Papa John’s Pizza To Fire Workers Over ObamaCares

By Jueseppi B.





In the wake of President Obama’s reelection, one CEO is doubling down on his criticisms of Obamacare.


Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter said he plans on passing the costs of health care reform to his business onto his workers. Schnatter said he will likely reduce workers’ hours, as a result of President Obama’s reelection, the Naples News reports. Schnatter made headlines over the summer when he told shareholders that the cost of a Papa John’s pizza will increase by between 11 and 14 cents due to Obamacare.


“I got in a bunch of trouble for this,” he said, referring to the comments he made in August, according to Naples News. “That’s what you do, is you pass on costs. Unfortunately, I don’t think people know what they’re going to pay for this.”


Schnatter went on to say he’s neither in support of, nor against the Affordable Care Act, even admitting that “the good news is 100 percent of the population is going to have health insurance.” But he’s not the only one in the chain restaurant industry to admit that workers hours may be reduced, since Obamacare mandates that only employees that work more than 30 hours per week are covered under their employers health insurance plan. For example, Darden restaurants, the parent company of Olive Garden and Red Lobster, has already experimented with reducing workers hours in anticipation of the legislation.


Others have responded to the added costs of Obamacare more harshly, including Applebee’s franchisee owner Zane Tankel who said his company won’t hire new workers because of the law. Just this week, a Georgia business owner also claimed he cut employees due to Obamacare and in fact had specifically laid off those who he thought had voted for President Obama.


Major restaurants Papa John’s and Applebee’s threaten to fire workers over Obamacare as President Barack Obama was elected to a second term in office.


According to the Daily Mail, due to the fact that Obama won the elections, Papa John’s and Applebee’s threaten to fire workers over Obamacare. After Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter floated a plan to cut worker hours in order to reduce spiking employee health care costs under the Affordable Care Act, an Applebee’s franchise owner Zane Tankel threatened a hiring freeze and possible layoffs due to Obamacare.


However, because of Tankel’s response to the president’s heath care plan, his New York restaurant is being boycotted. Twitter users took to tweeting about both establishments as numerous twitter users threatened to boycott both restaurants and encouraged others to do the same. Take a look at some of the tweets:

“So far I’ve seen Papa John’s and Applebee’s threatening to fire people since their choice didn’t win the election. Disgusting on either side.”


“BOYCOTT Applebee’s NOW!”


“Add @Applebee’s to the list of unpatriotic businesses who are firing people because Barack Obama won.”


While Zane Tankel is dealing with the backlash of consumers, Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter reportedly told shareholders in a conference call that Obamacare would cost the company 11 to 14 cents per pizza and that cost would be passed on to customers. Again, many took to twitter saying:


“First Chick-fil-A, now Papa John’s. What does it say about the US when fast food has become the tool for political catalyst?”


“Thanks 4 letting us know how CHEAP you are. 10 cents?! REALLY! Officially on my DO NOT BUY LIST even if you don’t up the price.”


However, Schnatter defended his decision and told Naples News, “That’s what you do, is you pass on the costs. Unfortunately, I don’t think people know what they’re going to pay for [Obamacare].”


I would strongly suggest boycotting any business that lays off American workers based on who won an election. Hit ‘Em where it hurts…the pocketbook.




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  1. Papa John’s is not even on my radar screen, so it won’t be hard for me to boycott it. Chick-Fil-A, on the other hand, has been a little more tough to avoid.

    By the way, this guy’s full of shit. In the long run, Obama’s overall plans to financially secure the middle-class will pay dividends to his bottom line. I know business leaders who understand capitalism can’t function alone on an island. They’re more concerned with generating demand from a a healthy, stable consumer base than with a few dollars in extra taxes.


    • Real honest business leaders & owners know a good solid economic environment, which includes happy employees who have health care worries removed by being given affordable health care coverage, is conducive to good business bottom lines.

      The business owners such as this papa john idiot, can go suck ass.


  2. So… the guy has to impact the livelihood of his employees over a few cents per pizza. As if his customers would balk at that to any significant degree. What a creepy, small, and insignificant little toad.

    I’d rather eat cornbread with a tall glass of cold milk anyway. Maybe the younger generation needs to get back in touch with what’s good anyway, and fast food, ain’t it.


    • Exactly, fast food will get you overweight, and kill your taste buds….fast. I was a chef for 26 years and what passes for food at fast food joints and franchise restaurants is garbage.


  3. Pappa John will not survive in business.There are a plethora of pizza businesses around and he certainly won’t be missed.Hopefully, these laid off employees will find work elsewhere.


  4. I said the same thing, If that’s how these fat cats want to behave then I guess we’ll just have to show them what the might of the people can accomplish when we band toghether. My daughter said a couple of months ago that she wanted to celebrate her B-Day at Applebee’s, not anymore. Take care.


    • Good for you Mr. Danny. I’ve never been to Applebee’s, but I am so glad you decided to not go there based on this silly stuff they are pulling on American workers. Thank you for visiting us here.


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