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Thursday Photo Potpourri: Obama/Biden Win….. Caucasians Mourn

By Jueseppi B.






White People Mourning Romney


The one constant you’ll notice among these photos will be a lack of C.O.L.O.R. Skin color that is…..




































































































































As A Chicago Cubs fan, I say this with the highest of respect…..Wait Till Next Year!!


My sincere and joyous congratulations to America for electing the best President of The United States in my lifetime: Barack Hussein Obama.

















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  1. I know that I should not find these pictures so funny. But I do. Lord help me, I truly do. I am amused by how dedicated these followers were to a guy that truly did not give a shit about any of them,and I’m amused that they had no idea they were being lied to and used for his own profit and political gain. I swear, it’s all kinds of crazy.


  2. They are upset because they were not aware that America is changing colors and we are more intellectual .Remember next time that money can’t buy elections.


    • It takes intelligence to realize America is a melting pot of beauty. It’s like cooking, one cooks a tasty dish when different flavors are married into one mouth watering recipe. Bland never gets good reviews. 😉


  3. WELL..i guess this beautifully color speckled array of the 47%…PROVED what can be done…with UNITY..And keep in mind,that a lrg percentage of Obama voters are WHITE!…Those of us of the caucasian persuation who see CLEARLY a good man,and a PRESIDENT that is kind, intelligent and FAIR…He represents both races..REMEMBER HE is BOTH..A fact that gets left out of the equation all to often..He has grown up with a loving family of CAUCASIANS..and knows how both sides think,and respond..WHO better could lead this good ole melting POT of many colors,and cultures that we have in these United States Of America..? Like that old saying goes,,YOU HAVE TO WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES..He has been instucted from birth by his mom grandma and he HAS to have an inside track on that side of things..And he grew up with that hinge of color to his skin. and the woolish texture to his hair,which would let anyone with eyes see his black side..ther go his experiences as a black man..I LOVE the Obama family..I am VERY proud of OUR PRESIDENT!!..He’s proven,HE”S GOT THIS..We, the 47%..MUST behave in a manner of pride and own our responsibility to carry THIS VICTORY… a do our best,,To Make Him Proud……….WE GOT YOUR BACK,…President Barack Obama………..


    • Casey…..most of us “Black” Americans are a mixture of both caucasian & Black, so it gets left out of the equation with us as well. A large number of Americans period are supporters of the President, as evidenced on Tuesday night. I appreciate ALL Americans who support and vote for Barack Hussein Obama….especially you. 😉

      Every single thing you typed, I agree with 5000%. Thank you much for your support.


      • your welcome..I’m 62 yrs of age..have been an activist for 40 yrs of that.I’ve worked HELP..raise foolish peoples insights to a higher level..One of acceptance and actual joy to celebrate the differences of colors and cultures..To me..what a boring world we would live in,if everthing was the same…I enjoy reading your posts..thanks for having me……………..Casey’


      • I am honored to know you Casey. I am honored you read this blog and even more honored you are an American, because you are what being an American is all about. I applaud your 40 years of work for humanity. Thank you.


  4. Wow, these people look actually stricken – hadn’t seen any of those photos on tv. Appears they were unaware of what our side was doing all these months and believed what they were told. (I guess we would have looked even worse if the reverse had occurred.)

    Agree totally with your comments re our wonderful president.


    • They will be OK…and if not….I suggest they refuse to accept any government assistance they may receive from this administration if they hate him so. Can’t mourn his election while accepting hand outs and free “stuff” from him…now can they?


  5. Interesting that I only see white faces. No Asian, no Hispanic, definitely no African Americans. Oh I forgot. They are the 47%. You’ll get over it and if not, oh well.


    • Yeah….us 47%’ers are not unhappy right now. And you are correct, they will get over it as they get all the benefits of this administration.


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