I don’t understand why Hostess is closing it’s doors after 85 plus years. The CEO says: Hostess CEO says strike was fatal blow for bankrupt company and that it is too late to fix it.

18,000 jobs are estimated to be lost. Seems to me the Board is a bit too greedy to negotiate so I say good riddance. Unions are a necessity.


When I was growing up, smoking was still popular, as was cruising on weekends, and things like trans-fats and junk food were not yet being discussed.  During these times, which really was not that long ago, my mom would sometimes place Hostess snack cakes in my lunch pail (Hot Wheels, if I recall correctly), along with a sandwich, fruit, and milk money.

Though not always included, these delicious treats were much appreciated by the boyhood me whenever they were.  Also, for lunch trading purposes, Hostess treats could be bartered for nearly anything else that was in any lunch bag or pail at my elementary school!

My personal favorites, not in any particular order, were Cupcakes,


Fruit Pies (Apple actually),

and Suzy Q’s!

Years later, when I was in college and had abandoned my unhealthy, old pals, I must admit, I would occasionally still enjoy a SweetRoll, or two, when…

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    • That could happen, but you have to admit that Hostess will be missed. I didn’t buy a lot of Hostess products as an adult but I do remember having a weakness for Suzy Q’s as a kid. 😉


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