Black Genocide Movement

Joy And Happiness

By Jueseppi B.



Obama Wins the 2012 Election: Obama’s Complete Presidential Victory Speech














































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  1. Thanks for your hard work on this blog, Mr. Jueseppi. People like you make a difference. Your drumbeat on the Photo ID laws made me aware that the re-election of this president was absolutely critical to the future of my country. That issue alone was proof that the stakes were much higher, and the Tea Party more racist, than I originally thought. You do good work.

    Charlie Mike, Mr. Jueseppi.


  2. Mr. JB, I am so happy today that my face hurts from smiling! I wanted to thank you for all you’ve written and all you’ve done in support of our president. This country has a lot to deal with, but knowing that Barack Obama will be in the White House once more really does make things seem a lot brighter.🙂 OBAMACRATS RULE!!!


    • Us ObamaCrats are Da Bomb. You are to share in this historic moment in time as well, we all did our small part to ensure this victory!!! Glad you were on our side. 😉


  3. Hallelujah!! The American people found good judgement and common sense, and I’m proud of my fellow Americans! Now is time for the 2nd phase of change to blossom. We need to be positive, and stay vigilant to opposing forces that work against the good of all people. Thank you for your tenacity in informing us of day to day happenings and some great pictures! And, a big WHEW!
    Patricia Murphy


    • Yes Ms. Murphy, you are 5000% correct. Take a minute to savor victory, rest a second from a hard fought battle, and as Ed Schultz says…”Let’s Get To Work”.


  4. It was a beautiful history making night. Thank you for your diligent, determined and dedicated work. Your hard work made a diiference. You revealed the lies. You shared the best of the first family and Joe Bidden. Be proud of yourself and believe that I am. Please accept my sincere gratitude for a job well done. God bless and keep you well. Now get some well deserved rest.


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