This is absolutely beautiful, especially the Karl Rove meltdown.



It sometimes seemed it would never happen, but it has. The 2012 presidential election is over.

The robocalls have stopped. The ads are gone. There are no new polls for pundits to pick apart, no new stump speech sound bites to discuss, no advisers spinning data points.

The people have spoken, and they have invited President Barack Obama to spend another 4 years in the White House.

As those of you who read my blog regularly already know, I was cautiously optimistic about this election. I never, ever take for granted that things will go a certain way in any election, particularly not one as hotly contested and as closely run as this one has been. With all of the possibilities for chaos and confusion, I truly did not know what would end up being the final word yesterday, or even if there WOULD be a final word yesterday.

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    • Romney was never in this race, the media helped him get the votes he got because if it were left up to Mitt, he’d have won not one vote. I said this would be a landslide on electoral votes and it was not even close. Popular vote that Mitt got was all the media doing him a good deed.


      • I have to wonder about the voter supression, too. I’ve heard a couple cases about electronic booths mal-functioning – all in favor of Romney. And all the people that have voted in the past but couldn’t or didn’t try this year because of all the GOP crap.


      • Last night was over before it started. It was over with the “let Detroit go bankrupt” comment and that 47% video. Game was over way back in August.

        I am good, bored now until the financial fight with Congress begins.


      • Yep. Looked like a 2008 repeat. Glad it’s over.
        They’ve got to do better this time around in with The President. I don’t see some of them getting voted back in two years if there act out the way they were before. They had to go through some growing pains with Obama as president. You know, like two year old having temper tantrums. They will play grown-up this time around. Otherwise, they’ll get the boot.


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