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It’s Been A Long Road. Thank You All Who Fought For Real Democracy

By Jueseppi B.





























































“And, Iowa, after all the months of campaigning, after all the rallies, after the millions of dollars of ads, it all comes down to you.  It’s out of my hands now.  It’s in yours.  All of it depends on what you do when you step into that voting booth tomorrow.  It’s just a remarkable thing, the way our democracy works.  And at a certain point, all this effort and all these campaign rallies — and then it just comes down to each of us, as citizens.  All of it depends on you bringing your friend, or your neighbor, your coworker, your mom, your dad, your wife, your husband to the polls.



That’s how our democracy is supposed to be.  The single most powerful force in our democracy is you.  Moving this country forward begins with you.  (Applause.)  Don’t ever let anybody tell you your voice doesn’t matter.  Don’t let anybody tell you your voice can’t make a difference.  It makes a difference.”





THE PRESIDENT:  Are you fired up?


AUDIENCE:  Ready to go!


THE PRESIDENT:  Are you fired up?


AUDIENCE:  Ready to go!


THE PRESIDENT:  Are you fired up?


AUDIENCE:  Ready to go!


THE PRESIDENT:  Iowa, tomorrow let’s remind the world just why it is the United States of America is the greatest nation on Earth.  (Applause.)


I love you.  (Applause.)  Let’s go vote.  Let’s keep moving forward.  God bless you.  And God bless the United States of America.  (Applause.)




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  1. God bless Barack Obama; win or; well win damn it. It does seem a long road. So much thought and energy; late nights and early mornings; the frustration of losing my wi-fi and having so much to say. Like a fire burning inside of me. I am so grateful for the support and friendship of guys like you JB and Walt and so many others. God bless all of you

    But as you say; this is only the beginning of a long fight for this nation. Thankfully we have Our President to lead the fight.

    Barack the Vote

    Much Love and Respect- Mark Jenkins (your friendly neighborhood Angryman)


    • Think About This When You Vote:

      A caucasian man asked his Black friend, “are you voting for Barack Obama just because he’s Black”? The Black man responded saying “Why not? In America Black men are pulled over everyday while driving just because they’re Black; passed over for promotions just because they’re Black; labeled as criminal just because they’re Black; not to mention the millions who will vote for Lyin UnFitt Mitt Romney and NOT Barack Obama because he IS Black. You don’t seem to be too concerned about that do you?

      I am voting for Barack Hussein Obama because he is intelligent. Barack is a diplomat. Barack is a father and a husband of the highest quality. Barack is compassionate and cares about ALL Americans. Barack is smart. Barack tells no lies nor does Barack flip flop. Barack is kind, gentle, strong, decisive and humble. Barack is class personified.

      AND Barack Hussein Obama IS Black.

      Mark my Brotha…..we shall overcome together as brothers. So it shall be written….So it shall be done.


  2. Great post, JB! Everyone will be able to exhale shortly. It has been a very long road & there’s more ahead. But we’re moving forward towards brighter days. These pics are wonderful. Thanks again!


  3. It has been a long road and it ain’t over yet. The GOP will continue to obstruct. I started blogging for the President on February 12, 2007, 2 days after he declared. 2,650 posts later, I am running on fumes.


    • You will get a break in a few hours, after he gives his second victory speech in 4 years, you can take a day or two off before we start this last 4 year fight together. Forward Fired Up Ready To Go For Four More. 😉


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