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Boxer Hector Camacho Dies After Taken Off Life Support

By Jueseppi B.



Hector ‘Macho’ Camacho: Hector “Macho” Camacho, a boxer known for skill and flamboyance in the ring, as well as for a messy personal life and run-ins with the police, died Nov. 24 after being taken off life support. He was 50.




Former champion boxer ‘Macho’ Camacho dies in Puerto Rico after being taken off life support


By Associated PressPublished: November 23 | Updated: Saturday, November 24


SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Former championship boxer Hector “Macho” Camacho died Saturday at the hospital in Puerto Rico where he has been unconscious since he was shot in the face in an attack in his hometown.


Camacho went into cardiac arrest in the pre-dawn hours and he was then taken off life support and died shortly thereafter, said Dr. Ernesto Torres, the director of the Centro Medico trauma center in San Juan.


Camacho’s mother, Maria Matias, said Friday night that she had supported removing him from life support after his three sons had arrived from the U.S. mainland and had a chance to see their father for the last time. They managed to visit him before he died, said former pro boxer Victor “Luvi” Callejas, a longtime friend.


“The family is destroyed,” Callejas said outside the hospital.


Doctors had declared Camacho brain dead on Thursday. Matias had said she decided it was time for doctors to disconnect life support over the objections of the boxer’s eldest son, Hector Jr., because there was no chance of recovery.


“I lost my son three days ago. He’s alive only because of a machine,” she said Friday night. “My son is not alive. My son is only alive for the people who love him,” she added.


Camacho was shot as he sat in a car with a friend, 49-year-old Adrian Mojica Moreno, who was killed in the attack. Police spokesman Alex Diaz said officers found nine small bags of cocaine in the friend’s pocket and a 10th bag open inside the car.


Police reported no arrests and said investigators continued to look for potential witnesses. Capt. Rafael Rosa told reporters they were following several leads, but declined to say whether police had identified any suspects. He said very few witnesses were cooperating.



The Full story is available at Washington Post Sports












Héctor Camacho Matías (May 24, 1962 – November 24, 2012), known by his nickname “Macho Camacho”, was a Puerto Rican professional boxer. He held major championships in the super featherweight, lightweight and junior lightweight divisions, going on to win lesser titles in four more weight classes, becoming the first boxer to be recognized as a septuple champion. Camacho’s son,Héctor Camacho Jr., is also a boxer. During his 30-year career, Camacho was known for his quickness in the ring, and his flamboyant style.


Camacho had a storied amateur career, winning three New York Golden Gloves, beginning with the Sub-Novice 112 lb. championship in 1978. He won four titles throughout his professional career: The WBC Super featherweight (1983), the WBC lightweight (1985), and the WBO Junior welterweight (1989 and 1991). Camacho also had notable fights defeating Panama’s Roberto Durán twice, and knocking out Sugar Ray Leonard, sending Leonard into permanent retirement. He also fought against Julio César ChávezFélix Trinidad, and Oscar de la Hoya, among others.


During his later years, Camacho ran into trouble with drugs and the legal system. In 2005 he was arrested for burglary, a charge to which he would later plead guilty. In 2008, he won his last major fight, the World Boxing Empire middleweight championship. He also made appearances on Spanish-language reality television shows. In 2011, he was shot at three times by would-be carjackers, but was uninjured. In the fall of 2012, Camacho was awaiting trial in Florida on charges of abuse against one of his sons.


On November 20, 2012, Camacho was shot in the jaw and seriously wounded while sitting in a car outside a bar in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. The driver, a childhood friend, was killed in the shooting. Although doctors at the Rio Piedras Medical Center in San Juan believed that Camacho would recover, they declared him brain dead after he suffered cardiac arrest the day after the shooting. Camacho died after his mother requested that doctors remove him from life support.









Real name Héctor Luis Camacho Matias
Nickname(s) Macho Camacho
Rated at Junior lightweight
Height 1.69 m (5 ft 6 12 in)
Reach 175 cm (69 in)
Nationality Puerto Rican
Born May 24, 1962
Bayamón, Puerto Rico
Died November 24, 2012 (aged 50)
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Stance Southpaw
Boxing record
Total fights 88
Wins 79
Wins by KO 45
Losses 6
Draws 3
No contests 0



RIP, Hector you were a great champion, and the fact that he lived to make 50 years was a major miracle knowing his background and his life. Like many great boxers, he was a combination of a “macho” outer crust and a very sensitive and vulnerable inner world. He was a battler and a fighter but there are many demons one doesn’t fight in the ring.




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