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“Entitlement” Reform

By Jueseppi B.




Social Security is a self-financed program that doesn’t add to the federal budget deficit. Those recipients deserve reassurance that their benefits will not be cut. AND should not be cut to appease some fat cat wealthy caucasians who think living on Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid is a hand out.


Here’s a very good, logical, common sense solution for the Congressmen and Congresswomen who believe living from month to month on a federal “hand out” that you worked all your life to receive, is a way for American citizens to survive: Spend one year receiving “entitlement” benefits ONLY.


Thats correct…..every one of you TeaTardedRepubliCANTS should be forced to live for one year on the minimum allowance provided by the Social Security Administration: $668.00. A MONTH.


No Congressional salary. No monies made on the side or under the table as a Congressman/Congresswoman.


No benefits from investments.


No monies you have stolen or received from lobbyist.


No Congressional stipend.


Just live on what a large number of Americans, like me, live on monthly. Live on the total given to people who have worked all their lives paying into an “entitlement” program you wish to reform.


Live on the exact total amount given to American citizens, many that are disabled, by our  Federal Government on a monthly basis. Experience the day to day decisions made by American voters, whether to buy food, medicine, pay rent, pay utilities or get their eye prescription updated.


When every single Congressman/Congresswoman has spent exactly one year on entitlement benefits ONLY, then tell me, American politicians, just how much you wish to reform “Entitlements“.











Please sign the petition to tell Congress to Pass The American Jobs Act!!



Pass Obama’s Jobs Bill .The American JobsAct.It Has Been Blocked By The House GOP Long Enough



The American People Need Jobs. So The American People Need Congress To Pass Obama’s Jobs Bill. The American Jobs Act Has Been Blocked By House Republicans For Way To Long. This Bill Would Put Americans Back To Work. So Pass This Bill And Put Americans Back To Work.



We ALL can have a wonderful, happy & safe Holiday Season if we ALL have jobs.




America has never been about what can be done for us. It’s about what can be done by us, together, through the hard and frustrating but necessary work of self-government. That’s the principle we were founded on.”


President Barack Obama, November 7, 2012~



“Disagree Intelligently, Use The Facts & Truth™”




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  1. Mr. Jueseppi, finding your blog has been my early Christmas gift! Thanks for providing perspectives on a lot of important policy issues. It’s like good food for the soul and sanity. I’ve been very annoyed with the level of GOP obstruction these past few years, largely driven by special interest groups who do not care about the majority of Americans. It’s time for action to get some of these politicians out of office.


    • Having you find this blog, Ms. Holly, is my early Christmas gift!! Let me start by saying I wish your family & you a very Merry, Happy Joyous Holiday Season. A great healthy New Year for you all.

      We Americans learned this past November 6th, 2012, that We The People have a power that monied wealthy caucasins can’t diminish with their cash. We taught the Grover’s and the Rove’s and the Romney’s of the world just how powerful we are as a united group, as one voice.

      We still have work ahead for 2014 and 2016. We beat the TeaTardedRepubliCANTS to a bloody pulp, but they will regroup and return strong as ever.

      We MUST be ready.

      So glad you joined us here Ms. Holly. 😉


      • Amen and thank you Mr. Jueseppi!

        I’ve replaced my morning coffee addiction with your blogs, so it’s been good for my health too!

        Just keep fighting the good fight with your insightful posts. As they say, knowledge is power. The GOP has in some respects been allowed to blatantly lie and attempt to revise political history. If reporters aren’t going to ask the tough follow up questions (remember those days?), then having bloggers like you are critical to point out the truth. GOP tactics have worked on what I call “the misinformed” for far too long. If we allow them to win, we lose a chance at truly appreciating the GOOD things that are happening in this country. Yes we have our issues but many of them are solvable if we can work around some of these elitists who, IMO, want nothing more than to go back to 1864.

        I hope to contribute more comments on your future blogs.

        May you and your family have a wonderful holiday season as well.

        P.S. I think the term TeaTardedRepubliCANTS is growing on me🙂.


      • You madam, are a joy. Try this along with the blog in the morning…..

        Things My Belly Likes is one of the most magnificent blogs for recipes and insightful foodie info.

        I am going to try this Choffy tomorrow. I don’y drink coffee but this sounds so YummY.

        I agree 5000% with everything you say politically….which is kinda rare for me.

        Let me know if and when you try the Choffy and how you like it.


  2. I’m all for “Reforming” Social Security. It needs to pay much more than it does; for everything; to everyone who receives any type of benefit. That’s the only “Reforming” that needs to be done. Find a way to add to the fund so higher payments are possible; or just get up off the cash but the monthly benefits are unacceptable.

    They only pay you when you are too old or sick to work and if you do work; they deduct from your check. Not dollar for dollar but still wrong. If you deserve the benefit; you deserve the benefit. Nobody has a right to tell you how much you can earn in addition to that amount.

    If you are disabled; you of course better not be able to work so this doesn’t really apply. You are not allowed to make any money from any kind of work. You are restricted to your monthly benefit exactly; as your monthly income.


    • Don’t I know it. You speak the facts and truth, as always. Like I said, I’d love to see each and every politician who wants Social Security, and all other “entitlement” programs reformed (which means cut or altered in the negative) be forced to spend one year on those “entitlement” programs as a way of life survival.


  3. Excellent post! I am eligible for SS the first of next year and really need it. I started growing a garden for my health and to feed myself, since I have no health care and could not afford meds. Through organic food, herbs and alternative methods, I have cured my health issues. Yet, we should not have to live like this, having worked all our lives paying into SS, only to have to worry about it being taken away.


  4. I am in the same boat you are in – I get less than a grand per month to live on for the whole month. It’s GOME by the 3rd of each month, leaving me to be creative on how I get to EAT from the 5th to the end of any given month. I always look forward to February.

    I wholly agree – These people who are so much trying to end Social Security should be FORCED to Live on it, MANDATORY – For One whole year. If they need more money, they can mow a lawn or wash Mitt Romney’s Car and not be allowed to get more than 25 bucks per each odd job. Feh!


    • (Er, “Gome = Gone can you fix that?)

      I am lucky because I also get a small amount from SSI in addition. But the state of California keeps cutting into it – WHen I get my Fed Cola, they chop out almost ALL of the increase, so I haven’t really received an increase since 2001. And my rent has gone up seven times since then, Section 8 keeps reducing their part of the payment.

      I was good until this November, they chopped over 60 bucks out of my assistance payment. So now I have to come up with 300 dollars for rent, which is just shy of what I paid when I moved in there and they PROMISED me that there would be NO RENT increases.

      Have I got your attention yet?


      • You had my attention when you first posted your comment. I know several people who have your issues, and some who have worse issues. Try needing medication that is vital to your survival, but no money to get that prescription filled…..after paying rent, heat & lights, and food bills.

        Unless Congress does the job we the people elected them to do…..we all suffer further.


      • “Try needing medication that is vital to your survival, but no money to get that prescription filled…. After paying rent, heat & lights, and food bills.”

        Well, I didn’t bring THAT up. I have to take a daily stomach med, which is 500 bucks for just 30 tabs. Dexilant. Fortunately, I have Part D, which Obama “slightly” fixed, so that from October to December I can now get my med, Cos the donought hole is slightly closed. Before Obama, I had to pay that FULL amount on my own from October to December.

        I’ve had to change my PART D carrier about seven times so far, because I REFUSE to pay additional premiums. They are supposed to accept the 30-dollar Medicaid Premium.

        But a lot of people who do not have medicaid, because they do not get their state’s version of SSI, have to pay that full Part D premium out of pocket. And the carriers charge MORE usually for the stand-alone “Part D” insurance. Even though Part D is “federal” it wholly depends on state Money for implementation of Benefits. So if you have no SSI/Medicaid coverage, you are stuck paying about 60 to 90 bucks a month for “Part d” Eh? And then you have to deal with Insurance Companies, and Formularies and when they REMOVE your med – Or worse: They sudden;y DEMAND “Prior Auth” – Which is an excuse for DENYING me the Med they have been giving me?

        People on Medicaid who are on Part D are the only ones who can CHANGE carriers at any time – The rest of us? Can only change ONCE a year, and ONLY in March, I think it is.

        The only area where Part D was an improvement on the previous State-Run Medicaid Prescription program (which paid the full cost, and you could get the real medication if you needed to, by what is called in California as a “TAR”) – Is that people who are NOT getting Medicaid can get the insurance.

        We, and our States who were doing our prescriptions, survived well WITHOUT part D, since the Reagan years. The states handled it totally, and there were NO Private, Profit seeking insurance companies handling my medications. But then again, those without Medicaid were stuck.

        Part D needs to be fixed, get the insurance companies out of the equation, let the federal government handle it completely – And the more people will be able to get their Medication without difficulty.

        Before part D, all of the patients without Medicaid would get their med via Samples by their doctor. I had to get Nexium this way, for one year, while it was not covered by my original carrier, I had to either pay for it myself, or get samples. So I had a good doctor who had been given a LOT of Nexium samples, and she would give them to all of her patients each month. That was one good doctor.

        To me insurance is a dirty word, and means “A way to get the cost of something to rise beyond belief”

        I’ll be back, I like this blog.


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