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Here We Go….America Supports Barack Hussein Obama

By Jueseppi B.




New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie greets President Obama on the tarmac as they tour Hurricane Sandy damage.



Yes We Plan” – Mary J. Blige, Julianne Moore, & Q-Tip Speak Out With Planned Parenthood Action Fund


PPVotes    PPVotes·

Published on Oct 29, 2012

With so much at stake at this critical moment, our voices — and our votes — matter more than ever. And after everything President Obama has done to stand up for women in the past four years, it’s time to speak, act, and vote.

Sign the Pledge to Vote:



Obama: For you, and for most Americans, protecting women’s health is a mission that stands above politics.

Women are not an interest group. They’re mothers, and daughters, and sisters, and wives. They’re half of this country. And they’re perfectly capable of making their own choices about their health.

Generation after generation, we have built a better world for our daughters. We’ve found our voice, and our voice has grown powerful. And we know that when we speak, the world must listen. The world must listen.

Yes we plan.

When we come together, we build healthier families and stronger communities. We build a better America.

Yes we plan.

Every decision we make leads to new and better opportunities. For ourselves, and for our daughters and sons.

We choose today the world we will wake up in tomorrow. We select leaders who will deliver on the promises we make to our children.  We choose to move forward, always forward, never turning back.

We’ve got to keep moving forward.


Obama: We’ve gotta keep moving forward!!  We’ve gotta keep moving forward!!  We’ve got more work to do.

Yes we plan.


Obama: “I don’t think your boss should decide what’s best for your health and safety. I don’t think your insurance company gets to decide what care you should get. And I sure don’t think any politician should decide. The only person who should decide about your health care is you.”

We believe that when we make the important decisions about our lives, our health and our families, we have control over our destinies.

Yes we plan.

We have earned the right to be respected. And when we stand together to speak, to fight, to protect our health and our rights, we are powerful. And we will win. And we will win.

Yes we plan.


Obama: I know you’ll never stop fighting to protect the health care and choices that America’s women deserve. And as long as I have the privilege of being your president, neither will I.

Yes we plan.

ON SCREEN TEXT: PLAN TO VOTE November 6. Make your voice heard. Sign our pledge to vote.

DISCLAIMER:  Paid for by Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Director/Co-Producer: Reshma Gopaldas
Casting Director/Co-Producer: Kristi Henderson
Concept by: Will Valverde, Heather Holdridge
Music Producer/Composer: Bryan-Michael Cox
Executive Producer: Vivian Siu
Script by: Will Valverde, Heather Holdridge, Rachel Fleischer and
Vivian Siu
Producer: Lisa D’Apolito
Director of Photography: Guy Peires
Talent Management: Caren Spruch
Associate Music Producer: Clifford Henson
Key Grip: Nisian Hughes
Assistant Camera: Christopher Sullivan
Editor: Adriane Giebel
Sound: Steven Schappler
Additional Camera: Stephen Byrne, Vivian Siu
Production Assistants: Stacey Cohen, Catherine Lozada, Nicole Smith
Sarah Eldridge, Claire Tebbets
Post-Production Colorist: Gabriele Turchi
Hair/Make-up (Mary J.): Neil Farinah and Janice Kinjo
Hair/Make-up (Julianne): Sebastian Scolarici and Linda Hay
Legal: Zoe Segal-Reichlin
Special thank you to: Elizabeth Clark, Clay Hudson and Craig Yancey







Mayor Ed Koch Endorses the President for Four More Years


Published on Oct 31, 2012

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Today, Obama for America released a new video endorsement from former New York City Mayor Ed Koch. Mayor Koch is proud to cast his vote for Barack Obama because of the President’s unbreakable support for Israel and because he has, time and time again, proven himself to be a true friend of the Jewish state. As Mayor Koch says, “I’m confident President Obama will continue his unambiguous commitment to the Jewish state in his second term, building on his record of leadership by preventing Iran from developing a nuclear weapon and funding the Iron Dome missile defense system that is saving Israeli lives.”

Mayor Koch is also standing with the President because he is the “clear, best choice on domestic policy” and has the right ideas for moving our country forward. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan want to take us back to the failed policies that led to the worst financial crisis in a generation, and they would shred the social safety net, turning Medicare into a voucher program and cutting Medicaid. And the Mayor knows that President Obama understands we have a responsibility to look out for one another in tough times — and that he will keep fighting for the American people every day for the next four years.

As Mayor Koch says, “Those aren’t just American values, they’re Jewish values too.”












Lawrence, Veteran and Military Father: Keep Virginia Blue – OFA Virginia


Published on Oct 31, 2012

Get involved in Virginia: http://OFA.BO/pRte3w

Lawrence, a veteran whose son is serving in Afghanistan, shares why he supports President Obama and how we can keep Virginia blue. To get involved to help win Virginia and help re-elect President Obama, go here: http://OFA.BO/pRte3w








FULL VERSION If We Ever Needed to Vote by William J. Barber, II


Published on Oct 18, 2012

A powerful 6 minute promo version of this speech is available by clicking This is the full version of Rev. Barber’s commanding and historical message encouraging everyone that, “If we ever needed to vote, we need to vote now!”











Get Out the Vote: Volunteer in Virginia – OFA Virginia


Published on Oct 31, 2012

Get involved in Virginia: http://OFA.BO/D7hFnW

Sara explains how volunteering to help get out the vote in Virginia will help re-elect President Obama for a second term.







I want Barack Hussein Obama & Joseph Robinette “Joe“ Biden, Jr as MY POTUS & VPOTUS. I want men/women representing me and MY America who can relate to me and MY America.



If you would like to contact the Obama for America campaign, please visit:




At you can:

· Write to us with a question, comment, or feedback.
· Let us know if you have an issue with a donation.
· Let us know if you have any technical difficulties with our website.



You can also reach us by calling (312) 698-3670.


If you’re interested in volunteering, please


If you are writing regarding an issue with your 2012 Merchandise, please call 1-800-556-5975.


For the most up to date information about the campaign, please bookmark


Thank you,
Obama for America




If we ever needed to vote & vote DEMOCRATIC, we sure do need to vote DEMOCRATIC now. For us (Black America) the right to vote is not just a Constitutional matter but a right borne out of struggle, out of sacrifice and in some cases out of death. Think for a moment where we are in time and you will understand why: ”If we never ever needed to vote DEMOCRATIC, we sure do need to vote DEMOCRATIC NOW!!”



Register To Vote 


Declare Yourself & Vote 


I Want To Vote


Voter Participation Center


Can I Vote? 



Lyin Paul Ryan & Lyin UnFitt Mitt

Just Say NO To Lies In “NO”vember!



Just “BARACK” The Vote



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