Black Genocide Movement

The Final Rally: POTUS Obama, FLOTUS Michelle Obama And Bruce Springsteen In Des Moines, Iowa

By Jueseppi B.






President Obama’s Final Rally with First Lady Michelle Obama with Bruce Springsteen


Watch Live Here




Yes We Did + Yes We Will: Inspired by “Yes We Can” by (Official Video)


Published on Nov 2, 2012

A stirring closing argument for Obama with music, featuring a cross-section of veterans, teachers, students, workers, business owners, and famous faces — including from the original “Yes We Can” video by

























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  1. Well Mr. Jueseppi… I didn’t want to vote early. I wanted to feel this day. I wanted to feel the tension of a day where the outcome is in doubt and the consequences are huge.

    I reckon it’s time to ride on over to the firehouse, get in line, and have my say about all this mess. Obama/Biden. 2012.


    • That I fully understand, feeling that tension of the day means you are alive. I voted early to stay out of the long lines and to assist a few elderly who live around me, to the polls. Every vote will count today. Good luck at the firehouse. “BARACK” That Vote


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