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Sunday’s Potpourri: Photos And Videos From The Campaign Trail

By Jueseppi B.






President Obama Full Speech in Cincinnati, Ohio – 11/4/12















Bill Clinton Full Speech at Obama Rally in Concord, New Hampshire – 11/4/12










Magic Johnson Supports President Obama: “Look How Far We’ve Come.”


Published on Nov 4, 2012

Gotta vote? Go here: http://OFA.BO/8xVLfR

Magic Johnson shares why he supports President Obama and what you can do to help re-elect him for a second term.





































































































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  1. wow, Mr Hack this is an totally AWESOME! You rocked it out with your smorgasbord board of Our President and his supporters. Missing you madly Peas🙂


    • Where in the “Samuel L. Jackson”, have you been Ms. Carrots? When last we talked, before my never charged phone died, you were back home….right?

      How much longer before you are online everyday again?


      • haahaha you are too funny. “Samuel L. Jackson”?? LOL..I don’t know how long but I am still back home. I work late during week till 7p and no internet BUT will be trying out a new place for 2 weeks starting about the 12th. Will have internet every night at the new place. May move there, but I’ll see. I am at the hospital sitting with my dad for now till his wife gets back for the night. He hurt his foot and should be released by tuesday. Anyways I miss ya and see you are hangin in there solid Peas. I am the one going a little nutty.


      • “Samuel L. Jackson” is the new word for “fuck”, after he released his campaign video for Obama entitled Wake The Fuck up America.

        You gotta see this video, it is comedy!!


      • Hurry up and get your own place….WITH INTERNET CONNECTION!!!
        Hope your dad heals ok and you can begin to take care of Shelly’s life.


      • Yes I know about Mr Jackson, that’s why I said you are just too funny trying to use code when we are so use to your hard course F bombs LOL….I am working on things in between my family having all these hospital darn visits. I am working on it and trying to keep me well too.


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