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Friday’s Presidential Word From Barack’s House

By Jueseppi B.





#My2k, Tweet it!


This week, the National Christmas Tree arrived at the White House and holiday decorating got underway. Meanwhile, the President marked Small Business Saturday, and met with leaders of businesses large and small to discuss the importance of avoiding a middle-class tax hike next year — and he asked Americans across the country to share what losing $2,200 would mean to them by using the Twitter hashtag #My2k.


Watch this week’s edition of West Wing Week, “#My2k, Tweet it!”


Published on Nov 30, 2012

Welcome to the West Wing Week, your guide to everything that’s happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. This week, the National Christmas Tree arrived at the White House and holiday decorating got underway, while the President marked Small Business Saturday, and met with leaders of businesses large and small to discuss the importance of avoiding a middle class tax hike next year. He also welcomed the President-Elect of Mexico, his Cabinet, his science and technology council, and the 2012 American Nobel Laureates.






Here are some of the top stories from the White House blog:



Vice President Biden Goes to Costco
Vice President Joe Biden visited a newly opened Costco in Washington, DC. After picking out a few Christmas gifts and other items, he talked about the importance of extending tax cuts for middle-class families.



Limiting Tax Deductions: The Reality of the Math
Some have suggested that limits on high-income tax expenditures could substitute for rate increases and that it would be possible to raise $1 trillion or more while keeping the top income tax rate at 35 percent. But a careful look at the math shows that plausible limits raise only a fraction of the $1 trillion or more some have suggested.



What $2,000 Means to Middle Class Families
President Obama called on Americans to speak out in favor of keeping taxes low on the middle class. Some took their voices to Twitter and Facebook, and tens of thousands of people wrote in to tell the White House what $2,000 means to their families.



Today’s Schedule:


All times are Eastern Standard Time (EST).



10:10 AM: The President departs the White House en route Joint Base Andrews



10:25 AM: The President departs Joint Base Andrews



11:05 AM: The President arrives Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



11:45 AM: The President tours The Rodon Group manufacturing facility



12:05 PM: The President delivers remarks



2:00 PM: The President departs Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



2:40 PM: The President arrives Joint Base Andrews



2:55 PM: The President arrives the White House











President Barack Hussein Obama needs our help:




When President Obama asked you to tell us what the middle-class tax cuts meant for your families, we knew you’d speak up. But I don’t think any of us were prepared for this.



The stories started pouring in immediately. Within a couple hours, we received messages from tens of thousands of people. Folks from every state in the country took time to write in. You nearly took over Twitter, where the hashtag #My2K trended all day.



And people are starting to pay attention. News outlets are writing stories about how everyday Americans are engaged in this debate. Decision makers are coming to the sudden realization that they can’t ignore the perspective of the middle class when it comes to cutting taxes.



You’re changing an entire policy conversation. And we have to keep it up.



Tell us what $2,000 means to middle-class families.



There’s no denying the power of your voices.



We heard from a woman in Alabama who explained that $2,000 was a crucial part of her family budget — the choice between two house payments, three car payments, or medical prescriptions for a year.



We heard from a farmer in Michigan, just starting his business, who wants to use $2,000 to invest in two greenhouses so he can extend his growing season.



We heard from a dad in Indiana who did the math and realized that $2,000 will buy groceries for his family for 23.5 weeks.



We heard from graduate students working to pay down student loans and parents trying to help put their kids through school.



And these folks are not alone. Unless Congress acts, 114 million middle-class American families are staring down a tax increase starting January 1.



So we need you to join them. We’re doing everything to draw attention to the stories you share with us. We’re sharing them on Facebook and Twitter. We’re putting them on the front page of the White House website.



Will you speak out today?














Please sign the petition to tell Congress to Pass The American Jobs Act!!



Pass Obama’s Jobs Bill .The American JobsAct.It Has Been Blocked By The House GOP Long Enough



The American People Need Jobs. So The American People Need Congress To Pass Obama’s Jobs Bill. The American Jobs Act Has Been Blocked By House Republicans For Way To Long. This Bill Would Put Americans Back To Work. So Pass This Bill And Put Americans Back To Work.



We ALL can have a wonderful, happy & safe Holiday Season if we ALL have jobs.




America has never been about what can be done for us. It’s about what can be done by us, together, through the hard and frustrating but necessary work of self-government. That’s the principle we were founded on.”


President Barack Obama, November 7, 2012~



“Disagree Intelligently, Use The Facts & Truth™”



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