Secretary Of State Husted is now officially The Secretary Of Suppression as per State Sen. Nina Turner!!


The deadline for voter registration and address changes was Oct. 9, but Husted’s office didn’t send about 33,000 recently updated registration records to local elections officials until this week.

It’s not clear how many absentee ballot applications overall were rejected because county elections officials didn’t have some voters’ current addresses, the newspaper said….

The problem, which wasn’t caught until roughly a week ago, was traced to a BMV website that lets users update their information and is meant to transfer that data, said Geoff Dutton, a spokesman for the state Department of Public Safety, which includes the BMV.

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  1. Husted is going to get totally busted if he steals away this election. This is happening right in front of everyone’s face and he needs to be ousted if this happens. This is the height of corruption. Going forward we need a national voting day where citizens vote on a paper ballot only and voting locations are monitored. Would need other options for those abroad or the military but it would be a better way of controlling the evil-doers. Sad state of affairs for our nation. In light of this, I’m still confident that President Obama will win a second term!


  2. Husted held these ballots up since August. Unbelievable!! I’m sure Obama and Holder were prepared for Ohio dirty tricks. If they have to, they may just hold up the election to get this mess straightened out. What a crook!


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