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What “MOST” Caucasians Missed During Last Night’s 2nd Presidential Debate

By Jueseppi B.






I have watched the 1st & 2nd Presidential debates 3 times, back to back, since last night. I have studied the difference in performances of both, President Barack Hussein Obama and former Governor Willard Mitt Romney, between the 1st and 2nd debate. I noticed something that I am betting most, not all of course, but most probably missed. I should say caucasians probably missed. I will bet most, if not all, people of color & women noticed what I am speaking about.


I am of course talking about the overt aggression, sexism and racism displayed by Lyin Racist Sexist UnFitt Mitt Romney.


Yes, thats right, I’m saying what not too many “expert pundits” will say publicly. Last night Willard Mitt Romney, the TeaTardedRepubliCANT candidate for President Of The United States, showed a national debate audience just how little he thinks of women and people of color.


Several times I witnessed Mr. Lyin UnFitt Mitt invade President Obama’s personal space while pointing his finger and trying to sound intimidating. This man who desires to be President, disrespected the moderator, Ms. Candy Crowley, several times by talking over her and ignoring her attempts to maintain control over his continued tries at dominating this debate time wise. I listened to the former Lyin UnFitt Governor Mitt talk about single mothers being directly responsible for assault weapons being used for mass murder. While ignoring the original question on how to control gun violence.


I am a Black man, and as a Black man I know this much: I will never allow any man or woman to get in my face, but especially a caucasian man, and especially a caucasian man pointing his finger at me and trying to sound like my father. That is blatant disrespect to President Obama as a Black man and especially as MY President Of The United States.


I bet most caucasian viewers missed that bit of racist aggression from Lyin UnFitt Mitt. I say it’s racist because I watched all of the 19 or 20 RepubliCANT primary debates and never once did I observe Lyin UnFitt Racist Mitt approach any of the 7 or 8, or however many participants there might have been from one debate to the other, and point his finger in there face, or violate that candidates personal space. Not one time did I see this evil racist Mitt lose his cool and over talk a moderator like he did in this 2nd debate.


Here’s why Lyin UnFitt Racist Mitt Romney was so outwardly evil in this 2nd debate: He was unprepared for the real President Barack Hussein Obama. 1st debate POTUS Obama was laid back, quiet, reserved, calm and non challenging to Mitt “RobMe” Romney’s lies and misinformation. POTUS Obama was secretly setting this Mormon moron up for a sneak attack during the 2nd debate. Lyin UnFitt Mitt’s mistake was in thinking POTUS Obama would be the exact same POTUS Obama in this 2nd debate. Big Mistake.


2nd debate President Obama told Lyin UnFitt Mitt when he was not telling the truth, Barack challenged all of Ole Mitt’s lies and misinformation. Lyin UnFitt Racist Mitt was not allowed to just say any damn, made up. bull feces lie he wanted to utter to America. Willard Mitt Romney was shocked that his wealthy caucasian privilege, didn’t afford him a chance to just control the Black man like he thought he did in the 1st debate. Good Ole Mitt didn’t understand he was being set up.



Sexist Mitt was so disrespectful to the moderator that she took control back from the caucasian wealthy privileged moron, by fact-checking him on Benghazi, Libya. In sports, when an athlete embarrasses an official/referee/umpire, that athlete runs the risk of being on the wrong end of an important call/penalty/foul….as a way to get back at said athlete. Candy Crowley had the option of remaining quiet during Lyin UnFitt Sexist Mitt’s Libya “moment”, in which he lied about the use/timing of the term “act of terrorism”. Because Lyin UnFitt Disrespectful Mitt treated Ms. Crowley as if she belonged in one of his binders the entire evening, she fact-checked his lyin ass and he lost quite a bit with voters because of that debate moment.


Lyin UnFitt Racist Sexist Mitt insulted the office of The President Of The United States, single mothers, women in business, people of color and the American voter last night in this 2nd debate, by simply being Willard Mitt Romney.


I didn’t even get into all his lies, misinformation, spin and uninformed gaffs that permeated this 2nd debate.

There’s time enough for all that tomorrow.


Tonight I was struck by his blatant overt sexism, racism and evil disposition toward the moderator, the opposition and the American voter.



When a Presidential candidate, during a live nationally televised debate, gets fact checked by a debate moderator…..Yo’ ass is grass. Game Over Lyin UnFitt Mitt.



The truth is, if any single American votes for a Lying, stealing, unfitt tax cheat who outsources American jobs to places overseas such as China….that American is either wealthy, racist, stupid or uninformed.


Which are you?



IF, as a President Of The United States, you can NOT connect to “We The People” Of The United States… LOSE.



I want Barack Hussein Obama & Joseph Robinette “Joe“ Biden, Jr as MY POTUS & VPOTUS. I want men/women representing me and MY America who can relate to me and MY America.



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  1. How did i miss this article????

    What’s not to hate? Mitt Romney has been on a two year campaign to show everyone just what an elitist, bigoted, misogynistic piece of shit he really is. He has done just about everything he could do wrong; if he is trying to hide this unsavory side of himself. (Not that hiding this unsavory side will do him any good anyway. His other side is just as unsavory.)
    It’s almost as if he believes it doesn’t matter how uncouth and repulsive he behaves; as if he is sure we are to stupid to notice.
    Mitt has such a high opinion of himself that he thinks he can fool anyone by just being his obnoxious, overbearing self.

    This is a great article by the way. I really enjoyed reading it. I did notice Mitt’s disgusting display of arrogant condescension. I have noted before the complete lack pof respecr shown My President by various pompous asses such as John Boehner, Mitch Mac Connell, and of course Mitt the pampered shit.

    I have also oft remarked and always marveled at the self control that Predident Obama has displayed on these occasions.

    He has always shown himself to be a man of integrity, grace, dignity and vast patience. he makes me proud to be a human. he makes me proud to stand up for him. He makes me want to slam Lyin’ Miott and John Boehner right in their arrogant faces for My President because I know that he can’t.

    To disrespect the office of President is bad. To do so because the current President is not white; well; that is just the epitomy of stupidity; arrogance; and vile evil.

    Fuck Mitt Romney and Fuck John Boehner.

    Barack Obama has more integrity and dignity than the entire republican party put together as they have shown repeatedly and enthusiastically by there disrespectful attitude.

    I get raging angry whenever this subject comes up. It makes me ashamed to be a white man and proud to be a white man who is shamed by these Republican assholes.

    The truth is; I live in fear that Mitt Romney might win this election (God forbid) and I will have to accept him as President. Never before have I felt that I would not be able to stand behind the President. Never has a man been elected that I felt such distaste for. I sincerely worry about this and I don’t have an answer or solution to my dilemma.

    If there is any justice in this world; if I have any credit with the universe; Mitt Romney will go down in flames and Barack Obama will remain President. Otherwise my recovery time may be extended and my faith in the American people lost.

    Barack the Vote Baby;


    • That I know. Not all caucasians are racist, insensitive or blind to the injustice afforded this President. Thank God for good people of all races.


  2. As a white, 54, single mother of a 19 year old, I caught Romney’s bit about how we are the problem with the assault rifles. I darned near blew a gasket but couldn’t type fast enough. In the last few years, women have been put down and ‘put in their place’ by republicans like Romney. I, for the life of me, cannot understand why a woman would vote for this guy (he’s no man). I also don’t understand how the young African American men think that Romney is all that. I had two young fella’s about 25 tell me I was a stupid white woman for believing anything our President said. Now, on top of being a single mother, I became disabled with a TBI when my son was 8 months old. I live on Social Security that I contributed to for 28 years and live in Section 8 housing. These young men just don’t understand that the girl they were visiting will probably lose her housing, amongst other thi ngs, if Romney is elected. Thank you for the fantastic article you wrote. I usually like everything you write but just had to touch on this one so you knew some of us white women caught his attack on women.


    • Thank you Ms. Gregory. Thank you for your continued support and for your brain. I don’t try to figure out Americans who say they will vote for Lyin UnFitt Mitt Romney. I already know why. Blacks who turn their back on Barack are mad/jealous he didn’t give them a government job personally. Get them out of their ghetto mindset. These same Black idiots follow 2 house niggers named Tavis Smiley & Cornell West, they also probably like being vocal against a man they can never be.

      Women are scared of Obama being Black, as are most caucasians with something to lose. They are poor, living in poverty but dumb enough to follow the like of Rush, Trump, Newt, Bachmann, Palin, Ann Romney. They are so scared that they listen to ignorance instead of common sense.

      America is in trouble, racial trouble, but POTUS Obama is gonna bring us out of the dark and into the light.

      Next time you see your two young Black fools, ask them if they will vote this election and if they say yes, ask them if they know who is fighting to keep them from voting, and whom is fighting to allow them the right to vote.

      Let me know what their answer is please. 😉


  3. In response to the second debate,some Caucasions made mention of Romneys racist ,misogynist,bullying, lying, behavior and called him out on it.Only one Republican on MSNBC, Joe Scarbrourgh{sp}.I wanted to kick him where the sun doesn’t shine.{mildly put}I have total disdain for Romney.America had better wake up and see him for who he really is!!!.Romney is not use to being put in his place and the President did just that.!!


    • Many caucasian people are very aware of racism in America. Many caucasian Americans are clueless. it’s all about education, if you don’t know about racism in America, and many don’t, we all need to be educated.


  4. I am a 62 year old white, Married, father of 3 adult sons, Jewish, New York, Liberal, Democrat…just a little description of who I am & what I stand for……how U described Prez. Obama in the first debate is exactly what I told all my FB friends when they were upset with his performance…….the Barack Obama I have come to know & observe the last 4-5 years is a man of meticulous, pragmatic, well-reasoned thinking before action man……the first debate was his laying in wait to see the method & substance that that lyin’ Mitt the Shitt was gonna bring to his game…….the 2nd debate was his retaliation for the last few months of lies & falsehoods….

    As to the overt racism & sexism, I was well-aware of such from this Mormon-bred excuse of a man way before this 2nd debate……..but Prez. Obama cannot be put into a corner nor in the back of the bus…..
    those days R history……… bad history……that is best left in the past……just saying…….Peace Out……Obama/Biden 2012


    • Mr. Kaufman, you do Americans proud. Your background was informative but I would suspect your character would make you exactly whom you are no matter what your race, religion, age or political affiliation. You’re what America needs to be. Thank you for reading this post and visiting this blog.

      I have followed POTUS Obama since he was a Illinois State Senator, I started working for him in 2004 as a volunteer, I have since moved from Chicago but have volunteered for him since 2007 no matter what state/city I happen to be in. President Obama is a chess player among checker players mentally and spiritually. As the 1st Black POTUS, he needs to be way above his opposition. And he is.

      I voted for him in 2008 because I trust him and believe in his agenda. I voted for him last month because that has not changed. He knows what he’s doing. Obama/Biden 2012. Namaste.


  5. I kept hoping Robme would get close enough for the Secret Service to jump him & take him down. He jumped the shark with that Libya gaffe. Not only did he alienate every woman with a modicum of self-respect with his paternalistic, misogynistic, condescending non-answer to the question about equal pay, he enraged large numbers of young black men getting in President Obama’s face as evidenced by their anger expressed in unfortunate death threats on Twitter. However, I understand that was a visceral reaction to Robme’s lack of respect for a black man, not just any black man, but POTUS. Even conservative Repiblican Joe Scarborough chided Robme on his MSNBC show, “Morning Joe,” for his lack of decorum saying one should have a respectful demeanor when addressing POTUS. You nailed Robme in this post. One look at his face during the debate told the story: a woman & a black man dared to defy HIM, the one “chosen” to fulfill the LDS prophecy of a Mormon ruling America. How dare they!


    • You nailed it as well. His religion is all wrong for the office of the President, even though religion is not a part of politics, or should not be a part of politics, it does go toward one’s personal beliefs and political agenda. His time as a business man, acquiring then gutting businesses such as KayBee toys and others like Sensata Technologies in Freeport, Illinois, makes him unfitt for Presidential duties.

      You are right on the money with this comment. Thank you.


  6. Some asshole reported me for spamming people on facebook, which amazes me, because I don’t do that. Now I’m blocked from sending friend requests AND messages to non-friends for a week! I know, because I tried to message you just now. But, anyway, I wanted to compliment you on your new facebook page. I just love the superhero on the header… thought it might be your alter-ego, JB. I hope everybody sees him and thinks that!

    Thanks for Liking my page!


    • The one thing I have learned about facebook is that people who have hatred for you will always send shit to FB about you. i have had numerous FB accounts suspended or deleted by FB over garbage some idiot has reported me to FB about. I just make another account and keep on trucking. I was in a group yesterday posting this particular article, went back into that group to reply to a comment someone left agreeing with my post and some woman I don’t know attacked me saying all kinds of insane shit. Even said she had pending litigation against me.

      Now I know I piss off folks on a daily basis by saying what I feel & feeling what I say. I never bite my tongue no matter who you are, but pending litigation? What a bunch of bull shit, and the kicker is I don’t even know this woman because I took the time to visit her FB profile before blocking her ignorant crazed ass.

      Bottom line is if FB continues to harass you over stupid shit, just create another account to use.

      I liked your page, it is cool.


  7. Jueseppi, while I think you are correct regarding *some* people out there, I also think there are a few more than you may think who *did* notice all those things that you noticed also. Fortunately, we are not as alone in this as we may think at times. The media and tons of others JUMPED right on many of those same issues that you mention starting immediately after the debate finished.

    Also, I did see Romney talk over the much less aggressive moderator in the 1st debate with Obama this year. But, I do agree that he was very upset by a woman not allowing him to dominate in the same way and to the same extent this 2nd time.

    I believe that she noticed it also. But, I think better of her than to believe that she would have intervened at that moment only because she wanted to get back at him. She is a top-notch Journalist with CNN. It is her business to know and she did tell all of us later that she actually studied up on the Libya issue again before the debate because she expected at least one comment about that. As a journalist who KNEW Obama really did say that in his Rose Garden speech, I am sure it was particularly annoying for Romney at that moment to be carrying on endlessly about wanting it in the record that Obama denied what Romney was probably told by an aid was totally true… LOL! I think she wanted to SHUT HIM UP at that moment since he was making a complete ass of himself, so she interjected that little confirmation to which Obama very humorously asked her to repeat it a little louder… That was a great moment for all of us who don’t want to be in Romney’s binders even if he did want us in there — which he doesn’t. That was all a lie also… fact checked afterwards.


    • Ms. Johnson, I do believe I stated very clearly in this post that most, not all, but most didn’t notice the racism that permeated this 2nd Presidential debate, and that is a fact.

      CNN is almost as bad as Faux Spews, if you doubt that, just watch their reporting and how slanted to the TeaTardedRepubliCANT side they are. I watched Ms. Candy Crowley host her State Of The Union program several times and she is very unprofessional and very right leaning toward conservatives.

      Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper and the lot at CNN are always against the President, always. CNN even goes as far as to come up with “CNN Polls” where they poll GOPukes only, such as their latest poll with Romney ahead in all swing states and among women. I know for a fact thats a lie.

      Every single thing I wrote, I stand by. America is the most racist nation on the globe. The President Of The United States has spent the last 4 years being treated like some field nigger by every single politician and wanna be politician on the RepubliCANT side.


  8. I picked up on it too, and I also saw the petulant spoiled rich kid come out, like another reader commented. He made a real ass out of himself, protesting “no fair” like a whining child, about the moderation; and aggressively charging into President Obama’s space. (and the POTUS being one of the most Dignified people I have ever seen, it was totally obvious!) like that, was just wrong on so many levels, racial and otherwise!

    You are making me more sensitive to the unspoken racial side of things, Mr. JB.



  9. I truly believe Mitt is an evil psychopath who is insanely jealous of our Harvard graduate humanitarian president. I’ve read so many horrible stories of how Ro-Money has abused animals and people. I’m not sure he’s even human … seriously … at least not in the same way that most of us are. P.S. – I’m Irish American — I guess that’s sort of like “white”. OBAMA/BIDEN 2012 & MICHELLE OBAMA/BERNIE SANDERS 2016!


    • I married an Irish-German woman, and until her death she was color blind. Ms. Miligan, I do believe Lyin UnFitt Mitt is human but just barely so.


  10. Wow. Interesting post. I would be one of the Caucasians that missed Romney’s disregard for the president’s personal space or the intensity of his hand gestures, but I see your point. My initial view was that this was a petulant trust funder nearing a tantrum, and that Obama was amused by the spectacle. Romney just seemed like an agitated twerp to me. My race and age might be the reason I viewed it that way. But now that you point to it… I see what you mean. A White Dude with meaningful experience around Black Folk would not have closed the distance like that, out of respect for how a Black Man would interpret it. Can’t believe I missed that.


    • Many many folks were so focused on the words and the facts versus the lies, many were intensely watching the President to see his debate style this time around as well.

      I was focused entirely on Lyin UnFitt Mitt. He treated Ms. Crowley and the female question askers like garbage too.

      I’d pay good money to see these two men in a locked room with 12 ounce gloves, and no referee.


  11. I agree, Like another person that commented I also saw all that you have stated and also am a white woman. I got so angry, and was glad to see that anger and burn in my President! I was like Finally the Fighting Dem is coming out of My President! I cannot wait till the next one.. I am sure he will smack Robme down once again. And I was sure glad that the moderator did not allow Robme to get away with his BS for very long. She did a good job! I hope she is the moderator next time also! Obama/BIDEN 2012!


    • Thank you Ms. Krauss for your comments and your support. The next debate moderator will be Bob Schieffer (Host of Face the Nation on CBS). It’s scheduled for October 22, 2012 at 8 PM to 9:30 PM Central Time, at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. The topic will be Foreign Policy.

      Don’t forget to watch. 😉


  12. I was so angry watching Mitt last night and recognized everything you called out. Right now, as an AA, I can feel my pressure rising just thinking about it. President Obama will most likely win this election. I guarantee Mitt and the GOP will long live to regret all that they have done to block his leadership and disrespect him. Every American who values their freedom and dignity should be doing everything possible to help reelect POTUS because what we saw last night would be turned on us in the worst way.


  13. I caught it and I thought the same thing and I am a white woman. What he reminded me of is a typical Mormon white male boss. I’ve worked for these type of a-holes before living here in Nevada and this is how they are because this is how his generation of Mormon male was raised. Black males can now hold the Mormon priesthood but in Romney’s formative years, they could not. White males were exalted gods.
    And women still remain second class no matter how they spin it. At least this all what went through my mind when I saw him trying to degrade the President last night.


  14. You are of a keen eye Mr Hack, I must say I think you’re right.

    I saw his Evil Eye rise up- (it made me think of his religious beliefs before they updated their bibles) if he had the power he would have turned Pres. into ashes right where he stood.

    Evil Eye – Superstition holding that a glance can cause injury or death to those on whom it falls. The belief was found in ancient Greece and Rome as well as in folk cultures around the world, and it has persisted into modern times. Children and animals are believed to be particularly vulnerable. The evil eye is often thought to stem from envy and malice toward prosperity and beauty, and thus in many cultures unguarded praise of one’s possessions or children is thought to invite misfortune. Safeguards include amulets, charms, and sacred texts; in Asia children may have their faces blackened for protection.


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