The Daily Word From Barack’s House

By Jueseppi B.






How You Can Help With Hurricane Sandy Relief:



On Wednesday, President Obama visited Hurricane Sandy survivors in New Jersey and spoke about the recovery ahead.



In times of crisis, Americans look out for one another. Find out how you can help the organizations on the ground provide food, shelter and other services to those in need.




Watch this video, and find out how you can help. 


Helping the Survivors of Hurricane Sandy


In Case You Missed It


Here are some of the top stories from the White House blog

The Employment Situation in October 
While more work remains to be done, today’s employment report provides further evidence that the U.S. economy is continuing to heal from the wounds inflicted by the worst downturn since the Great Depression

West Wing Week: 11/02/12 or “What’s Brightest in America” 
This week, with the arrival of the historic Superstorm Sandy, the President worked alongside FEMA officials and the American Red Cross, addressed the nation and federal agencies on emergency preparedness and recovery, and visited with some of those affected by the storm. 

President Obama Tours Storm Damage in New Jersey 
On Wednesday, the President was in New Jersey to witness first-hand the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, and comfort the Americans affected by the storm. 

Bill Clinton Full Speech in Lake Worth, Florida – 11/2/12








President Obama Full Speech in Hilliard, Ohio – 11/2/12











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    • That is my mission in life until 2016….keep us all informed as to the misinformation provided by the Reich wing. Good to see you Michelle.😉


      • Good to see you, too, my friend. I’m so ready for Wednesday to get here. I can hardly watch the news anymore. Once Romney or one of his fellow slime balls come on, I have to change or mute it. Him and that whole party makes me sick. And those lies!! I cannot understand why anyone believes all that crap. And to see women backing him… I won’t even go there.

        Anyway, hope you are well.🙂


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