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For the second year in a row, a Target employee has managed to secure hundreds of thousands of names on a petition asking Target to rethink its plans to start its Black Friday sale on Thanksgiving night. And for the second year in a row, Target is politely declining the suggestion and moving ahead as planned.

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  1. Bottom Line $$$$$$ Trumps All Else for Big Business, plain and simple. If no one showed up to shop and no one showed up to work, Action in unity Always speaks volume. imho


  2. I stopped shopping for the holidays years ago. Just because corporate America wants us to buy buy buy I’m not! I buy when I want where I want and its never on a holiday. Is not about gifts. Its not about turkey ham or egg nog. its about family and friends.
    Why is our economy measured by what retailers rake in? Shouldn’t it be about the working person being able to buy the things they need at an affordable price any time of the year.


    • I’m with you, Susan and Jueseppi. I opted out of the consumerism nonsense years ago too. Most of these chain restaurants and stores supported Romney and could care less about consumers and employees. These man-made holidays were created by merchants to get us to buy. My husband helped me understand this years ago. My needs are met. Ego causes us to want more and compete with others. As my husband says about gifting: “My presents are my PRESENCE.”

      It’s time for Americans to enjoy the company of others in simple ways that are more fulfilling.


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