Black Genocide Movement

The Cause Of All Racism Is……Penis Envy. Got Girth??

By Jueseppi B.







Medical Definition of Penis envy

1. The psychoanalytic concept in which a caucasian male envies The Black & African male physical characteristics or capabilities, especially the possession of a penis larger in size & girth than the caucasian male penis, as well as the sexual prowess that has kidnapped the caucasian women from the tiny dicked caucasian male, exactly as the slaver kidnapped African people from the Continent of Africa.


Ok, That was MY definition of penis envy, not Webster’s. You have to admit it was a very good definition. Very good.


This post, while it could be labeled as satire, is totally my belief of the basic underlying fear that caucasian males have when it comes to Black men in America today. They be scared we gonna steal their caucasian women, stretch ’em all out, and return them to the caucasian male after we be done.


That is, after all, what the caucasian male meant when they said a caucasian woman is considered un-pure or spoiled, once she engages in an interracial relationship…..right?


Once you go Black, you are stretched. Or something like that.


Seriously, my theory is that every caucasian male who is racist, and who fears Black strength, has had “the caucasian talk” from his racist father or racist mother at some point in his upbringing: Son, never allow your girlfriend or wife to mingle with those Black male niggers cause they will do something to her, and she will be powerless to resist that strange Black sexual magic.


Africans were kidnapped and sold into slavery because caucasian male colonialist didn’t have the intelligence, strength, or fortitude to work their own lands, raise their own children or even cook their own meals. Being lazy in mental and physical character, they did the only thing they could do, the only thing they still do well, and that was steal what they could not have. In the case of African people, it was strength, intelligence, heart, soul and love of life. That explains how we have survived 400 years of slavery.


Yes, I said 400 years of slavery. You imagine slavery is over today? That makes you stupid.


The exact same thing was achieved with the building of the railroads with the Chinese. Caucasian American males couldn’t figure out how to work the building of the American railroad system on schedule, they stole/Shanghaied and forced Chinese men & women to do the labor they were not mentally or physically able to accomplish.


Lets not even begin to talk of the Native Americans, who were feared for decades because the “white man” could not harness the fierce spirit of the Native American tribesmen.


When it comes to Black men in America today, caucasian males fear the BBC/BBD. They are so afraid that they can’t help but cringe whenever a Black American achieves something they are too weak or too simple minded to accomplish.


Such as being President Of The United States Of America.


Barack Hussein Obama does the Presidency like no past caucasian POTUS ever has.


He does it with Style, Class, Swag & the Intelligence of a Diplomat and a Man.


Couple that with the Strength, Beauty, Grace and Sharp Intelligent mind of a Black Wife & Mother…..and you have a recipe for fear from all the racist corners of caucasian stupidity.


Plus the way the Prez walks, you know the racist caucasian male thinks back to “the caucasian talk” he remembers as a youth. He knows the POTUS is powerful in ALL ways. He realizes he, the racist caucasian male, is not.


Hence the reason for every racist, idiotic, stupid, moronic thing you’ve heard said, written, or recorded about this President, First Lady, and their family.


Penis Envy…..


The reason they mad at him.


Got Girth???



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  1. I am ethically biracial. Very proud and consider myself black. We are a good people and don’t rely on lies. I like many white people and have been very fond of a few white men. Did penis insecurity get between us? Be happy with yourself and your body. Penis size does not matter! I’ve never been with a man that has a big (uhumm) because I married young (still am) and never had a problem with you know, satisfaction.. Depends the woman’s level of sensitivity too.


    • Mr. John stone, you’d have better success pissin through the eye of a #6 sewing needle than you would have ever telling me what to do, Love Peace and good health to you. And once again, thank you for the very kind comments. Hurry back, Ya Hear.


  2. Hey Jueseppi B., i think I love and respect the hell out of your blog and your opinions. Thank you for a great forum for intelligent discussion.


  3. That was “Deep.” And I also believe it to be true. I to am a multi ethnic woman(black/hispanic) and married to a wonderful husband who happens to be white. He was intimidated by that fact about black men and used to work extra hard to compete with what he knew to be true. But he made the mistake of asking me early on in our relationship if he had my ex beat who happened to be black. I could not tell a lie. All I’ll say is if you can’t handle the answer, don’t ask the question. But I’m happy to say that our relationship survived. He is a good man. One thing we learned, well let me say he learned because I already knew this, it that people are people. It’s all about the content of our character that make us great. And these racist haters can’t handle a black President showing them how to run the free world with integrity. He is a man of standard and they can’t handle that. They are now more than ever before faced with the reality that their tale of superiority was just that, a tale. Now they know who is truly superior. And their children now know that they have been lied to.


    • I congratulate you on your blessed relationship. Remember this Danny, color means nothing except the color red, which is what we all bleed. Your comment was absolutely correct on all points. I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.


      • Thank you Jueseppi B. I wish everyone would realize that the only color that matter is red, which is what we all bleed. We are more alike than we are different. I hope you and your family had a very Happy Thanksgiving as well.


      • It was a beautiful holiday. We had a non traditional meal and it was so much better than turkey….we have turkey throughout the year so it’s not so special on Thanksgiving day. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Because they hated him before; but when they discovered his huge black penis; there envy knew no bounds and they hated him with a hate that was; hateful.
    Man; just when I thought I had gotten over hating you for your penis; you have to go and throw it up in my fa..; I mean hit me over the hea…; I mean I think you’re right. I have to admit that sometimes my penis is only about four inches. Of course some women like it that thick.

    There was a young man from Beirut
    Who had seven warts on his root
    He poured acid on these;
    And now when he pees;
    He holds the damned thing like a flute

    **No penises were harmed during the production of this comment.

    ***Any resemblence between the penises in this comment and any real penis; alive or dead; is strictly coincidental.


    • Did your wife read & approve this comment????????????????????????

      I am taking bets from you on how many racist comments I get over the next 3 months with the word “nigger’ in it….whats your number?


  5. LMAO! I’m Latina and am in an interracial relationship with a white man, and he has the same theory. He’s a big supporter of Obama and loves other cultures. I’m so lucky I got one of the good ones! I think you’re both definitely on to something, here….


    • Ms. Torres, I am just glad & happy you have found happiness in the world of romance & love. It is hard to find the right men/woman, let alone be bothered in skin color restrictions!! Congratulations to you both, and have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. 😉


  6. Wow … I think you’ve got something here. But this is going to be a tough one for some to swallow. The truth hurts. It’s an argument that most ppl can’t understand because the roots of it run so deep.

    Btw, that was a very good definition. Unfortunate but there is truth to it


    • Hey Ms. Taylor. First I wish you and your family a very happy and safe but fun Thanksgiving.

      Now, as for the truth….it most times is never pretty nor does it go down very easy but…that never changes it from the truth.

      It was meant to make people think. Cause some discomfort. Make me even more hated than I am now. 😉


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