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What’s All The Noise Concerning Reblogging? Jealous Selfish Hating.

By Jueseppi B.







Seems to be some displeasure and opposition when it comes to WordPress and them allowing bloggers who use the WordPress platform for their blogs, to repost articles written by fellow WordPress bloggers. That was a mouth full wasn’t it?


Some months ago WordPress started offering an option to reblog post written by other bloggers. What that means is if you visit other blogs in the WordPress family, or blogs you follow, and you are a client of WordPress, you can click on the word “reblog” and that post is automatically posted (reblogged) to your blog page.


The original post is published on your blog but in an abbreviated form of about 2 paragraphs, with links and credit back to the original blog post. This allows a bloggers post to get more attention and exposure by being published on many other blogs.


I have been introduced to many new bloggers and their blogs by this method of sharing, and many of the readers who follow TheObamaCrat.Com have been introduced to many blogs I have reblogged over the months since WordPress started this option.


It’s one of the very few improvements WordPress has added to their platform options that is actually a brilliant idea, and one that works.


Of course there are some bloggers who disagree. These bloggers don’t like their work being reblogged. Even though the original blog post gets full credit, you only get a partial post of the original post on your blog, and WordPress has given this option to it’s blog clients.


The only reason that WordPress clients object to reblogging is simple….they are jealous of any attention received by other blogs and their bloggers, they are selfish and can’t stand sharing the spotlight, and finally, they are haters of anyone having any recognition given to their blogs.


I reblog.


I like reblogging.


I will continue to reblog until that time comes that WordPress removes the reblogging option.


The objective of anyone blogging is twofold. You blog to cleanse your soul and ease your pain.  You blog to inform and spread information. Any other reason for blogging pretty much falls into those two pigeon holes. The only way your blog is successful is not by how many followers you have or how many people visit your blog, not even by how lucrative your blog becomes…..the true measure of success is if you spread information adequately or ease that pain and cleanse your soul.


That doesn’t happen if nobody reads your blog. WordPress has the correct idea, sharing blogs and passing around good post are the reason we all blog.


So in closing, I’d give this advise to those jealous selfish hating blogs and their bloggers: Get over yourselves. Even if you have 14 million visitors and I have 900K visitors… and your blog is not any better or more important than the next blog or blogger.


Remember that….you’re not better nor bigger than WordPress.


And WordPress supports reblogging.


And so do I.







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    • I visited your blog today for the first time, I like your spirit and your style, please continue to do exactly what your heart guides you to do. Remember if you need any help with haters, I am here for you.😉


  1. Reblogged this on The Ranting Papizilla and commented:
    I re-blog as well. It never occurred to me someone might be offended by that. If I like what I read, I have no problem sharing it far and wide. Isn’t that the purpose of the blogging universe?


    • Yes it is the purpose. But as I said in this post, jealousy, selfishness and hatred of anyone whom that believe to be the competition, is what drives this dislike of reblogging. As I said, sharing each other’s post and spreading the information all around is the purpose of blogging. Hope you had a wonderful weekend Mr. Weber Jr.


    • YES. Yes it is. If I didn’t want my work to be seen; I would keep it on my flash-drive and never tell anyone about it. I would certainly never publish it on the “WORLD WIDE WEB” Get it? WORLD WIDE web


  2. Reblogged this on 2012 Spirit In Action and commented:
    I had not realized until reading this post that anyone objected to what seems to me to be the coolest feature of wordpress;-) It makes it more like a newsy version of livejournal, to which I was once quite addicted. It has helped me meet new people who will hopefully become friends over time, see far more interesting stuff than I would have otherwise-and it allows me to share things I find interesting or useful without a whole lot of copying, pasting etc.
    Which is why it had not occurred to me that anyone would complain-people were reblogging before it was a feature, and for blogs not on wordpress the same process is still used. You simply copy the parts of the post you wish to post on your blog, and the link to the original and post it-tho it requires some tinkering to get it posted with the link working and all that, which the reblogging feature eliminates.
    So, much thanks to The Obamacrat for this post-now I won’t be utterly astonished if someone is not pleased when I reblog their post sometime;-)


    • You’d be totally surprised how many think themselves too high & mighty to reblog….yet those same blogs will do exactly as you stated and copy & paste parts of an original blog post or article, with links back to the original. It all comes down to bloggers thinking you are stealing, instead of reblogging.

      I’ve been called a thief, lazy and a scum thug, because I reblogged from a couple of blogs. (so far only 2 bloggers have been nasty because TheObamaCrat.Com has reblogged them, but it is a personal thing with both those 2 blogs, against me. They use reblogging as a way to attack & discredit what I do.)

      Bottom line is as long as WordPress allows reblogging as an offered option, I will continue to reblog.

      Hope you had a wonderful weekend ohnwentsya.


    • That’s because you are like me. You realize it’s a high compliment for another blogger to appreciate what you do. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


    • Only dumbasses who are jealous and fearful of your success are mad when you reblog them. It is a compliment when someone reblogs your post. They can’t see that because the jealous hatred blinds them. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving Ms. Jaz.


  3. i reblog and will continue to do so.
    If WordPress removes the option; I will copy and paste any article I wish; giving full credit to the author of course.
    Should that be prohibited; I will quote from articles and give credit.
    You can’t stop the spreading of information; even if you want to; though why you would; I just don’t get.


    • There are 2 blogs who object to me reblogging their post, and I reblog them anyway. I was called a thug and a lowlife about 10 minutes ago because I told one of those 2 blogs what they could do for me.

      The only reason blog owners hate the reblog option is jealousy, selfishness and a hatred of you passing them when it comes to total number of visitors. Life’s way too short for me to have my ass clenched up over visitors.

      I hope you had a good Thanksgiving


      • Yes I did Thank You. Quiet but nice. Had a couple of people over and didn’t over-eat for once. I hope yours was good too.

        I haven’t had any complaints from other bloggers when I reblog. Perhaps It’s that I don’t reblog from the right/”wrong” sites.

        I don’t see your work as more offensive than some of my stuff so; I don’t get it.

        Fuck them Jueseppi. You do great work and move a lot of people. As someone said above; reblog or copy and paste; no difference. Quoting other writers is always an acceptable practice and has long been considered an honor. Sounds to me like these two don’t like your politics; from the hip style; or perhaps even your color. I don’t know but I do know that whatever their rational; they are just petty; trifling-ass little wanna be great bloggers with a narrow field of vision and a narrow mind as well. Peace Brother; Keep the Faith.


      • The two blogs in question are run by females….and that says it all if you knew the history between the 3 of us. As I said, jealous hateful selfishness is the key. Too bad their bitchin falls on deaf ears and only fuels me to reblog them even more cause I’m an evil bastard.

        It’s been a good month for all who love politics and holidays … it time for some Sunday football. Give my regards to your family brother….


  4. Wow, I thought it was just me. I reblogged an article last week from a fellow blogger and was unfollowed by said blogger after that. I don’t understand why that is a problem. I encourage those who enjoy my posts to reblog. It is great exposure for me. These people need to relax and unclench.


  5. I consider it a great compliment, and I welcome the exposure to new readers when someone chooses to re-blog one of my posts. We write our blogs to say something, to get the word out, and those who re-blog are helping us accomplish that goal.


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