I love this post, thank you The Fifth Column.

The Fifth Column

This will not deter the right-wing Obama Conspiracy factory.

They will find ways to continue to blame Obama for the Benghazi attack on September 11, 2012.

Their attack on Ambassador Susan Rice fizzled after General Patraeus’ closed testimony at the Capitol yesterday.  Patraeus confirmed that Ambassador Rice was given a CIA-revised version of events in Benghazi to report to the media.  The revision was for national security reasons, according to Patraeus.

Funny thing, it appears Sen. John McCain, Rep. Peter King, et al have adapted the Romney style of never apologizing, even for obvious mistakes or outright lies.  They definitely owe U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice an apology…


Benghazi gate is not going as Republicans planned, and in fact, the failure to gain traction on their narrative is further compelling Republicans to hysterics. Since they drew so much attention to this issue, courtesy of the need to defend Romney’s Libya…

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