Mr. Slayer….you AND your mom…I stand and applaud you both. America is proud of you both for your hard work. You 2, and millions like you 2, are why We The People are victorious. Thank you BOTH.

Tea Party Slayer



See Link Above – President Obama’s Majority


Watching the pundits this morning, of course much of the focus is on how changing racial demographics helped overcome the white vote to propel President Obama to victory. That’s not the complete picture. As was the case in 2008 and generally with Democratic Presidents, states in the Deep South distort the white vote percentage. Predominantly caucasian states (as well as key swing suburbs) with small minority populations all across the nation in the East, Northeast, Midwest, and West Coast also rejected the Republican Party’s radical economic and social agenda. These states emphatically embraced President Obama’s argument of an efficient and effective government working to create economic growth, ladders of opportunity, and a reasonable safety-net, while staying the heck out of our private lives. Folks of all races participated in this victory of the informed over the uninformed, of balance over extremism, of pragmatic compassion over irrational conservatism, of cooperation over obstruction, of a new economic millennium over a fading Tea Party, and yes…

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