As My World Turns has hit this nail squarely on it’s ugly racist round head. Thank you Maboulette for posting this piece.

As My World Turns

Of course, once again the Republicans and the Congress screwed up.    The CIA asked Congress and the White House NOT to call attacks at Benghazi terrorism.  They did not want the insurgents to know that American intelligence was eavesdropping on their communication. 

But thanks to Fox News, the Romney campaign and the Republican’s in Congress – with the Republican’s in Congress knowing this, they just had to attack Obama on something – so now the insurgents know too.  Are all of you happy about this?  

You will do anything to attack this President even when you know that in some cases the President can not tell you what is truly happening. 

This is why Susan Rice was asked to go on the Sunday talk-shows and told what she did – because the White House told her too so that the insurgents would not know that American…

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  1. As usual, the Republicans can never get it rightThey need to do more fact checking and stop listening to the ignorance from Fox News.


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