and advertisement revenue needs.

      Good thing ObamaCrats are intelligent enough to see thru the garbage.


      • Hear, hear! I’m not sure what the pundits at MSNBC were expecting but it wasn’t President Obama they were decrying for not showing up. They, once again, have done the work for their opposition. Unbelievable …


      • I guess in America, if you don’t behave like a bully, you’re not strong. This is the same President who used his brains and skills to ensure Bin Laden is no longer an issue to the world something that Bush didn’t do yet he’s still called a wimp. My support for President Obama remains.


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